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You cannot smoke inside in any public building nor near an open doorway. You cannot smoke in any park including Union Square. I believe those are all the restrictions. Not in public buildings, not in bars, very few hotels still have smoking rooms available, not in restaurants, not in public parks or at farmer's markets.


Tobacco control and prevention laws exist to protect communities, especially young people and communities of color, from tobacco products by reducing the harmful effects of second-hand smoke; limiting the availability and use of tobacco products; and reducing the pervasive influence of Tobacco promotion and sponsorship. Federal, State and local tobacco control laws exist and ensure the health and well-being of San Franciscans.

San francisco hotels and places to stay

You can find an updated list of existing tobacco control laws below and newly introduced laws to the right. This State law prohibits smoking and the use of e-cigarettes in enclosed places without exemption, including workplaces, restaurants, bars, warehouses, banquet rooms, and employee break rooms. Restaurants and bars must post no-smoking s.

No smoking where food is served in outdoor dining areas San francisco smoking bars restaurants, cafes and coffee shops. No smoking in all bars. The law eliminates most of the prior specified exemptions that permit smoking in certain work environments such as hotel lobbies, bars and taverns, banquet room, warehouse facilities, and employee break rooms. For more information call Enforcement: Department of Public Health, dial the City hotline to report an issue.

This State Law prohibits the smoking of tobacco products within 25 feet of a playground or tot lot sandbox area. It also prohibits the disposal of tobacco-related waste cigarette butts in these areas. Enforcement: San Francisco Department of Recreation and Parksdial 0 for the operator.

This state law bans smoking or possessing a lighted pipe, cigar, or cigarette containing tobacco in any motor vehicle in which there is a minor under 18 years old, regardless of whether the vehicle is in motion or at rest.

San francisco tobacco control laws

These laws ban smoking on public transit vehicles or at public transit stops and shelters. BART violations, call The use of electronic cigarettes is prohibited wherever smoking of tobacco products is prohibited by law including Articles 19 et seq. All limitations and requirements of tobacco availability and promotion apply to electronic cigarettes as well.

Requires event organizers to notify the public that event is smoke-free. For information call: Landlords of multi-unit residential properties, including Single Residency Occupancy Hotels SROs are required to: deate all units as smoke-free or smoking-optional: include deation in vacancy listings; and provide a list of smoking-optional units before offering a unit to an applicant. Smoking permitted only at curb of commercial, multi unit residential and mixed use building entrances, exits, operable windows and vents.

If there is no curb, no smoking within 15 feet of entrances, exits, operable windows and vents.

S.f. bans tobacco smoking inside apartment buildings, allows cannabis smoking

California Government Code Sections This State Law prohibits smoking within 20 feet of main entrances, exits and operable windows of city, county and state buildings. These laws and ordinances ban smoking public transit vehicles or at public transit stops and shelters. This ordinance bans smoking in taxicabs and other motor vehicles for hire.

No smoking during charity bingo games.

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No smoking within deated areas where customers are required to wait to do business including at ATMs ticket lines, movie theater lines, athletic event lines, concert event lines, and at cab stands. No smoking in tobacco shops other than a handful that were exempted in writing by the Department of Public Health prior to No smoking at all farmers markets. No smoking in enclosed common areas of multi unit residences including common halls, elevators, parking areas, lobbies, waiting areas, bathrooms, cooking, dining, lounge, laundry facilities, and recreation areas.

Tenant smoking in their private unit must keep front door of their private unit closed while smoking. This ordinance bans smoking on public golf courses. This ordinance bans smoking in unenclosed areas under the jurisdiction of the City, including parks, squares, gardens, sport or playing fields. It shall be unlawful for any person to smoke, carry or possess a lighted cigar, cigarette, or pipe, or to smoke tobacco or any other similar substance in any form, or to ignite any match or mechanical lighter on or in any wharf, pier, dock, bulkhead, or marine facility.

No manufacturer, distributor, or retailer San francisco smoking bars sponsor or cause to be sponsored any athletic, musical, artistic, or other social or cultural event, or any entry or team in any event.

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No person shall place or maintain, or cause or allow to be placed or maintained, in any manner any advertising or promotion of cigarettes or tobacco products on a billboard or advertising display in a publicly visible location in the City. E-cigarette advertising applies as well.

How tight is the smoking ban? where can you smoke in sf? - san francisco forum

This State law indicates that cigarettes may not be manufactured, distributed, sold, or offered for sale in packages of less than 20 cigarettes. Roll-your-own tobacco may not be manufactured, distributed, sold, or offered for sale in a package containing less than 0. This statewide law prohibits the sale or display of cigarettes through a self-service display. This is a state law that prohibits retailers from selling tobacco products to minors. This includes the sale of cigarette papers and paraphernalia that is deed for the use of tobacco or any controlled substance.

S.f. gives green light to canna lounges

To report sales to minors call: This law SB 7 extends the applicability of those provisions to persons under 21 years of age. This law also applies to selling, advertising, or furnishing an electronic device that delivers nicotine or other vaporized liquids to persons under 21 years of age. This State Law prohibits the distribution of free or low-cost tobacco products, coupons, coupon offers, and rebate offers on public grounds, and on private grounds that are open to the public. This ordinance requires that anyone who engages in or allows tobacco or electronic cigarette sales to obtain a valid permit from the Department of Public Health.

Permits must be renewed annually and permitted establishments must comply with local tobacco control laws as well as the California Smoke-Free Workplace Law to maintain their permit.

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This ordinance was amended in to include a density element. There is now a cap of 45 permits per supervisorial district, therefore no new permits will be issued in a district with 45 or more tobacco retailers. No new permits will be issued in a new tobacco retail location. No permits will be issued if the retail location is within feet of another tobacco retailer or school.

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NOTE: no current permits will be taken away. Enforcement: Department of Public Health This San Francisco Ordinance prohibits the self-service display of tobacco or electronic cigarette products. Enforcement: Department of Public Health. This ordinance was amended in to increase the minimum purchasing age of tobacco products from 18 to 21 years of age. The focus of enforcement is the sale of tobacco products NOT the possession or use of tobacco products by young people. This ordinance prohibits tobacco sales at pharmacies including electronic cigarettes.

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This San Francisco ordinance makes it illegal to give away free samples of tobacco products in public areas. This includes coupons or other materials that can be turned in for free tobacco products. Amended in to include tobacco accessories in any place open to the public including bars and nightclubs.

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These ordinances prohibit the usage of smokeless tobacco at all sport or playing fields in San Francisco. Updated March

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San Francisco residents who live in apartment buildings with three or more units will no longer be allowed to smoke tobacco inside their homes — but they can still smoke cannabis, under a new ordinance the Board of Supervisors passed on Tuesday.


It was here, at Market St.


Photo: Simon Lundh The Occidental is the only walk-in cigar bar left in the city where you can smoke.