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When you've been in a relationship for a while, there will inevitably be arguments both big like money you're spending versus saving and small say, when she forgets to unload the dishwasher again. Not to mention there may even be days when the mere sight of your spouse makes you want to lock yourself in your bedroom indefinitely—which is part of the reason why it can be hard to tell if you're actually in an unhappy relationship or marriage or if you're just going through a rough patch. First things first, it's perfectly normal to be unhappy in a relationship from time to time. But if there's a noticeable uptick in the frequency and duration of your feelings —so much so that your lives are more parallel than interwoven or you constantly prioritize friends over your partner—that could be an indication of a serious shift. Equally concerning s: If you feel alone even when you're together, if you continually fantasize about being singleand if all your conversations turn into fights or you stop fighting entirely. But just because you're feeling unhappy in your relationship, doesn't necessarily mean it's time to break up, separateor divorce.


Your relationship isn't going as well as you'd like, and you're not feeling completely happy, or maybe you're constantly feeling unhappy. Maybe you're feeling a little tired, or you're feeling like your partner isn't trying anymore, or that your relationship is one-sided.

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Maybe you feel like you're just not meant to be together anymore. The first step is to feel through your inner self. What are you truly thinking? What are you really feeling?

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Then, you'll be able to decide what to do in a relationship where you're not happy. Unhappy In Your Relationship? You Don't Have to Be. Talk with a d Therapist Today.

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This website is owned and operated by BetterHelp, who receives all fees associated with the platform. So, maybe, you're feeling a little unappreciatedlike your partner is taking you for granted, and your relationship is one-sided. They seem to always count on you when they need something, but they don't seem to think of you when you need something. If that's the case, then the first thing you need to do is talk with your partner about anything relationship-related. Maybe they don't realize that you're feeling that way, and talking to them can help them understand what they need to do to make you feel more important to them.

Talking to your partner about your needs may seem daunting.

Why love never feels good enough for you

That is okay; many people are frightened by expressing themselves clearly and honestly with vulnerability, especially about things relationship-related. If this is something you struggle with, consider talking to a d counselor. The d counselors from ReGain have extensive experience with helping people with communication. If you aren't completely sure that this relationship is for you, then the first thing you need to do is sit down by yourself and really think about everything relationship-related.

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Think about what you like and love about your partner, and think specifically about what you like and love about your relationship, if you're in a happy relationship, and if you would consider your relationship to be one of those healthy relationships.

You can love someone and not be suited as a couple. If that seems like it's the case, then the best thing you can do is get out of the relationship. Both you and your partner deserve to be happy. If you're not happy in the relationship, you both should get out as quickly as you can to find your happiness. If you realize that you love your partner and your relationship and want to stay in it, then communicating to your partner about what's happening and why you've been unhappy is the first step.

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By talking, you can both work through the problems and build a stronger relationship. From this article, the importance of communication should stand out. That is because communication is one of the most successful aspects of a successful relationship.

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If you feel like you're just completely done with the relationship, then it's time to get out. Don't stay in a relationship where you are unhappyespecially if the relationship is one-sided and you don't even want to try to make things better.

Why being in a 'perfect' relationship will never make you happy or satisfied with life

Feeling done is difficult to be in, but the tough choice to leave has excellent upsides. Maybe you can't make things better. Maybe something is happening in the relationship that can't be fixed. Maybe you don't want to try anymore.

How to know if you're in an unhappy relationship

Once you work through your feeling and know the relationship is done, it is time to move on. We know it is tough, but getting out of the relationship is what's best for both of you if you truly are done. You will have the opportunity to be happy, and your partner will have the opportunity to move on as well. It's important to get started on the process right away, so you can each start healing and moving on.

When you are in a relationship for a long time, there will be times when you or your partner will not be happy, but that does not mean you do have a happy relationship. There could be many reasons for the unhappiness: arguing over little things, feeling unappreciated, bringing up history, raising children, finding fault, and many other issues.

