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The sight of someone in tears might make you feel concerned.


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One of the most fun things about fragrance is its power to channel desire. But what exactly does desire smell like? Although scent is subjective, there is science behind what triggers arousal in both men and women. And while you are likely attracted to any scent that reminds you of your lover, there are certain notes that trigger a biochemical response.

So while many fragrances may turn you on, these scents are proven aphrodisiacs. Grit adds dimension to a scent, giving it an earthy complexity, which can heighten pleasure receptors in humans. Spritz fragrance on the back of your neck or even into your hair—whenever you move, the scent will Natural pheromone scents. You might be skeptical about the erotic power of naturally derived plants, herbs, and foods—all ingredients that form the basis of fragrances on the market today. But if you consider the fact that desire starts in the brainit makes sense that there are definite neurological responses to olfactory stimuli.

The following scents have been known for their aphrodisiac properties for centuries, and recent scientific studies prove their reputations are well-deserved.

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A study found jasmine to boost libido. A sweet and delicate floral. Castro notes that rose contains indolea fragrance molecule found in decomposition and fecal waste. Plus, a study indicated that rose oil can be a powerful stimulant for men. Rose is a velvety, pungent floral scent. Sweet vanilla is a well-known aphrodisiac, which was confirmed by a study. Vanilla is light, sugary, and easy to pull off.

Native to Asia, ginger is a spicy root that stimulates male arousal, as indicated by a study. Ginger has many other therapeutic properties, and is known for increasing circulation, aiding headaches, and soothing stomach upset. A sharp and peppery scent. This botanical musk, notes Castro, mimics animalic aromas associated with arousal. A study confirms musk as a powerful aphrodisiac. A complex scent profile with nutty undertones and hints of cognac and leather. Its warming properties make it a sultry scent, notes Castro. In Ayurvedic medicine, champaca is Natural pheromone scents as an aphrodisiac tonic.

A pungent floral with cedar undertones. Cultivated in Iran, India, and Greece, saffron has been found to increase sexual behavior, according to a study.

5 best pheromone perfumes for women [ reviews]

A surprisingly sweet floral scent with an aroma of honey and tobacco. Ayurvedic medicine has long revered sandalwood for its stimulating purposes. A creamy and milky scent with smooth woodsy undertones.

Tuberous roots, like peony flowers are adaptogens, and have been proven to enhance male arousal, according to a study that looked at the efficacy of herbal aphrodisiacs. A study indicated that lavender increased blood flow in males, proving its arousing properties.

The truth about pheromones

A floral scent with a camphor-like base. Studies have found peppermint can help women achieve multiple orgasms. Known for its invigorating qualities, peppermint is often used as an herbal stimulant. A buttery fragrance with menthol undertones.

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A study found pumpkin, another zesty aroma, to stimulate an erotic response in men. A rich, creamy, and spicy scent. Packed with antioxidants, the citrus essence bitter orange has been used as an aphrodisiac. A combination of bitter and warm scent profiles.

The smell report

A famous and controversial study in indicated that sperm has olfactory receptors that respond favorably to lily of the valley. Its bell-like flowers are often associated with spring and are often used in wedding bouquets.

A green, sweet, and creamy floral scent. Spicy and revitalizing, cinnamon has been proven to activate arousal, as noted by a study.

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Cinnamon has many reputed benefits and is said to improve mood and lower blood sugar. A smoky and pungent scent with sweet undertones. When it comes to applying fragrance to enhance their aphrodisiac qualities, Castro encourages you to have fun and be creative. No matter where you apply your fragrance, take a few moments to breathe deeply and connect with the aroma and yourself.

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Up next, read 4 perfume mistakes you're probably making. Assessment of perfume ingredients with aphrodisiac potential by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. Rosa damascena oil improves SSRI-induced sexual dysfunction in male patients suffering from major depressive disorders: from a double-blind, randomized, and placebo-controlled clinical trial.

Neuropsychiatr Dis Treat. Published Mar 9. Exploring scientifically proven herbal aphrodisiacs. Pharmacogn Rev. East Indian sandalwood and alpha-santalol odor increase physiological and self-rated arousal in humans.

Cosmetic perfumes vs. human pheromones (natural chemical scents) of the human female and male in alling and performing context of their sexual behaviour

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Scent communication in man is undoubtedly of importance, although it is unconscious, rather than active, as compared to subhuman primates.


Pheromones are chemicals that animals and humans give off as a bodily reaction.


But with so many different pheromones for women to choose from, picking the best product can feel like a difficult task.


The attractive powers of pheromones scented sex hormones have often been exaggerated — not least by advertisers trying to sell pheromone-based scents and sprays which they claim will make men irresistible to women.