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  • Years:
  • 38
  • I love:
  • I love gentleman
  • Sex:
  • Girl
  • I understand:
  • Russian
  • I prefer to drink:
  • Gin
  • My tattoo:
  • None


This is the kind of person who is so serious about you, they want to be your best friend. Even the simplest of daily tasks become movie moments, even the incompatibilities that you once thought would break you in another relationship, merely require you to bend. The person worth falling in love with is your future best friend. They are clear with you, and they are certain. They make you feel like a priority, not an option. But more than absolutely anything else, the kind of person worth falling in love with is not someone you have to convince yourself to fall in love with.


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I hate texting, I prefer talking. Every now and then, a few texts a day. My personality. My looks and charm. My outgoing, friendly nature. My unique style.

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I know I'm gorgeous. A few hours tops. Ten minutes or less. It depends, sometimes a lot, sometimes almost none. Around minutes. I use it as a legit reason to party hard. I allow myself to be sad for as long as I need to.

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My friends rescue me every time my heart breaks. Being rude and insensitive to other people.

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Not having a sense of humor. Being lazy and boring. Not taking the relationship seriously. Sweet and kind. Beautiful and attractive. Fun and friendly. Dark and mysterious. Move across country to be with them. Write a poem about my feelings for them. Spoil them with gifts they will never forget. Dedicate all my heart and soul to them. I can be selfish sometimes. I sometimes idealize the person I love. I can be blunt and insensitive.

Losing their temper and yelling at me. Caring more about their friends than me. Taking me for granted. None of the above. Cheaters and liars. People with no sense of humor. Extreme extroverts who talk all the time. Disrespectful peopl. Chill with friends. Read a book. Go on a date.

13 surprising psychological reasons someone might fall in love with you

Somewhere romantic and unforgettable. Something creative like craft class or workshop. I love surprises! An endless supply of deer wardrobe. World peace. Finding the love of my life.

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A big, beautiful house and a million dollars on my ! Matching tattoos. A box of chocolates and fine wine! Concert tickets. A teddy bear and heart-shaped balloons.

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I think they crave attention. Orange— I live inside my own world. Casual and comfortable.

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Trendy and cute. Not particularly, there are other things more important than that. Good looks. Fun personality. Mesmerizing eyes.

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A bright, sunny house near the ocean. A charming house in the suburbs. A modern penthouse condo in NYC. An old castle that we've restored ourselves. Partying all night long at a popular club.

What sort of person should you actually date?

Going to a concert. Hanging out at the beach with a guitar. Going to a quiet place where we can talk and have fun. Music and movies. I wish I were more spontaneous. The person who talks about themselves all the time.

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The man you will fall in love with will be attentive, introspective and deep.


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