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Perhaps none of the reasons for discontent are apparent, and usually, the issues are resolved. However, if some issues are just tucked away and not discussed and resolved in a compatible way, they can fester and cause deep-seated unhappiness.

Anyone can find faults in their partner if they look for them. The balance revolves around how you look because there is no need to be overly critical.

The you should end a "happy" relationship

Ask yourself the following questions:. If you're not sure what you want for your relationship or even what's wrong with it, or if you and your partner are trying to work things out, you may want to find a therapist who can help you with the process. They'll be able to work with you on discovering the problems and then building your relationship back up. However, not everyone has the time to drive to an appointment, and not everyone wants to sit in a waiting room with other people. This is where online counseling services like ReGain offer solutions.

Why i am unhappy and never satisfied in a relationship?

ReGain is a great way to find a therapist that you and your partner can feel at ease talking to, and you may access the platform from the comfort and privacy of your own home. Just make sure you find someone that both of you are comfortable with you can switch counselors easily, with no hassle.

Below are some reviews of ReGain counselors from couples experiencing similar issues.

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He helped my partner and me simultaneously approach the task of removing barriers to our communication by first understanding each of our unique perspectives, Then immediately providing insight and tasks to help us develop new skills to avoid obstacles. I feel that I got an incredible return on my investment that will last the rest of my life with my partner. My new skills are already proving useful in business dealings and friendships as well!

Highly recommend! Her compassionate and clear communication and understanding have made us both feel heard. The way she bridges our lack of communication has helped us the trust and a deeper connection with each other.

If it’s hard to feel satisfied by love, you may be letting your fears drive your decisions.

Her tools are useful and easy to understand and implement. It is totally normal not to feel your best at all times in a relationship. It is normal to feel unhappy from time to time. The important part is to take action in every difficult situation to see how we can improve our role. You may not know how you feel, what you are thinking, or what your role is. d counselors at ReGain can help you with this.

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By clarifying problems, developing solutions, and enacting those plans with the help of a counselor, you will soon be on your way to a stronger bond. Take the first step. When you're unhappy in a relationship, the first thing you need to do is ask yourself why you're unhappy.

Therefore, working on our inner thoughts is part of our journey to become happier.

No couple is happy all of the time. If you never argue in your relationship, you've beaten the relationship odds. Every couple has ups and downs, and every couple disagrees from time to time. However, if your relationship feels strained or like, you can't bring the spark back no matter what you do, or you're unhappy constantly, relationship counseling might be your next step.

When people think of counseling, they often think of one-on-one counseling for mental health issues. However, counseling can help with more than just mental health. Counseling can also help couples and families work through the concerns they face.

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When you seek therapy or counseling as a couple or family, you will often see a marriage and family therapist. A marriage and family therapist or LMFT is a mental health professional who focuses specifically on family and relationship dynamics. Seeing a therapist can take a weight off your chest, help you live your best life, and aid you in moving through disparities in your dynamic as a couple or family. The chances are that you'll know when you're unhappy happy in a relationship. It'll bring you more stress than joy.

It can be hard to notice that you're unhappy in a partnership you and your ificant other have created and maintained for some time, but it's crucial to talk about it once you do. Depending on what's going on, your partner may or may not realize that you're unhappy, and often, they'll work with you to patch things up. A mental health provider can help with anything that you can't seem to get through on your own, where couples counseling comes in.

As hard as Never happy in relationships is, if you are no longer happy in a relationship or feel as though you're no longer in a happy relationship or even a healthy relationships, it is important to speak with your partner. If you love them and want to work things out and get back to a happy relationship, you can express your needs to your boyfriend or try to work toward a healthy relationship.

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You need several important things to feel fulfilled, and without them, you might as well give up on a happy ending.


One of the biggest obstacles for understanding how to be happy in our lives is our inability to be satisfied.


Name a fairytale princess, and anyone can tell you how her story ends: married to a prince who she lives happily ever after with.


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