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Mental abuse is meant to undermine your self-esteem and make you feel worse about yourself. It is also a form of manipulation and control.


Are you a domestic violence victim in India? Learn what is domestic violence in India, get to know the types of domestic abuse, and how to find domestic violence counselling helplines in India. Are you facing domestic violence during lockdown in India? With the rise in domestic violence cases in India, calls to domestic violence hotlines have increased during the lockdown.

23 s your partner is mentally abusive

The first step to overcoming relationship abuse is understanding domestic abuse meaning and what is meant by domestic violence. Domestic violence is not only done by husbands. It is called relationship abuse or domestic abuse even if it is by your parents, in-laws and other family members too. Domestic abuse of elderly people also classifies as domestic violence. Dowry harassment is a type of domestic violence and often in dowry deaths when domestic abuse turns deadly.

A young schoolgirl being touched by any member of the family, teachers or older people, on her breasts or her rear is also an act of violence. In fact, incest and child sexual abuse are common forms of domestic violence in India. But no one deserves to be abused, and the law has remedies to prevent relationship abuse, but we need to know the definition of domestic violence and be aware of our legal rights. Domestic violence is a serious threat to women in India, so you need to know the s of an abusive relationshiphow to react to the situation and how the law offers protection of women from domestic abuse.

What is emotional abuse?

So, is domestic violence a cognizable offence or a crime? Is relationship abuse a criminal offence? And are domestic violence laws effective in India? If you perpetrate domestic abuse, can you go to jail? Yes, in fact, Section a of the Indian Penal Code, which pertains to cruelty to women, states that domestic violence punishment in India includes imprisonment of up to three years. So, perpetrators of domestic abuse can face jail time in India. Were you asked to leave your marital home?

Can you force your parents to provide for you? Are you facing emotional abuse from your husband or facing emotional harassment by in-laws? Are you facing domestic violence for dowry? Women in India have many legal rights that can make a huge difference in their present life and future.

Know your legal rights and understand the laws against domestic violence in Indiaso you can be confident, aware and also fearless. Are you facing violence, being tortured, cheated, harassed, want to know your rights in a property, etc?

How to find domestic violence helplines and counselling in india

Types Of Domestic Abuse There are many types of domestic violence and the s of domestic violence DV are not always obvious, so a lot of abuse against women goes unreported. What is physical abuse definition according to the law? Physical violence involves actions that hurt or injure a person using physical force. Physical abuse often involves a husband hitting a wife, but it can also include pushing, choking strangulation, and other forms of physical intimidation.

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Because physical abuse is one of the more obvious forms of domestic violence and often causes bruises or grievous physical injuries, it is easy to provide evidence of physical abuse, as long as it is recorded by a doctor. Unfortunately, marital rape is not a criminal offence under the Indian Penal Code, even though it is a form of physical abuse.

What is economic abuse? When an abuser takes control of or limits access to shared or individual assets or limits the current or future earning potential of the victim as a strategy of power and control, that is economic abuse. Another economic abuse definition is when the abuser separates the victim from her own resources, rights and choices, isolating the victim financially and creating a forced dependency for the victim and other family members. If your spouse or intimate partner shows any of these controlling behaviours, you are most likely experiencing economic abuse.

Can domestic violence be verbal? Yes, emotional or verbal abuse refers to actions meant to inflict trauma, cause distress or intimidate another person either verbally or through non-verbal acts. Gaslighting is one form of emotional abuse. So, what are the s of emotional abuse from parents or verbally abusive husbands? s of emotional abuse also called mental abuse or psychological abuse include disrespectful behaviourname-calling, put-downs, and undermining the self-respect and self-worth of another person.

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According to Advocate Aparna :. This abuse is a very calculated and very systematic form of abuse, as the abuser feels he has gained control over her by threatening to commit suicide, in case he is not able to get his way or act according to his whims and fancies.

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In India, emotional abuse is also called mental cruelty or mental torture, and unfortunately, there are no separate emotional abuse laws in India, so it is not easy to define. However, the Indian courts are considering many more nuances of emotional abuse in divorce applications.

