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Widely known here for a year, his popularity may have peaked a few weeks ago when thousands of women in their 40's, 50's and older thronged the airport to greet him. A thousand of these same middle-aged Japanese women -- a group not known for rowdiness like, say, English soccer fans -- then ambushed him at his hotel here. They jostled one another for 10 minutes to get a glimpse of the actor; some threw themselves at his car. Ten women, aged 43 to 65, were taken to a hospital for bruises and sprains.


Topic: Are korean men popular in Japan? Read times. Quote from: Piggydee on October 12,pm. Quote from: zola on October 12,pm. Snoah Veteran 84 April 21,pm Seoul more.

'disrespectful to parents' 10 weird ways korean guys were shocked when dating japanese women

Quote from: englishrose on October 12,pm. Kliuchevskoi Expert Waygook February 16,am Seoul more. Quote from: chrismclea on October 12,pm. They are more romantic, more polite, better dressed, and better looking than what I've been used to back home. It's usually the jealous butt hurt white guys who usually bad mouth Korean guys, as evidenced by this forum. Don't know anything about the Japanese in Japan though. The ones that are truly repulsive are the white guys in Korea who think they are kings or something.

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Like the balding fat belly ish, really old white guy that I met in a club last year who kept constantly making crude come-on's on me, staring at my face with a death stare, and making slimey comments like "hey honey. Quote from: Kliuchevskoi on October 12,pm. the DeMart Fan Club! Shout out to WhenInRome Thank you my son! Obviously there are exceptions, my close friend is from Osaka and her bf is Korean for exampleI think Japanese overall are not attracted to your average run of the mill Korean guy for the same reason Western women aren't: because they are overtly feminine, and boyish.

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Just pluck your average, trendy young man off the streets of Hongdae. Odds are he will be in high waters maybe even salmon coloredbig black glasses without lenses, and a sweater preppy enough to make J-crew look tough. Aegyo-hissing Korean girls eat this up but the look is often seen as way too pretty, even for other Asians. Throw in all the negative stereotypes about their attitudes towards women, alcoholism, etc.

Of course I'm generalizing and I have some Korean friends with facial hair, tattoos, etc, but trends are basically a religion here and those guys are in the minority. Quote from: janet on October 12,pm. Dunno if Korean men are popular in Japan itself though. Also, gosh Can't we just accept that there are repulsive asshole guys everywhere??? Particularly in the USA.

Quote from: caerdroia on October 13,am.

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Quote from: johnny russian on October 13,am. I travel and talk about it.

What's korean for 'real man?' ask a japanese woman

Epistemology Hero of Waygookistan September 19,pm more Philosopher extraordinaire. Quote from: Space on November 27,pm. Quote from: Gaikoku. Away an bile yer heid ya numpty,ye dinnae ken whit yer talkin aboot. Quote from: nomadicmadda on October 13,am. Mercurial Adventurer 64 February 08,am more. Not to put too fine a point on it, but this entire topic is more than a little stupid.

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It was most likely started as an ego boost or attempt at bragging, which was quickly snuffed out. Every country has stereotypes about other cultures with regard to romance and dating. Sometimes it's positive the French are romantic, the Italians are passionate, etc.

Sometimes there is an ounce or more of truth to these stereotypes, sometimes they do not apply to the vast majority and are therefore pretty useless.

Do some Japanese women have a thing for Korean men? Undoubtedly - there are approximately sixty-six million women in Japan. It's, statistically speaking, certain that some of them have a positive image of Korean men. Some of this can probably be attributed to Hallyu and the relative popularity of K-drama and K-pop within certain segments of the Japanese population. Will some of these women be disappointed when they discover that not all Korean men are young Chaebol heirs with a hidden heart of gold, tongue of silver, and card of platinum?

Will some of them have more realistic expectations?

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Almost definitely. Will some of those still be disappointed?

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But some of them may find a true gentleman among the Korean population and they do exist, if not in the s that we all might hope. After all, it's not like Korean men are the only ones leaning on an unrealistic portrayal of themselves to increase their dating opportunities in another country. The French do it, the Italians do it, the Argentinians do it, the Americans do it, and the English do it.

Not every English man speaks with an RP accent, was privately educated, and is a paragon of civility and wit, but we certainly benefit from that perception in some parts of the world. Sadly, there are ificant segments of the British population who seem rather keen to disabuse other nationalities of this carefully constructed notion. Ah well, I suppose it is fairer Look at mjcst6 giving statics to support his claims that Korean men are the worst. Go you!

Quote from: Piggydee on October 13,am. Well it's one of those "Hey let's take a group of people and marginalize them" type of sites. This is probably why many Korean women ghost Korean men when they break up with them.

Japanese women seeking seoul mates

Can you blame them? Also, to be fair, I've seen and heard a fair share of crazy Korean women stories too. I've heard that Japanese women do find Korean men attractive but they are often shy about how to start a relationship with a Korean guy. I have heard from some Japanese women that they think Korean guys are more affectionate than Japanese guys.

I always heard the "Korean men are romantic" line. There perception came almost entirely from Korean dramas shown in Japan. When you asked if they had actually met a Korean guy, very few had. It's the same concept as Koreans saying British men are "Gentlemen".

Logged Kpip! To be fair i don't see why Japanese women would think anything of our beloved soju-addled ajeoshis. It's not what they see in the dramas or in the music. What they get to see is the standard, slightly effeminate and androgynous pretty boys. I'm rather curious to see what happens in the relationships. At what point do they realise it's not going to be a deep relationship with a fragile soul but a constant battle between the man's modern instincts and millennia of unmitigated loutishness.

Is it the Korean guy dating japanese girl punch? In the interest of fairness I willingly accept that us Brits do send out our Cumberbatches and Hiddlestons abroad and often give the false impression that we are a nation of svelte elf-like cognoscenti. It must be a shock for first time visitors to discover how many of us look like we have root vegetables in our ancestry.

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As for those of you discussing the sexual peccadilloes of Messrs Dragon and Rain; I order to immediately find 2 box cutters, tape them together so the blades are parallel, cut yourself on the right cheek starting from under the eye then curving towards the chin. Cut deep then rub finely chopped hair into the wound. That way you will get a raised scar that will remind you for ever of how low you have sunk.

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Our time on this earth is limited and to waste ti learning about the love lives of K-pop stars is an affront to man, nature and God. This I like. Pearls of wisdom being coughed up and spewed out by the mouth of a warrior poet. I salute thee. What they get to see is the standard, slightly effeminate and androgynous pretty boys. Have you ever travelled with Koreans to Japan? I took the Fukuoka ferry for a day and could not help but notice the transformation Korean men effect when they go to Japan.

Suddenly they prance around like proud peacocks, exagerratedly talking and mimicking their K-pop actors.

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TOKYO -- Thin and gorgeous in a slinky black dress, Mikimoto pearls and a low-slung diamond Tiffany pendant, year-old Kazumi Yoshimura already has looks, cash, and accessories.