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Today more Puerto Ricans live on the U. Between April and Julythe population dropped 19, to 3. The economy is also blamed for the slide in the birth rate down from 60, in to 42, in InPuerto Ricans were proclaimed the happiest people on earth, according to a highly reported study by the Stockholm-based organization World Values Survey. Despite high poverty and unemployment rates, it seems nothing can put a damper on the lively, fun-loving Puerto Rican spirit. Most Puerto Ricans like to celebrate big and often.



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Common Coqui Eng. Eleutherodactylus coqui is a tiny frog native to the islands of Puerto Rico, Vieques and Culebra. The Common Coqui gets its name from the unique nightime calling sound ko-kee made by the male of the species. It is the most abundant frog species in Puerto Rico with densities estimated at 20, individuals per Hectare.

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The thighs of E. Mature males average 1. The size differential between genders is believed to be related to the additional energy consumption of males during breeding activity.

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Like most Eleutherodactylus species, E. The Common Coqui is a generally nocturnal predator. Diet varies depending on individual age and size but is primarily composed of arthropods insects, crustaceans, arachnids.

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Young coquis consume smaller prey such as ants while adults consume a more varied diet that includes spiders, moths, crickets, snails and even smaller frogs. They reproduce over the entire year but breeding activity peaks around the wet season. Eggs are guarded from predators such as snakes and snails, by males. The gestation period is from 17 to 26 days. Thus E. Since eggs are laid on land, limbs are developed within the egg, rather than metamorphizing as larva in water.

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As the egg hatches, a fully formed froglet emerges; it has a small tail that is soon lost. It is found in epiphytic bromeli, tree holes, and under rocks.

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Since the Common Coqui does not require a body of water to reproduce it is found at most altitudes where there is sufficient moisture for survival. Adults are generally found at higher altitudes than are juveniles. View All Forest Alerts.

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Site Map. Common Coqui Common Coqui Eng. Description E. Habits The Common Coqui is a generally nocturnal predator. Habitat E.

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Data from three fertility surveys are used to examined the probabilities and determinants of adolescent births among Dominican and Puerto Rican women.