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Emotional abuse is a form of domestic violence. Emotionally abusive relationships do not always include physical violence, but psychological abuse can be a precursor to physical harm in a relationship. Other names for emotional abuse include mental abuse and psychological abuse.


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Verbal abuse is a pervasive problem in many intimate relationships. You may not be sure if your partner or loved one is being abusive.

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First, let's define what it is, and then you can assess whether your partner is a verbally abusive wife. Verbal abuse is a serious problem where one partner acts or speaks emotionally cruelly to the other. It can happen to people of any gender or sexuality. In this article, we're going to talk about how to tell if you have a verbally abusive wife, and if so, what to do about it. Abused men, in particular, may struggle with admitting that they have a verbally abusive partner, and that's one of the reasons that they don't seek support, whereas women can more readily do so because there's less of a stigma about women being abused; it's the narrative that is typically suggested.

When it comes to victims of abuse, whether they're gay, straight, bisexual, or of another sexual orientation, if they intend to leave their relationship, it can be especially difficult because abuse is not something that men are encouraged to reveal or talk about openly. There's so much stigma regarding men and emotional vulnerability, and because of that stigma, a man in our society isn't encouraged to open up about abuse. There's not much of a dialogue surrounding verbally abusive women because the focus is mostly on verbally abusive men.

There are many sorts of abuse, and we tend to highlight those that we can see, such as physical or sexual abuse.

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However, verbal and emotional abuse can be as damaging as these types of mistreatment. What is verbal abuse? Verbal abuse is when one person is attacking another individual through word usage.

S of an emotionally abusive relationship

They might be using name-calling, they might be stonewalling a person ignoring them purposefully or giving monosyllabic answers or acting in a cruel, passive-aggressive manner. There are many different kinds of verbal abuse, and if you have a verbally abusive wife, they'd be employing one of these tactics. Let's talk about some of the different ways that verbal abuse can play out so that you know the s:.

Rage or yelling - Does your partner have angry outbursts? Do they scare you or say hurtful things to you during this time? If your partner yells at you, takes their anger out on you, or makes you feel unsafe, that is abusive, and it isn't okay under any circumstances.

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Threatening - This is when a partner makes threats toward you; it can be anything from someone threatening to leave you if you don't do something for them, threatening to hurt you, threatening you through blackmail. Invasion of Privacy - Does your partner demand access to your phone or personal s such as yourand unshared financialand so on? Do they try to control the friends you see and demand that they oversee your correspondence with them?

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If so, that is an invasion of privacy. It is one thing to be close and to share things, but it's another for someone to need to control your every move. Victim blaming - This is when someone blames the victim for what happens to them—for example, a verbally abusive partner using victim-blaming. Stonewalling - When the victim tries to defend themselves, the abuser doesn't respond or gives short answers.

Gaslighting is an abuse tactic where an abuser makes the other person feel "crazy" for having feelings or making them feel that their reality isn't real. Name-calling - Name-calling is a rather straightforward form of abuse to explain. This is when someone calls a person names, telling them that they're "too sensitive," "a wimp," or any other negative term.

Devaluing - This is when someone verbally diminishes another person's value. If your partner does this, they might tell you that you're "worthless" or "hopeless," none of which My wife is emotionally abusive true. Our society focuses on how women are abused. We tend to gloss over how women can be abusers. Why do men keep quiet about their abuse? The answer is primarily stigma and toxic masculine culture.

In addition to the stigma where men are told that they can't admit vulnerability or come forward when abuse is happening, they might stay in an abusive relationship for various reasons. It could be that they're part of a family unit and feel that it's their responsibility to fulfill their role within the family, it could be that they're financially dependent on their partner, or it could be that they're not sure how to speak up or stand up for themselves.

Sometimes, people don't know how to confront abuse even though it's damaging their self-esteem and harming them.

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If someone is a victim of gaslighting, for example, their partner may have convinced them that they deserve the abuse and that they're the problem when in reality, that's not true. Verbal abuse is never justified. There are certain forms of abuse that are harder to spot, such as neglect or stonewalling. We need to start debunking the myths around verbal and emotional abuse. These lies are detrimental to those who are victims. Certain things are spread about verbal abuse that isn't true and harm victims.

Let's go over some of the myths that are perpetuated about abuse so that if you do have a verbally abusive wife, if you're being abused by someone else, or if you notice that another person in your life might be on the receiving end of abuse, you'll know the facts.

One untruth is that physical and emotional abuse always go together.

What is an emotionally abusive relationship?

The truth is that verbal abuse on its own is still abuse and that it is still very serious. Verbal and emotional abuse doesn't have to coincide with physical abuse to be severe and detrimental; an abusive wife might abuse you through manipulation or similar tactics without abusing you physically. Another misconception is that abuse only happens to women, not men.

Just like any kind of abuse - sexual, physical, emotional, or mental - it can happen to any gender, race, sexual orientation, and so on. No one is immune to abuse, and it is never your fault.

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It's important to note that abuse doesn't always occur in romantic relationships; it can also occur within a familial relationship or friendship. Also, a myth is that emotional abuse isn't as severe as physical abuse. In actuality, any form of abuse is detrimental, and the problem that's often seen in emotional or verbal abuse is that it's easily hidden. An abuser may hide what they're doing by acting completely differently in public vs. The scars of emotional and verbal abuse run deep and can be dangerous for that reason. All genders suffer abuse, whether it's verbal, physical, or sexual.

A verbally abusive relationship can destroy a person. One form of verbal abuse that can be detrimental to a person's wellbeing is being called names. It's not acceptable to call another person names. You don't have to resort to that sort of behavior. There are many ways to deal with conflict, and name-calling makes the situation much worse.

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If you feel so angry that you can't control your temper, that could be a time to take space from your partner. Nobody likes to be told things like, "you're lazy" or "you're a loser. If your partner is calling you names, you do not have to tolerate these actions. You can try setting boundaries if your partner is cruel. It's within your right as a human being to say, "I won't tolerate being called names. There are more subtle ways that a person can be verbally abusive. For example, someone might engage in stonewalling.

That's when a person gives their partner silent treatment.

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Stonewalling is cruel and can make the person trying to speak to their ificant other feel small or unloveable. The silent treatment is abusive and intentionally manipulative. It's a way that someone allows the person to be quite the power and control over their partner.

If they don't speak, they can't be liable for their actions. Power and control are an illusion. If your partner is ignoring you, you don't have to engage with them. If you find yourself being stonewalled regularly, that's a that your partner is comfortable with abusing you. That's not okay and needs to change.

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Any abuse is wrong, and if it's a pattern and happening regularly, you can seek help. One resource you can refer people to when there's abuse is the national domestic violence hotline. There are trained, compassionate professionals on the other end waiting to help survivors. They can call the national domestic violence hotline and get support and guidance.

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If you're enduring verbal abuse, there is help out there. You don't have to suffer alone. There are some kinds of abuse that are difficult to detect. If your friend tells you, they find themselves apologizing to their partner but don't know why that could be a of abuse. If they admit that they're walking on eggshells around their ificant other, that's another that something is off.

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In healthy relationships, two people are comfortable saying how they feel. Partners don't need to be walking on eggshells around each other. A person can give constructive criticism to their partner without worrying about the person's reaction.

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I have this recurring, horrible nightmare of a daydream.


You probably know many of the more obvious s of mental and emotional abuse.


There are a variety of types of behaviour that could be classed as emotional abuse.