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Honestly, getting a girl's attention and making her happy is not that complicated. If you know what makes her smile, and you show your girl how much you actually do care about her, you can't go wrong.

How to make a girl smile: 30 small-but-meaningful ways to make her day

Of course, the hardest part is knowing exactly how to show a girl that you care. Guys tend to overthink it, and it makes for either a complete disaster or the girl not taking you seriously. So take the time to read through how to make a girl smile, and how to make her happy when she is dating you.

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Sometimes it can be something as simple as saying something sweet over text or making sure to talk to your girl, even if you're tired after a long day. Keep your girl from getting sad and feeling less than romantic about the relationship you two share. In case you're lacking creativity or just simply want some fresh ideas, here are your basic and best ways to make your girl happy. A girl loves being surprised.

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They love random acts of love and small unexpected gifts. If it is spontaneous and somewhat thoughtful, it is definitely going to be a win. It keeps things exciting, and a girl will be happy when she feels like she was worth the effort. Be sure not to do anything obnoxious or overly loud. Try these some of these well-chosen, sweet surprises to make your girl happy:. Something simple like a bear hug from behind is always a winner with a girl. She will love the tiny moments you take out of the day to remind her that she is your one and only.

It will be impossible for her not to smile.

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Leave some flowers on the table at home with a simple card that tells her that you love her, and were thinking about her. You can also take them to where she works. You can send them or bring them to her yourself.

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She will love feeling spoiled and will feel so much pride in the fact that you are willing to buy her flowers and bouquets, even on a weekday. If at all possible try to bring them in yourself. A girl loves the in-person attention that comes with that and will be so happy that you made an effort to see her.

Maybe do it during her lunch break so you two can grab a bite and chat also. She will love the surprise visit, and no matter what crisis she is dealing with on the job, she will be glad to have that melt away into a little lunch visit from her babe. Dress up a little if you really want to put a smile on her face. Girls love it when guys go the extra mile and put on a tie. Take her on a day trip to somewhere new or somewhere special to the both of you. Going on romantic trips is a surefire way to make your girl happy and swoon over you.

Get your girl a gift. It could be a perfume you love, jewelry, or art…you choose! It can be generic, but a really Ways to make girls happy way to grab her attention and make her happy is to give her something really thoughtful. Maybe she mentioned something she loved as a little girl, or maybe she was eyeing a certain pair of earrings last time you two went out.

Keep mental notes on that kind of thing, and she will more than likely notice how much you care about her and what she wants. You don't need to buy her affection. Just make sure your gifts are meaningful and she'll be happy with that.

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If you want to do something more meaningful, do something personal. Come up behind her and kiss her neck as you tell her how much you love her. It does not need to be a grand surprise to amaze her. It just needs to be spontaneous. As great as it is to hear how much you love her during the usual chat, or over text, not hearing it meaningfully in person can make a girl more than sad.

Make sure you are being passionate about your feelings when you are with her - again, not just over text.

Ways to make a girl feel special

Making something from scratch shows effort, and makes a girl feel special because you took all that time as you made it to think about her. Something personal is always the answer. Even if it looks homespun or cheesy, she is not going to be sad about it. As long as she knows it was thoughtfully crafted, your girl is sure to be smiling ear to ear, happy as a clam. Try making: 8. A card. Decorate it, sketch, paint, however you like to make things, and write about how much your girl means to you on the inside of it.

Bonus points if you tape tickets to a movie or a play inside for a future date night any girl would love. The fact that you are thinking ahead and are ready for the next romantic outing will speak volumes about how much you love her company.

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She'll be so happy to know that not only do you care about her now, but you're also carefully planning out future dates. Cook her favorite dish for a romantic dinner. Make fun or fancy decorations and lay out the food so that it looks pretty.

80 beautiful things to say to a girl to make her smile

If she was sad or feeling blue about anything that day, those feelings are bound to disappear as soon as she sees what you concocted for her. It will make your girl feel super special. Don't worry about whether or not it will taste or look perfect. She will melt with happiness at the fact that you tried making her favorite dish, and of course, guys are cute when they cook. Texting is a way to show that even though you are not physically with someone at the moment, you are still thinking of them.

30 things that make your girlfriend happy

Again, not everything should be done over text, and most things should be said when you chat in person, but a chat over text can be meaningful as well. Be genuine and consistently text her to let her know she is still on your mind, even when she is not by your side. Send a cute text when your girl is sleeping so that she will wake up to your sweet words.

She will never get sad about your lack of keeping in touch, and the fact that you want to chat with her even in the middle of the night, even just over text, will be sure to lift her spirits when she re it the next day. Always always always Ways to make girls happy good morning texts. This is a must. It shows that she is the first person you think of when you wake up, and even if she is already up and about, it will be sure to set a meaningful tone to her day.

Any girl who gets a sweet "good morning beautiful" greeting her in the morning is without a doubt bound to grin in the early hours, regardless of work issues or chaotic schedules. It's one of the easiest but most effective ways to make her happy. Send her a text while you both are at work or out so she knows you are thinking about her. Say something meaningful like how much you love her, or how beautiful you think she is, or that you were thinking about a specific moment you two had in the past.

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Make sure it is personal. Don't hold back. If you are sad that you guys are apart, let her know that! Keep her in the loop even when you cannot physically see her. Things she re over text sometimes stick more simply because she can visually see your words rather than just hear them once.

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Any girl loves a sweet text. Use that technology to chat, but also to really express to her how you feel when you are not with her. It will always strike a chord. Bonus: send her something a little more steamy every so often. She will definitely be happy and will not be able to take her mind off of you after hearing about how much you miss Women love it when their man gets romantic and a little touchy-feely. Do not hold back, but make sure you are being yourself.

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