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Kenmore Washer and Gas Dryer Set, both work perfect, we are replacing them for the stackable type to save space. Big capacity. Priced to sell. me if any questions.


Had this washer for twenty some odd years. Had a few problems but it is so easy to work on and fix it will probably go another 10 years.

Used kenmore 80 series washer for sale compared from ebay, craigslist, amazon,

No expensive circuit boards or cheap tactile switches just old fashioned dials and pull tab buttons. This thing is a maintenance man's best friend. Just changed out the worn transmission it took me a whole half hour and cost dollars and works like new again. Should last for twenty more.

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If you have pets, you need this washing machine. I love my dogs and I wouldn't trade them for all the money in the world but when it comes to cleaning blankets and other household linen, pet hair is a huge mess. So, upon washing my initial load of laundry in the Kenmore 80 Series Top Load Washer, I didn't expect any magical powers or superior prowess but boy was I impressed. Not only did the Kenmore 80 Series Top Load Washer fight hard set in stains from grass, cranberry juice and others similar but all that pesky dog hair was gone!

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I finally had a washing machine that rid my bed linen of proof that I had dogs. On top of getting rid of pet hair, it is energy saving as well. I try to be as energy conscious as possible and the Kenmore 80 Series Top Load Washer does a great job and in addition, makes me feel energy conscious savvy. I've only had to replace a hose and that's it and the hose replacement wasn't due to the washing machine itself, it was due to my dogs.

Blame it on the dogs! I don't know if I just got a bad model out of the bunch or what. I read some great reviews and thought I was getting a great deal, but I was wrong. I had to replace it with a Haier which I originally thought would've been the cheap faulty washer, but it was much better than this Kenmore washer. I returned it and got my money back. Energy Efficiency I don't think it's very energy efficient at all, it seemed to take a long time just to do a normal load of clothes.

Bad to the bone kenmore 80

Cleaning Time Even though I set it on a certain time to wash, it seemed to take longer. I should have timed it. Performance It did an okay job washing clothes when I could get it to stay in balance and actually finish the wash cycle. Ease of Use There aren't a lot of buttons or options for wash cycles so it's easy to use.

De It's just a plain old washer! Nothing fancy, which would be the reason for the cheaper price. Durability This washer is a piece of junk! It's not durable at all. And maybe that's the reason it worked so poorly. Maybe it was banged around a bit in transit to my home.

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Washing machines are one of those big ticket items where you buy the best you can and then hold your breath and hope that they work well and last a long time. To put it simply, it gets the job done, which is just what you want from a washing machine. The clothes are clean! With different options for washing intensity and times, including an extra rinse cycle, this washer can handle just about anything you throw in it. I have easily and successfully washed quilts and pillows, as well as very delicate items.

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In fact, my favorite feature is the most gentle cycle, which I use it for all my "hand wash only" items. It is gentle enough to keep them safe while still getting them clean, and is much easier than actually hand washing them myself.

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As a busy mom, a washing machine that saves me time is a great find! All in all, this has been a dependable washer, and a great value. Very skeptical after moving into a new home with the washer included with all the other major appliances.

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I had a maytag ly and that thing kept going and going after comforters, large lo, and off-balances. So this washer is far from great in comparison. In order to get a decent efficiency, you need to fill it half way which is like a couple pairs of jeans and about three shirts with undergarments. That's it.

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Otherwise if it is too full, you get what I got which is sopping wet clothes after a spin cycle. So with three people in my house, it Kenmore 80 series washer price takes forever and a day to do the same amount of laundry. It also bangs very loudly at the beginning of a cycle. If you are single, then give this thing a try. I want my maytag back! I have had this washing machine for right at 10 years now, and I have never had any major issues with it. The automatic fabric softner dispenser has just recently stopped working within the past year, and I've chosen to clean out the screens that keep any "debri" out of the washer that might be floating around in the water lines a handful of times to keep the water streaming into the washer as quickly as possible.

My water is terrible! Total times I've cleaned them is less than 5 in 10 years. Energy Efficiency Because this is an older washing machine, I'm sure it's not as energy efficient as some of the newer models on the market now. Cleaning Time This machine gets the job done. Within about 30 minutes a complete wash cycle is finished.

I've never timed it by the clock, so the time isn't exact. Performance This washer gets the job done. No complaints here at all. Ease of Use There are not any extra settings that aren't needed, making this very easy to use. There are even instructions printed inside the lid!

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De Simple, and effective. Durability My washing machine is 10 years old and I have had no major mechanical issues with it. As I stated above, the automatic fabric softner dispenser has just recently quit working.

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Within the last year. I have had this washer for over two years, and I got it refurbished to begin with! I am very please with its performance, even with its smaller build.

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There has not been an item I put in there that it didn't clean well, whether it be delicate or bulky, like a comforter. I like its options to run a second rinse. I only use it time to time but when I need it, this option really comes in handy. The Kenmore 80 Series top load washing machine works quite well. It doesn't look terribly exciting, but it really does a good job doing exactly what it is made to do: wash clothes.

There are many options to tailor each load, including water level, water temperature, rinsing, speed, and what type of cleaning cycle you want to use. I like being able to easily change all of these areas to fit the types of clothes I am washing.

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There are not any big things I would change. It would be nice if there was a liquid fabric softener dispenser, but at really isn't a big deal overall. I have had good luck with Kenmore appliances and will consider them again when it is time to upgrade the washing machine.

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This washing machine has been a work horse. The first lasted twenty plus years and I'm still using the second seven years later. It's a tool that gets the job done. I would think that the cost to value ratio is superior compared to other machines but I've used these two the entire time twenty nine years so I guess I really could say.

Energy Efficiency There is greater efficiency with other machines but the initial costs are prohibitive if the other machines do not last. Cleaning Time Short or long time settings, you set it.

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Performance Triple agitation cleaning process, durability.

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