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It is also comparatively well established and more expensive in Asia. Do you look for Singapore Best Sex Areas? What are these areas? This site is one of the best worldwide service providers. Fortunately, when I was in Singapore a few weeks ago, I had enough banging Chinese ladies in Geylang.


Prostitution is legal in Singapore which is famously a very strict country. There are some caveats.

Legal brothels in geylang

Even though they have a lot of laws in Singapore, they do not outlaw sex work. That is most obvious to see in the Geylang red light district, where hundreds of Asian prostitutes sell sex every day of the year.

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In this guide, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about the Geylang red light district in Singapore. These brothels are located in the Lorongs small streets that line the southern side of Geylang Road. At least during the day.

Singapore red light districts map

The only thing that indicates their presence are plaques with street s on them often colored red. There may also be male managers standing outside to Singapore prostitution guide in customers and some of the more developed brothels even have small s with specific names on them.

Some of the houses are so nondescript that residences in the area have taken to putting up s telling visitors that they are just regular homes. The government keeps an eye on all of these brothels. They do spot inspections, put up posters reminding customers and service providers alike to use condoms for every single act including oral sexand make sure requirements that the sex workers are regularly tested for diseases are met.

The women who work the brothels come from mainland China, Thailand and Malaysia though the latter are ethnically Chinese. Certain houses hire only Chinese women while others hire only Thais. The Chinese women typically are in in their early twenties and many are very attractive.

Smooci in singapore

Few if any have been married or had children. The Thai women can be in their twenties or thirties and attractive however these are usually a little wilder in bed than their Chinese counterparts. They are often better at speaking English than their Chinese counterparts. Geylang is a very well known area in Singapore and is very popular not just for its Red Light District but also for its food as the area is home to some of the most popular food-courts in the city state.

Geylang Road is a Singapore prostitution guide and busy thoroughfare that is home to a of shop houses, restaurants, bars, KTVs and small businesses of various types. There are also open coffee shops that serve food on many of the corners. A of generally older and larger freelancers tend to hang out in these places trying to find locals to take them one of the many short time hotels in the area. This is not legal but it goes on right out in the open.

The aforementioned Lorongs are ed. The area is generally open, clean and safe as can be expected in Singapore. While there are brothel houses in many of the Lorongs, there are especially large concentrations of shops on Lorong 16, Lorong 18 and Lorong A string of houses starting with 26 on Lorong 18 have traditionally been some of the better places in terms of quality and service though these things can vary from one day to the next. House 66A on Lorong 8 has been around for some time with a rotating staff of Thai ladies.

Most houses will have a staff of women working.

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They often sit on benches of some type while they wait around for customers. Some of the seating arrangements look like Thai fishbowls but others are just regular rooms with chairs. Women work a particular house for a set period of time but those available can change as women go to the back to sleep or get busy with customers.

Many of the brothels can call women in from other houses in the area based on descriptions or requested services though this could be tough for someone who only speaks English to manage.

Singapore red light district guide

It could be a pain trying to negotiate with a Chinese or Thai manager in a foreign language anyway. There are a of girls who are certainly worth the extra fee. Once payment is rendered the customer will be led by his lady back to one of the rooms. These rooms are usually quite clean considering what goes on them. They are also well stocked with lots of clean towels and even more tissues. Things like lube and condoms are also on hand in large quantities and non-alcoholic drinks may be provided for free. The typical procedure is for the client and the service provider both to strip down and head into the shower.

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The lady then washes the the client before sending him to the bed and cleaning herself Singapore prostitution guide. Soon after the woman s the punter in bed and goes through the motions. The quality of the service always depends. Nearly all the women are good at what they do but some are excellent. Complaints about terrible service are rare though mechanical service is not. That can be expected considering the setup. A guy who gets something great should consider himself lucky. As ly mentioned the law states that condoms must be used for oral and vaginal sex though some women will occasionally do the blowjob without.

After the deed is done there may be a bit of brief chat, massage or even cuddling before the punter is instructed to shower himself off while the lady cleans up the room. The women will typically wash herself up while the punter dries off and gets dressed.

After that goodbyes are exchanged and the transaction is complete. Some shops managers like to introduce themselves to guys and work on getting return customers. The streets themselves deserve a mention. Each and every night the Lorongs come alive with women looking for customers outside of the legalized houses.

Where is geylang?

These women typically stand in groups with pimps hanging out nearby. Most come from countries like Indonesia and Vietnam and they range in looks and attitude. They are not very aggressive at all though they may call out to guys who pass by and more than a few are surprisingly sweet. They stand in the even-ed Lorongs where the brothels are located, the ro in between like Talma Road between Lorongs 8 and 14 and sometimes across the road in the odd-ed Lorongs.

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Indian women can sometimes be found in the higher ed Lorongs. The women that work the streets specialize in short time romps in the hotels scattered all over the area.

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The price depends on the lady, the punter, the pimp and any of other circumstances. Sometimes the price of the hotel room is included but other times the guy is expected to pay it. The same goes for condoms which may or may not be provided though they can always be purchased nearby.

Entering a geylang legal brothel

The service level varies as it would anywhere else but there are stories around of speed demons and clock watchers. Some guys negotiate with the pimps while others insist on negotiating directly with the women. Some guys pay the pimps up front while others insist on paying the lady after the deed is done. Yes, the Singapore state has ensured that this trade is continuing unhindered and in the safest Singapore prostitution guide way. The girls who work inside the brothels are regularly tested and safe sex is always requested by most of the girls working. Around Geylang you will find it to be a busy residential and commercial area which is busy day and night.

At night when the brothel houses light up there is a friendly atmosphere and very few instances of trouble. In Singapore it is always the best idea to stay on the right side of the law, drinking alcohol in the street, fighting or causing a scene in Geylang is often punished heavily. Therefore most to frequent the area do so in a manner which means everyone gets to enjoy this lesser known part of Singapore. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Where is Geylang? A typical Geylang Brothel house, from the outside the key things to look for are the s which are often lit and the glass doors.

You will often see the girls milling around too. Street Prostitutes Geylang street prostitutes can be found around the Lorongs south of Geylang Road and north towards Sims Avenue The streets themselves deserve a mention.

Is there a legal red light district in singapore?

So is Geylang safe? Tags: Brothels Geylang Singapore.

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First is Geylang, a neighborhood sidelined from tourist areas, where you will find sex professionals and excellent food.


Singapore has only one official red light district that offers safe sex — Geylang.


Singapore is a famously strict country.


If you are going to tour around the countries Asia, you would be able to discover countless of touristy attractions, cultures, and traditions.