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The ride share driver who takes you and your heavy luggage to the airport, or for the experiences you have at restaurants, bars, hotels and for countless other services. This guide will deal with scenarios relating to tipping and pricing in the US and abroad, while also addressing questions that you may have around tipping etiquette and expectations. This tip is known as the lucky seven, and is never frowned upon by artists that are bashing out hundreds of pieces on a day when they would probably rather be partying. We lack the tipping culture found across the service industry of the USA. I spent a lot of time figuring this kind of stuff out before making my first foray over to the States for vacation and tattoo work.


When it comes to questions about tattooing there is only one question that is heard more often than "does it hurts," and that questions is "do I tip my artist?

How much do you tip a tattoo artist?

Of course this le to other questions: how much do I tip? When do I tip? Do I tip cash?

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We have the answers to all of your tipping etiquette questions in the gallery below. It's definitely worth a read before you go get your next piece of ink.

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This is the 1 most asked question when it comes to tipping. Why tip? One reason is that the majority of the artists have to pay for their own equipment. Ink, needles, machines, etc. While they may be making bank now, artists spend years putting in an insane amount of hours for bupkis.

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It's nice to reward them for that work. In addition to paying for their materials they may have to pay for their spot at the shop and they have to pay Uncle Sam in the form of taxes.

Tattoo tipping etiquette

Did you like your artist? Did they do everything to make you feel comfortable? How's your tattoo? Consider all of these things when thinking about how much to tip. To make it simple—if you are happy with the ink tip well. Was it a custom piece or flash off of the wall? Did you collaborate on the idea or was it purely your artist's? How difficult was the tattoo or its placement? Think about the amount of work that the tattoo was for your artist. If you went back and forth coming up with ideas for a while the artist did a ton of work that you're not being charged with, make it worth their while.

Be aware of the rate

When do you tip? If you are getting a multi-session piece you might pay for the entire tattoo at once but you should spread the tip out over each season.

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Think of it this way, each time your artist does some work they deserve a tip. Plus it's easier on the pocketbook to spread that out over a couple of sessions. This is awkward and uncomfortable.

Tattoo tipping: more faqs

Nobody is going to tell you what they actually want, it's such a horrible question to have to field. Honestly, the entire reason we are writing this article is so you don't do this. Seriously, don't ask.

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Some people might think that giving some advice is a tip. Or that giving the artist a copy of your band's CD is a tip. Those aren't tips.

Tattoo etiquette: how much to tip your tattoo artist

Those are cheesy ways to try and hide that you are being cheap. There is only one thing that is acceptable to tip—straight cash, homie. One note on this, if you are legitimate friends with your artist you can switch it up with things you know they love like a bottle of Scotch or something of that ilk. Tipping is awesome, but if you are happy with your tattoo you can do more once you leave the shop.

Recommend your artist to your friends, talk up your artist whenever you are asked about the ink.

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Just pay it forward in some way or another. Cover Girl Competition. Inked NYC. Got Cash? Tattoo Tipping Etiquette. Social Media Tips for Tattoo Artists.

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In most places, tipping your server after receiving personal service like in a restaurant or at the salon is customary.


If you're looking to get a tattoo, you've probably thought long and hard about the de.


But it surely is a rule of tattoo etiquette one should follow, especially if you want to create a bond with your tattoo artist, for future projects.