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Finding your person is no easy task. And sometimes it feels like the dating pool is filled with too many frogs, not nearly enough princes thanks, Meghan Markle. So we sat down with three relationship experts, including husband and wife marriage counselor duo and authors of the 30th Anniversary edition of Getting the Love You WantHarville Hendrix Ph. Don't feel bad the next time you turn someone down because "the chemistry" just isn't there. McMahan says initially women are drawn to men based on attraction. Do I feel energized when I talk to this person?


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Six months ago, a good friend started dating a guy who seemed incredible. Handsome and charming, he had a good job, a nice car, and made her laugh. But, a couple of months later, his true personality revealed itself.

5 things i've learned from dating really, really good looking guys

He manipulated, lied, and even became verbally abusive. She broke it off, but still loved him, fighting contradictory feelings for months. She wished she had never fallen so quickly. Many women focus on things like height, body type, income level, age range, and so on when determining if a guy is compatible.

10 ways to recognize a good guy

These certainly are important to keep in mind. This article will give you six s that the guy you love is more than just a hot body and pretty face, but also someone who will treat you right. I recommend that women especially look at how a man treats hired help like servers, hostesses, bus drivers, janitors, etc. Is he kind and generous to everyone? Or, does he look down on others and treat them with rudeness and disrespect? How a guy acts towards other people, especially those who have lower status, is a good indicator of his true self.

If he treats others poorly, you will be next.

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Those past relationships can tell you a lot about him and how he acts towards his partners. While people can change, they usually stay pretty consistent in their behavior.

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If, on the other hand, they all hate him and he badmouths them all the time, take it as a huge red flag. Good relationships require total trust.

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It also includes being upfront and assertive when needed. If he is having a bad day, he will tell you instead of being a moody jerk. But, it will make the relationship better in the long run not to have to play the games associated with lying and holding back.

In order to be truly open and honest, he also will need to be a good communicator. In fact, communication skills are a that he is a good guy.

30 characteristics of a good guy

Because communication is more than just words. A guy who communicates is showing you two things. First, it shows that he is making you a priority. He is taking time out of his day to interact with you. Second, and most importantly, it demonstrates that he is committed to making the relationship succeed.

Where are all the good men? 19 reasons it’s so hard to find a good man

Studies show that negative communication le to increased breakups. The allegedly perfect guy from my opening paragraph never apologized or tried to change his behaviors. If he did something wrong, they would fight until the issue was dropped or she apologized. But, he never owned up to his role in any problem or took responsibility for his bad behavior.

15 s the man you’re with is a great guy

A good guy will take responsibility for his life. This means doing his best to fulfill his obligations like paying bills, being there for others, and acting in a responsible way. It also means owning up to his shortcomings, apologizing when necessary, and making changes to do better. Good men will always want to do better. But, they will accept responsibility and try their best to make things right.

12 sad reasons why it’s hard to find a good man (+ how to meet one)

Look carefully at how he spends his time rather than the words he tells you. Is he focused only on himself? Does he spend all of his time playing video games or doing unhealthy or dangerous things?

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Do others see him as a jerk or loser? Does he volunteer for charity and make a difference in the world?

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Does he care about others and love animals? Do other people admire him and want his attention? They are far more important than words.

S he’s a good guy: 6 traits to identify quality men

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Get a group of good men together, and they will change their school, their campus, and the world.


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But you just get this gnawing feeling that you could do better, that a part of you was settling in some way.


Now this may not be for everyone, but for me these are 10 non-negotiables that have led me to a pretty awesome relationship.