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DJ station he the night scene when it comes to gay bars in Bangkok and is the place to be for all gays out there. Its a massive club spread over three floors. The place has a perfect blend of party and fine dining. The first two floors are for people looking to go partying like there's no tomorrow, the third floor is exclusive for the ones who want to spend quiet and intimate time with their loved ones or crack open a cold one with the squad. Due to its fame, the club gets crowded easily. You would want to reach here really early not to face disappointment or a long waitlist.


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Gay World. Everything Else. Last Jump to : 1 to 10 of Thread: Jupiter Bar on Soi 4. February Jupiter 2000 bangkok,1. Jupiter Bar on Soi 4 This forum has had some recent discussions -- and much hype-- about the new Jupiter bar. During a trip to Bangkok last month, I visited Jupiter three times and would like to make a few comments. I went on both weekdays and weekends. The bar seems to be doing well: by it was packed with customers.

About 85 percent the customers were Asian, although there were a few farang, including a several heterosexual couples, who might have wandered in by mistake after their dinners on the Soi. On the nights I went, about 30 guys were strutting on the cat walk.

Most seemed to have great bodies, although it was difficult to tell because some were dressed in shirts and jeans [or shorts]. The bar also had some cute, twinky waiters, who supposedly were available from about pm or whenever their shifts had ended [it was not clear to me when their shifts would end I talked with a manager a bit and discussed several guys.

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He did a risque dance and comedy routine to the delight of several female customers who tipped him with baht garlands. Several women or transgender customers had reserved seats upfront and invited guys to them for a drink -- and some gropes.

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I saw several of these ladies off guys; several Asian men also offed guys. I found some of the guys to be very handsome, especially the guys from SE Asia. I foolishly offed one and went back to my hotel with him. This was a terrible mistake.

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The manager had suggested a tip of 2, for two hours. However, after about 30 minutes of massage and play, the guy demanded a quick finish or at least 5, baht to continue for several hours. He became aggressive and belligerent. This was the only time in many trips to Thailand where I felt in physical danger, and almost called the hotel security to get rid of him. But to avoid a scene and a lot of trouble, I gave him a 1, tip and asked him to leave, which he did I complained to the manager about the guy the next night I went to Jupiter.

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The manager just smiled and told me that he could recommend a nice Thai guy to me. Bottom line and recommendation: Do take a look at Jupiterbut be careful in regard to offing the guys. What has been the experience of other forum members with offing the guys at Jupiter? Perhaps I just had bad luck with a guy who was in a bad mood He is certainly good looking and has an almost perfect, athletic body. Reply With Quote. February 10th,2. Re: Jupiter Bar on Soi 4 I am curious.

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In fact so curious that I had to register the forum to post. Is he 43? February 10th,3. Re: Jupiter Bar on Soi 4. Originally Posted by Jasper.

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I am curious. February 10th,4. Originally Posted by werner. February 10th,5. Re: Jupiter Bar on Soi 4 If I were paid to enter a so called "gay" bar that has women customers I would not go in.

Who we are?

Wandered in after dining in the local restaurants my arse; these women, bored in their marriage, know exactly where to go after dinner or know were to sneak back to when hubby is asleep- bars such as this. Gays will lose everytime with the straight boys if there are women in the bar.

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The owners are in business but I will vote with my cash ie they can have their females but they will never get a satang from me. User who gave Like to post: paborn July 28th, February 11th,6. Re: Jupiter Bar on Soi 4 I agree - I don't see the attraction in offing str8 boys at all - I could see the attraction and feeling of accomplishment if you successfully seduced one, but let's face it you're just buying him for a short or long time so February 11th,7.

Originally Posted by FarangRuMak.

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If I were paid to enter a so called "gay" bar that has women customers I would not go in. User who gave Like to post: snotface February 11th, February 11th,8. February 11th,9. Re: Jupiter Bar on Soi 4 Blimey werner! What a dreadful experience. I suppose, looking on the positive side, you were lucky Jupiter 2000 bangkok get away unscathed.

And the manager's reaction wasn't exactly best practice out of the "Dealing with Customer's Complaints" manual. I recall being involved in a broadly similar experience up in Chiang Mai many years ago. The sudden fear of being at risk of attack, when you paid good money for exactly the opposite is quite terrifying.

I have not yet been to Jupiter in its new location in Silom, Soi 4, but have been thinking of paying it a visit after reading reports. But although I have not visited the new location, I did visit the old location several times. I can think of only one occasion. Once we left the bar, the boy did seem to have a very unpleasant attitude. There was no rapport or friendliness between the boy and myself in the taxi, despite me trying to make some small talk and attempting, but failing to cosy up to him. It must have been over 10 years ago, because we were heading back to the Pinnacle Hotel on Soi Ngam Duphli, in Sathorn, not my condo.

As we were passing Lumpinee Park on Rama IV Road, the atmosphere got so bad that I almost asked Jupiter 2000 bangkok taxi driver to stop and order the boy to get out. Instead, I asked him directly if he was ok and was he sure that he wanted to go to the hotel with me. In reply, he said he was ok and he confirmed he still wanted to go to my hotel. However, once we were both in bed, things rapidly changed.

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The boy was very responsive and behaved just like any other pleasant money boy I had taken back to my hotel. Thankfully, we both had the sought after happy ending. He really surprised me and I ended up enjoying that part of our encounter. But I felt a great sense of relief as he left, it could have ended badly.

He was one guy I certainly did not wish to have a repeat performance with. Presumably, the boys stand in the bar night after night to earn the large amount of cash that comes with going with a punter, rather than the few hundred Baht they earn from the bar. User who gave Like to post: werner February 11th,

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On September 7, , at about local time a bolide meteor appeared over Thailand and burned up approximately km 62 mi above the ground.


The ballroom is equipped with state-of-the-art, audio-visual systems with high quality built-in speakers, light-dimmer systems .


Jupiter is a new addition to the array of gay GoGo bars in Silom, Bangkok.