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Like the place, and the service was very good.


There has always been many talks lately about the freelancers in Manila, and whether or not they are the best value in town. Well, the short answer is a definite yes, but there is much more to know about this topic, which is why I wanted to write a whole article on it. In this guide I wanted to give the complete guide on freelancers in this city.

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When you really think about it, Manila is arguably the best city in the Philippines in terms of nightlifebars and entertainment for gentlemen. Yes, Manila does have some frustrations like traffic, inflated prices, and agressive business oriented mindset of bar girls. However, the sheer amount of Filipinas in this city is a great equalizer in this regard. So now you can imagine, with that population there will naturally be a large percentage of freelancers, who are not associated with any girly bars.

They too are trying to make some money off the tourism industry, specifically the single male foreigners who are in Manila as tourist, business travelers or expats. The benefits for them is that they work independently, on their own schedule, and build there network of clients.

In doing so, they can avoid paying highly inflated barfine and ladydrink costs in Manila. So over-all, it is a win-win situation. The guys get to save some money, and the girls can make a living by leveraging the competition with girly bars.

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The main thing to cosider is safety, which I will get to later in the article. LA Cafe is by far the best freelancer bar in Manila. It is located in Ermita district. The establishemnt is really a sports bar, and has been around for quite some time. It is open 24 hours a day, and has lots of freelancers.

Were talking upwards of or more on fridays and saturday nights. Even during the days you can always expect a decent amount of girls at this place.

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Another great thing about this place is that it can be a good place to just chill out during the days. So LA Cafe is one of the best places to go when you feel like seeing some cute Filipinas, having a nice cold beer, eating, and watching some sports on TV. In terms of physical appearance, the freelancers at LA Cafe are decent.

You can usually find many worth going with, most of the girls fall in the average to above average category. Every once in a while you may even find a super hot Filipina who just happens to be there to make some quick money. The place has a surprise factor with, and the variety of the freelancers is something many guys including myself appreciate. Your next option to find some P4P filipinas is to head to one of the nightclubs, specifically the ones that are known to have freelancers in them.

Royal Club in Makati is good in La cafe manila philippines regard, especially from Thursdays to Saturdays, and any other times they got special DJ events. A great thing about this club is the facts that some of the go go bars girls come here to party after their shift is over at the go go bars in the nearby P. Burgos area.

Manila freelancers guide and prices in

So yes, some of them are super hot, and you can expect them to want high prices for their services. In any case, this club is a great spot for listeing to some music, dancing, drinking, and being around girls in Manila. You also have Exklusive club, which is located in the Malate area. Like Royal, this place attracts many of the bar girls and freelancers in the area.

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Going here after 1am should be a good time to get comfortale, have a couple beers and see what you can find. These clubs will have mostly normal girls, with very small percentage of freelancers.

La cafe manila philippines ultimate guide

I mentioned them here as they are worth checking out anyway, since they have many cute filipinas, with a handful of working girls in the mix. Sometimes we may forget that just hanging around the red light areas is a great way to run into freelancers. The areas with girly bars, KTVs, and gogos, will always have freelancers walking around. Burgos Street and the surrounding areas is great this regard. It is also great to find some massage girls who will come to your room for massage services.

You also have Malate red light district, which is full of KTV hostess bars. Just a few blocks is the Ermita area, which is where LA Cafe is.

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These nightlife areas will always have potential independent freelancers who are looking to find some customers. The malls in Manila are also an option to find freelancers. Just keep in mind that the percentage will be low, and you may need to do some searching. Generally, if they are freelancers they will make some eye contact with you, and smile. Going on the dating sites is actually one of the easiest ways to meet freelancers. And to be quite honest, it may even be the preffered way now in The reason is because so many girls are on their smartphones, and they have s on these types of apps.

And the freelancers use these platforms to meet single male foreigners who are in town, or just living in Manila.

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Before letting you know of the price, I must say now that the prices in Manila for these independant ladies varies quite a bit. The reason is because Manila is a major business city, and there are many busienss travelers and short term travelers who use the city as a gateway to other cities in the Philippines. So the prices the freelancers throw out are not consistent sometimes. Use my guide here as a good reference point.

Expect these prices:. The higher end of the prices are for the most attactive ones.

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These are ussually the top tier ladies, and they know there worth. They could also be KTV or go go bar girls that freelance on the side for extra cash. As with other things, there are pros and cons when it comes to getting the servies from the independant ladies rather than just going to a girly bar. The main thing to remember is that the freelancers are not associated with any businesses bars. So you are on your own to do some due diligence, and get to know her a bit before spending private time together.

La café in manila

When you take a bar girl out you have some assurance atleast. You know where she works, and can track her down in case of any issues. Bar girls also have mandatory health checks to pass before being allowed to work. Just be aware of these types of things, and again, be proactive in asking questions before hiring the freelancers in Manila. Tony is a blogger, an entrepreneur with a world of travel experience.

He's passionate about sharing his experiences with others. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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Use my world of experience on the topic to help you get the best experience possible in Thailand, Philippines, and more. Table of Contents. Search this website.

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