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A full privacy policy can be viewed here. You can change your mind at any time and update your preferences or unsubscribe. Life was easier for my mother who grew up in our village in Syria.

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People did not need much money, they had their farms and animals, and the neighbors used to help each other. Life is so different for my generation now, we live in Jordan and we do not have our farms anymore. My mother kept a Syrian pound with her when we had to flee Syria. She told me that the Syrian pounds used to buy many things.

They could buy fabrics to make clothes or all the needed groceries for the house. However, today, the pounds can only buy a packet of gum. My mother was married at She did not know her husband whom her family choose for her. My mother was not able to refuse the marriage. Although I married at the same age, it was different for me because I married the person I love and chose.

The girl was not supposed to see her groom even after he asked for her hand in marriage. Today, girls can meet their grooms before their marriage and would not face any problems. My mother could never talk back to my father or her Meet syrian girl. She also did the housework at her house and her in-laws house.

My relationship with my husband is different as well, we both talk back to each other and shout at each other, and whoever is wrong apologises. My mother got married when she was 20 years old to my father who was 50 years old at the time. During her time, she was considered too old to marry a younger man.

She wanted to have a family and children before it became too late for her to find a groom.

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That is why she married an older relative but my mother never loved my father. I was surprised to know that she kept her wedding ring with her even though she could sell it when she needed the money.

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The ring is of Meet syrian girl great value to my mother because it is the only piece of gold she could bring with her from Syria. It was the only precious item she could bring with her to Jordan, and which reminds her of lost life in Syria. My mother was 16 years old when she married her father. She was in Grade 10 when she married and continued her education after marriage. My mother became a widow when she was pregnant with me at the age of Although her relatives insisted she Meet syrian girl her education, my mother went to school while she was pregnant. However, she had to leave school when I was born.

We lived with my grandparents until I was 8 years old, then my mother and I moved out and lived alone. My mother used to make handmade vases and sew dresses and Islamic cloaks to be able to continue her education and support us. She received a university degree in nursery education. My aunt was 12 years old when she was engaged to her cousin who was 4 years older. It was customary for cousins to marry each other and my aunt could not reject the marriage, she got married at During her time, the groom was not allowed to give any gold presents to his bride, not even a wedding ring.

These traditions have faded, and today the groom must give the wedding ring to his bride. My mother used to have a very close relationship with her father. She and my aunts grew with my grandfather and were all close to him. When he passed away, he had his prayer bead in his hand. Now my aunts and my mother keep it with them to revive his memory.

My mother and aunts have many memories with their father. My father was imprisoned when I was 7 years old. She was scared for my safety, so she did not take me with her and she decided that the best thing to keep me safe was to marry me off. I was 15 years old when I got married and I accepted the fact that this is the only option for me to avoid going back to Syria, I do not want to go back and live in the war. I do not have any memories of my father, we only talk over the phone and I do not feel comfortable talking with him because I do not know him well.

My grandmother used to sew her own dresses when she was my age. There were no sewing machines during that time. All the dresses she sewed were the same but with different colors, even her white wedding dress.

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She still keeps one of these dresses. She was 18 when she got married and her husband was 70 years old. My grandmother was not expecting a younger husband at that time because she was considered too old to marry a younger man in her community. It is different now for girls from my community, because we are living in Jordan and the Syrian traditions are not forced on us anymore. Once, they went to the beach with their families where he found a beautiful shell and decided to keep it as a of their love. He engraved their names on it.

My mother took the shell with her when we fled Syria as a of love. My mother-in-law was married when she was 15 years old. During that time, the brides used to buy a Quran for their trousseau.

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This is a tradition that people have forgotten — and the same as the virginity mark. They celebrated the virginity mark with dancing and firing gunshots. Brides who do not bleed were threatened with killing by their families, husbands and in-laws. Today, there is more awareness on these issues and people do medical checkups when the bride does not bleed. Although the tradition of celebrating the virginity mark faded away, mothers-in-law still check the virginity mark and girls can be threatened with divorce if they do not show the mark and do not have any medical excuse.

This sword was our wedding gift from my father-in-law to my husband. I feel this is a precious family legacy that I want to pass to my children.

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The sword was made in during the Ottoman rule and was since passed on through generations. The sword was first used by men in battles. Later on, it was used to cut meat and in wedding celebrations. My mother-in-law has been using a crutch since she was .

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She has congenital hip dislocation, and could not access any medical support services. She needed surgeries, and these were expensive and the hospitals were far from her house. She could not get any medical support and there were no NGOs back then. Today, it is different; we can get the medical help whenever we need it through many health service providers. Medical care is more accessible and cheaper today and clinics and hospitals are spread out.

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Shanklish is a traditional and expensive food in Syria. My grandmother and my mother used to make Shanklish and sell it. Women and girls were not allowed to work in gender mixed places, or even outside their house. So they used to sell homemade things or food. Nowadays, girls can work in different fields and educated women work in gender mixed places.

Many traditions have changed over time. My grandmother taught my mother how to make Shanklish, yogurt and Labneh as well as to cook different kinds of dishes when she was only 14 years old. Today, mothers do not do that anymore. My mother-in-law is the one who taught me cooking.

Women do not make Shanklish anymore because it is hard Meet syrian girl make it, and they buy it from the markets. She was the only one in her village to own a camera. She was engaged when she was 17 years old and her engagement lasted two and a half years before marriage.

My father had to migrate and save money for their marriage.

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Girls used to wear short skirts and jeans, but today the abaya is forced on girls and most married women are forced to wear the burqa. Love was not a crime back then. But today, girls are forbidden from loving and are denied their freedoms. This was all a result of the war and displacement and the rumors about girls that people circulate in our community.

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My grandmother gave my mother a crockery as gift for her wedding. My mother brought it with her from Syria and she still uses it but only for water.

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People stopped making yogurt with the crockeries; they use the electric machines for that. The yogurt used to be much tastier when made in the crockery. First name.

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Syria is a country that is hardly ever mentioned in the context of international dating.


For an average westerner, Syria is a synonym for civil war, destruction, wide-ranging terror, and devastation.


I'm honest and Faithful woman seeking for a serious relationship.