How to recognize the s of mental and emotional abuse

Domestic abuse on women falls into a common pattern or cycle of violence. What do I do? The cycle of violence describes the phases an abusive relationship moves through in the lead up to a violent event and its follow-up. It also explores why women stay in abusive relationships for reasons beyond low self-esteemisolation, family pressures and lack of community support. But there is, and the dangers of staying can be far worse than those of leaving. Remaining in the toxic, dangerous environment of domestic violence can put your life at risk. Staying in an abusive marriage could put family and friends in your life at risk as well, and aside from the obvious physical dangers and emotional abuse effects, there are several Signs your boyfriend is mentally abusive emotional consequences to keep in mind for everyone involved, including depression.

Oftentimes, abusers take their anger out on anyone in their path, even — or especially — children. One of the worst domestic violence effects on children is that many kids who come from abusive households start to normalise abuse and go on to attract toxic relationships or become abusers themselves. Are domestic violence rates increasing due to the coronavirus lockdowns?

The reason that domestic violence during lockdown increased ificantly was that the change in family dynamics forced women to stay indoors with their abusers. And since women found no respite and were confined to the walls of the house with their abusers during the lockdown period, the incidence of domestic abuse went up. What are the causes of violence against women in India? Lack of gender sensitization, misogyny, patriarchal attitudes, and lack of healthy relationship models are the most common reasons for violence against women.

Socio-economic status, substance and alcohol abuse also le to violence against women in India. Children who are subjected to abuse are likely to behave similarly to adults.

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Sometimes children who witness one parent abusing the other tend to abuse others later in life. Acid attacks, dowry deaths, female foeticide and infanticide, rape, emotional torture, child marriage, and forced marriage are all common acts of violence seen among women in India. Wondering in which families is domestic abuse more prevalent?

S of an emotionally abusive relationship

Is domestic violence present mostly in poor or elite families? Contrary to popular belief, domestic abuse in India is not just a problem for the lower and middle classes. In fact, dowry harassment and domestic abuse are common among prominent and famous people too. Also, the victims of domestic violence include not just the wife, but the children, and other family members, too. However, there is hope for Indian women as there are strong laws against domestic abuse in India, and domestic violence Indian kanoon gives a lot of power to women. Yes, of course, there will always be some opportunistic women who try to abuse the legal system by misusing the domestic violence act of India for their own purposes.

But, just because a few people misuse the law does that mean we should not have laws? After all the domestic violence rate in India is horrific, and it mostly represents domestic abuse by husbands in India. According to domestic abuse statistics from the National Family Health Survey NHFS-4 released by the Union health ministry, every third woman, since the age of 15has faced various forms of domestic violence in India.

How to tell if you’re in an emotionally abusive relationship

Most of the time, the perpetrators of this violence have been the husbands. The survey did not even mention economic abuseeven though that is a ificant type of abuse among domestic violence victims in India. The domestic violence facts in India are truly horrifying and merit a serious discussion into the mind of the Indian abuserand the learned helplessness of the abused woman.

It also merits a discussion of how to provide domestic violence support and legal help to domestic abuse survivors.

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The physical effects of violence on women include injury, loss of speech, aches and pain, burns, substance abuse, gynaecological issues, sexually transmitted diseases, unintended pregnancy resulting in abortion… and more. Yes, it can. Mental and emotional health problems, such as withdrawal, unsocial behaviour, multiple sexual partners, insomnia, depression and several others can also result.

Apart from this, when the knowledge of abuse reaches others in the community, abused women are often shunned and forced to live in isolation.

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In many cases, women suffer silently for this very reason. They tolerate violence simply because of the fear of the consequences if they reported it and left their abuser. If you want to watch domestic abuse movies with an empowering message, actor and director, Nandita Das, has released a short film titled Listen to Herfeaturing herself and her son, on the rising cases of domestic violence in lockdown.

The television series, Big Little Liescovers the cycle of violence in a way that everyone can understand and highlights the role that a supportive and compassionate counsellor plays in helping victims of domestic violence. In this interview, she outlines the options available to abused women suffering from domestic abuse in India. Also, a lot of violence in India is not looked at as violence.

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As it is a patriarchy a lot of violence against women is expected and accepted. What has been your experience with women who call in for help with domestic violence situations? They need support more than anything else. There is a lot of self-blame, confusion, guilt and shame as they love their partners but are also fed up.

A lot of them feel helpless and hopeless as they feel stuck in their situations.

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How do the Aks Foundation and other organisations go about helping such women? What kind of support can women look to you for? Within Pune, we also provide legal support and advocacy where our volunteers go with the domestic abuse survivors to the hospital or police station.

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Emotional abuse is a form of domestic violence.


Verbal abuse happens out of nowhere in a relationship.


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