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I love using the google maps, both for exploring from the comfort of my own home and for when I am out and about in my car or on my bicycle. However, the problem with maps in Thailand these days for foreign tourists is that it is in the Thai language by default. Many people keep asking me how to change it. At first I thought that it was looking at your IP address, and seeing that you are in Thailand changed the language to Thai. But, apparently, there is an easy setting that you can change to get English.


Google words in thai

Google has a new app software that makes typing in Thai easier for foreigner non-Thais. First of all, typing in Thai is more complicated than typing in English or other languages that use the same so-called "Latin characters" that English uses.

The English language has 26 letters but the Thai language has 68 symbols in its alphabet 44 consonants, 19 vowelsa silencer and 4 tone marks.

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Remembering where all the different keys are for the 68 symbols used in the Thai alphabet is difficult for learners, so there are not a lot of foreigners who can type in Thai tryout an online version of the Thai keyboard here. When non-Thais have to use a Thai word, in a chat app for example, they type the sounds of the Thai word using the English alphabet.

Most popular phrases in thai to english

This is called "karaoke Thai" as found in karaoke video captions. Karaoke Thai, however, does not look very professional and Thais themselves might not understand what you are trying to say.

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Luckily, changing karaoke Thai with English lettters into real Thai is something a computer program or "app" can do quickly. Google's new keyboard app allows you to type the sounds of a word phonetically using English language lettersand then converts these letters into Thai letters and words.

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An autocomplete feature guesses what you are trying to say in Thai, allowing you to choose from a list of possible words, making life easier for the foreigner trying to type Thai for more on autocomplete see Google here The autocomplete feature could even make typing Thai faster for those who can already type Thai. The app allows Thai language learners to type the sound of a Thai word and then pick out the right word from the list that the app presents to them.

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Students of Thai can learn the more difficult and uncommon letters in the Thai alphabet as they go along. When the student makes spelling mistakesthe app even suggests correct spellings.

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Google's new "Thai transliteration keyboard" is now available online to download for use. The program is available for the Chrome browser as well as for Gmail and Google Drive in other browsers.

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To download the app in Chrome download the Google Input Tools extension here and using any browser for Gmail here and Google Drive here. Other Services.

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Typing in Thai: Google makes it easy 1. The auto-complete feature on Google's new Thai language keyboard can make typing Thai easy for Thai language students. Source: Google blog. Click play to listen to audio for this story, or download to save the file. Do you like the content of this article?

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PM sets Nov 1 for reopening to foreign tourists from low-risk countries. Police raid Pattaya karaoke bar.

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Police warn 'Squid Game' viewers. Two tropical storms due Monday.

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Meaning: having a duty to do something.

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Recently, the of Myanmar workers immigrating to Thailand has increased continuously.


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