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TCF checking s include digital banking, with a free mobile app that lets you deposit checks and monitor your balance. You can set up alerts that keep you updated about yourset and track a budget and more. Learn more about digital banking.


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Please contact your Company Administrator to reset your password if you continue having problems logging in. Your Company Administrator is the only individual able to reset your password. When you open a Huntington Checkingyou can take advantage of our digital tools deed with input from customers like you. The Hub makes it simple to track and analyze your spending, find areas for potential savings, and help you create and reach your financial goals. Explore Savings Tools.

Keep your money within reach.

Explore Budgeting Tools. Note, eligible s may vary for personal and business customers. Answer: No. Continue to use your current online banking and mobile app username and password to access The Hub. Answer: All of your s are listed in the My s column. Click on an for your transaction history and other details. Answer: The main is simple. Messages, alerts and your profile can be reached using the buttons menus at the top right of the .

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Just click the green chat icon at the bottom right of any screen. Scroll through to the Hub Layout section and select how you want to view your list and financial tools on the screen. Answer: Your online banking experience at huntington. Learn more at huntington. Answer: The type of s you have will determine which Hub tools are available to you. If you have both personal and business s, all of your s will be listed under My s. However, the financial tools available to you will change based on which username you used to log into huntington.

Some financial tools are exclusive to personal or business s.

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You can select which s are included in your financial tools by default. Select at least one of the available s for each tool. Answer: Tags in the Transaction Detail window allow you to add a keyword or phrase to your transactions, to help you organize and track your finances. For example, you may choose to tag certain expenses as having been made on vacation or having an impact on your tax filings. Answer: For personal s, click on the to visit the Details .

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Answer: Not at this time. Look for this feature in future. Answer: group together similar transactions to give you an accurate snapshot of where your money goes each month. For example, the category Dining: Coffee Shop would allow you to know just how much of your money went toward lattes. Note, vary between personal and business s.

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Every transaction is automatically ased a category, initially from this default list. You can re-categorize a transaction anytime. Click on a transaction to bring up the Transaction Detail window. Then click Edit to open the Select Category window.

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Answer: Your spending is organized into category families, such as Dining or Travel. To add, edit or delete a category, click on a transaction to bring up the Transaction Detail window. Open a category family to add, edit or delete .

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Up to 10 can be added to each family. The category family itself cannot be deleted or modified. Spend Analysis includes transactions from all of your eligible Huntington s and isn't tied to any rewards program.

Answer: You can re-categorize a transaction anytime. Answer: You can create up to 10 within each category family to better track your spending. For instance, a purchase at a gas station will be automatically ased to the Transportation: Gas category. But if you bought groceries there, not gas, you could reas that transaction to Groceries: Groceries.

Say those groceries were snacks for a road trip.

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You can add a category within Groceries called Road Trip Snacks. Answer: Yes! Then click Edit to open the Split Transaction window. Answer: In your transactions, cash deposits will be categorized within the Income family and cash withdrawals will be considered Financial Activity: Cash Withdrawal.

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Any check you write will be categorized Financial Activity: Check. To improve the accuracy of your financial tools, you can re-categorize these transactions. Click on the transaction to bring up the Transaction Detail window. Or you can use a debit or credit card instead of cash or checks. Card transactions provide a clearer picture of your spending habits. Answer: Spend Analysis tracks how much you're spending, and exactly where you're spending it, in like groceries and entertainment. We'll analyze your expenses so you can easily see exactly where your money is going.

Answer: For personal s, Spend Analysis includes transactions from your Huntington checking and credit card s. For business s, Spend Analysis includes transactions from your Huntington checking, money market, credit card and credit line s. Answer: Do you have a Huntington checking ? Then log into The Hub to turn Spend Analysis on. For now, only your Huntington s and credit cards are included. Answer: When you make a purchase using your debit or credit card, Spend Analysis places that purchase in an existing category, such as Groceries, Education, Home and more.

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You can also create sub and split purchases between to help you keep a more detailed record of your spending habits. Answer: For your convenience, each transaction is automatically ased to a category. To reas a transaction, follow these easy steps: Click on a transaction from the line-item list. A Transaction Detail window will pop up. Note: Pending transactions cannot be reased.

Under Category, click Edit and select a new category. Answer: To be more specific on how you track expenses, you can create new. For example, you can choose to track "coffee shop" spending separate from the main Restaurant category.

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Add up to 10 custom sub within a broader category family by following these easy steps: In Transaction Detail, under Category, click Edit. Click Add a category. Enter the new category name, then Save. Answer: Get a more accurate picture of your actual spending by splitting a single transaction into two or more spending. Choose Edit next to Category, select Category. Enter Split Amount for each category. Need to split into more ? Click Add a Split. Click Save. Click on a transaction to bring up the Transaction Detail window, and check Hide this transaction from financial tools.

Answer: To see your spending for months, click the View Analysis button. On the larger Spend Analysis view, you can change the date range, dive into and more. You can also switch from pie chart to bar graph to table view and roll over visual charts to see amounts and percentages by category.

Frequently asked questions

Answer: With Spend Analysis, you can see up to two years of spending and income history to better understand your habits. And, the Spend v. Income feature within Spend Analysis provides you with an easy-to-read, side-by-side comparison of money coming in and money going out. You can compare your cash flow for the past 12 months.

All of this gives you the ability to make informed decisions about your money.

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You can view amount spent to date, amount left to spend, percentage of budget spent, and of days left in the month. Spend Setter includes transactions from your Huntington checking and credit card s. To edit these budgets, click View Budgets. To create a new budget, click Create a Budget at the bottom of the budgets list.

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Please contact your Company Administrator to reset your password if you continue having problems logging in.


TCF bank provides commercial, business and personal banking services and products.