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My cousin had been living there for several years, but seeing as she had a full-time job, a boyfriend and two cats, I had to be careful with my timing so as to not risk being left to fend for my non-Thai-speaking self during my stay.


Bangkok sex shows stripped bare

If you are easily offended or under 16 you maybe should stop here. Some sexual content documented throughout the blog. What do you think of when you think of Thailand? Sun, sea, food, the royal family, backpackers, the islands, full moon parties, Bangkok and maybe the infamous sex shows of Patpong? Whether it be for cheap sex, cheap booze or to meet a wife.

I have been to Thailand on a few occasions now and simply love the place, the people, weather, food and relaxed pace of life. I had told her about the shows as they were an eye opener back on my first visit as a year-old.

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But what exactly are they? Are they just a harmless piece of fun or a sad exploitation of women and tourists? There are many red light districts throughout Bangkok but one really stands out, infamous among many foreigner visitors, which is Patpong.

I went to a sex show in bangkok

In fact it is one of the best known open air night markets in Thailand. The reason Patpong is so notorious is because of the many shows featuring women doing stunts in the nude. In addition there are many go-go bars featuring women dancing on a stage.

The dancers and even occasionally the serving staff are generally available to customers willing to pay a bar fine to take them out of the bar. Several upstairs bars still feature technically illegal sex shows, with women performing various creative acts which is what we came to see.

Ping pong show

A prime example is the ping-pong show, which features women performing exotic feats involving their genitalia and projectile table tennis balls among other tricks. Some of these second-floor bars are run by scam artists who lure tourists with offers of low prices and later present a wildly inflated bill along with a threat of physical harm should the bill go unpaid, and it is this exactly what happened to us.

Why would we want to go to a place like this in the first place? You may ask. Without doubt it is seedy, disreputable and not a place we would highly recommend as must see, but it is part of the fabric of Bangkok and legendary among foreign tourists.

So you wanna see a thai sex show

When you say Patpong to the local taxi drivers they light up and smile sensing a few more Baht if they take you to a particular bar. During our trip we declined the drivers suggestions and took a look around the district for ourselves. We walked by many bars Sex shows in bangkok westerners, mainly older ones, all chatting up the pretty Thai ladies or ladyboys in some cases, it is hard to tell at times! As I mentioned in the intro I had seen a show some years back and had told Paula about razor blades, ping-pong balls, balloon bursting and many other tricks involving these utensils performed with female genitalia.

It had to be seen to be believed which is why Paula needed to see it for herself. With this trade comes many cons and scams, particularly overcharging. After agreeing we were taken upstairs to the venue and appeared to be the first foreigners in the place, immediately greeted with smiles and warm welcomes. We were given a drinks menu complete with over priced drinks, approximately Euro 6 per beer and ordered. Seconds later our drinks were put in front of us before balloons were popped, candles blown out, ping-pong balls flung at us and sealed bottles of water opened and squirted out all without hands and only with genitalia.

It is an unusual experience to say the least but very popular as more and more tourists, predominately couples, came in quite apprehensively.

Ping pong shows in bangkok - all you need to know

We all knew we would be scammed it was just a matter of keeping costs down. The girls moved slowly on stage to the music wearing tank tops, straddling poles and frankly looking bored before they would demonstrate their genital glory. The first performer then lay down in front of us on stage while others handed us a balloon. We were instructed to hold the balloon in the air before the girl on stage proceeded to shoot a dart from her vagina.

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With one blast she burst the balloon from our hands with precision to the applause of approval of all present. We both knew what was going to be served, some ping-pong balls but the method of serving was quite unique, yes you guessed it via vagina.

Before long we were returning serves one after another with most of the balls dripping with…. Again we all applauded their sporting prowess. After Sex shows in bangkok uncomfortable dancing and as we slowly sipped on our expensive local beers we felt we had enough. There was one last trick when a performer unpopped a sealed bottle of Coca Cola, sucked it up inside her and then poured it back in, all with the use of her private parts.

After we saw most of the shows Paula went to the bathroom and quick as a flash I was approached by a staff member and asked to pay. No problem I thought, we were leaving anyway but I knew by their demands that a sting in the tail was on its way. Paula then appeared and she shouted when I told her how much they wanted, she told me afterwards she tried to go to the other tourists to warn them to leave but was held back by a male staff member roughly by the arm.

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Fortunately I was distracted arguing that I would not pay over Baht otherwise I would had gone for the guy, not to sound like Steven Seagal or anything but I was furious. Why the hell do you need a calculator to total two drinks?

The ugly truth about thai ping pong shows

I thought. Paula quite comically handed the staff one of our business cards vowing to warn the world of this places fraudulent existence. A female staff member spat on it and threw it to the ground as she became more and more angry. In the end I paid Baht, or around Euro 15 for two.

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Overpriced but at least we survived with our legs unbroken and without local police involvement! On the way out we both gave a piece of our minds appealing to the other tourists to leave, we got a photo of the place on the way down which made the staff unhappy but anyway, if you do go, give this place a wide-berth!

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In the end we could laugh about the experience but it is sad at the same time that these girls are turned into circus freaks and probably get very little pay while a fat cat sitting at the bar continues to profit from our curiosity. Being keen travellers we wish to explore all things that make the world what it is.

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You cannot form a debate without listening or experiencing two sides of a story. These places are seedy trash pits but will continue to fleece curious tourists for many years to come. Be firm when you get the bill as in many cases they will drop the price. Bangkok A Controversial Daytrip. Bangkok Thailand. Bangkok Sex Shows Stripped Bare.

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The Vagina Monologues There are many red light districts throughout Bangkok but one really stands out, infamous among many foreigner visitors, which is Patpong. Our photo essay about this disreputable district in Bangkok.

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Continent Chasers. Publisher Name.

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I mean, it's famous; and famous for sex, no less.


Patpong is a strange mix of sex for sale with over-priced souvenirs on the side.


Bangkok, Thailand -Sex Show.


Ping-pong in Bangkok shows are sex shows; strip shows, in other words, exhibited by women wearing either bikinis or bras and inserting objects, inflating or ejecting them using their vaginas.