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When a relative of mine recently became seriously ill with what seemed to be a coronavirus infection, my first question was about timing. How many days ago did your symptoms start? Marking your calendar at the first of illness, and tracking your fever and oxygen levels, are important steps in monitoring a coronavirus infection. Covid, the disease caused by the coronavirus, has been unpredictable in the range of symptoms it can cause. But when it turns serious, it often follows a consistent pattern.


Why days 5 to 10 are so important when you have coronavirus

NCBI Bookshelf. The last few days of pregnancy are an exciting time. But when your due date has passed, waiting for labor to start can be stressful too. Many parents-to-be become anxious. If there are no specific problems, the baby is very probably doing fine, though. When a pregnancy continues its full normal course about 40 weeksit is called a term pregnancy or full-term pregnancy.

If a baby is born before 37 completed weeks of pregnancy, it is considered to be a preterm birth. Being born too early is associated with various risks for the baby.

Vaccines are highly unlikely to cause side effects long after getting the shot

A pregnancy that continues for longer than 42 weeks is called a post-term, prolonged or overdue pregnancy. This definition may vary from country to country. About 60 out of women give birth on or before their given due date. In another 35 out of women, contractions start on their own within two weeks of the due date. But it takes longer in about 5 out of women.

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The reason why the baby is overdue is usually not known. Sometimes it is because of a genetic predisposition hereditary. Women who have already had a baby that came much later than their due date are more likely to have an overdue baby in future pregnancies. Being born after the 40th week only rarely harms the.

To be on the safe side, though, the doctor or midwife will start doing more checks to see how she or he is doing. In the first week after the due date, the baby and mother are not at higher risk of complications if they are both doing well. Even after that, the risk of something happening to the baby doesn't increase much.

Covid pandemic unemployment payment (pup)

But certain risks do increase a little. If a baby is overdue, the main associated risks are:. Being overdue is generally associated with few risks for the pregnant woman.

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But childbirth can be more difficult if the child is too big. Almost all babies are born within three or four weeks of the due date. If a baby hasn't been born by then, the risk of being stillborn dead at birth increases. Babies are very rarely born that late, though, because labor is usually induced two weeks after the due date at the latest. To induce labor, hormones or other methods are used to try to get labor contractions started artificially. It's important to know the approximate due date because a lot of decisions are based upon this estimate. For instance, the due date is important for determining when maternity leave starts, and deciding whether to induce labor or do additional examinations.

The length of pregnancy is always considered to be 40 weeks or days — even though very few pregnancies last exactly days.

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The starting date for these 40 weeks is the first day of your last menstrual period. But this estimate isn't very reliable because women don't always remember exactly what day that was. And some women still have light bleeding at the start of pregnancy, around the time when they would normally have got their period. So they might have been pregnant for a few weeks longer than they realize. What's more, periods aren't always exactly four weeks apart.

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And the baby might have been conceived a little later after your period than assumed in the calculation. These are further factors that make it harder to calculate an accurate due date. Due to frequent mistakes in estimating when the pregnancy started, doctors and midwives sometimes adjust due dates that were calculated in this way — for instance, based on the size of the child in an ultrasound scan during early pregnancy.

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This makes it possible to see what is happening inside the womb uterusand how big the baby is. The size of the baby can be used to estimate how old the unborn baby is.

Maternity leave

This estimated age, known as the gestational age, tells us how many weeks the woman has been pregnant. In the first few weeks of pregnancy, developing babies embryos are very similar in size. This means that the due date can be estimated quite accurately based on ultrasound scans in the first trimester the first twelve weeks of pregnancy.

But ultrasound scans aren't entirely accurate either. In Germany, women are usually offered an ultrasound scan between eight and twelve weeks of pregnancy.

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If the estimated due date based on the ultrasound scan is very different to the due date calculated based on your last period, your doctor or midwife can adjust your due date accordingly. Certain examinations can help midwives and doctors to identify possible problems affecting the mother or. If your due date has passed, you are likely to be offered more appointments and check-ups.

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In Germany, women who have passed their due date usually have check-ups twice a week. Common examinations include cardiotocography CTG, also called a non-stress test and ultrasound scans. You might also be checked for s of infection, especially if amniotic fluid has been leaking.

Most overdue babies are still usually born without any complications. To lower the risk of complications, it is common to suggest inducing labor after a certain amount of time has passed, even if the mother and baby are doing well. Whether and — if so — when labor is induced is a personal decision that parents-to-be can make together with their doctors. It will mainly depend on whether there is a high risk of complications during the birth. The critical factors include. Doctors usually suggest inducing labor if there are s of possible complications that mean the baby needs to be born soon — but the complications aren't serious enough for the baby to be delivered by Cesarean.

Even if there are no s of complications, labor induction will probably be recommended after a certain amount of time anyway. If one week has passed since the due date, inducing labor can lower the risk of the baby dying.

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But this risk is generally very low: it happens in about 3 out of 1, births when labor isn't induced. Inducing labor can also lower the risk of serious breathing problems and of having to have a Cesarean section.


There are many traditional methods that women use to try to get labor started, including things like going on long walks. Some women try to induce labor by having sex or stimulating their nipples. There has even been research on these approaches. But it only produced weak evidence suggesting that stimulating nipples for about one to three hours per day can help. This is what was found:.

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Because only about women took part in the studies, these findings can only give us a rough idea of how effective nipple stimulation might be in other women. Nipple stimulation also reduced the risk of bleeding after giving birth. But nipple stimulation was only found to be effective in women who did not have any major problems in pregnancy. Research has not found that sex induces labor. Women sometimes try out a of other things to try to get childbirth started.

Some drink raspberry leaf tea to soften the cervix, while others use homoeopathy, evening primrose oil, acupunctureor hypnosis. But there is no scientific proof that these approaches work. Castor oil is another traditional method used to try to induce labor. It is available in the form of a juice, a solution used in colonic irrigation, or capsules that are swallowed. This oil has not been proven to have a positive effect.


But research has shown that it causes nausea in most women. There is not enough research on the safety and effectiveness of castor oil. There are several different methods that doctors commonly use to induce labor. One of the first steps is often to prepare the cervix for birth. It is tightly closed throughout the pregnancy.

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When the body starts preparing for birth, hormones make the cervix relax and become softer. Hormones, especially hormones called prostaglandins, may be applied to the cervix in the form of a gel to prepare it for birth. They can also be used to induce labor contractions. Balloon catheters are sometimes used to stretch and open the cervix as well.

Sometimes these measures are enough to set the birth off. If not, other hormones are used — typically either prostaglandins or oxytocin.

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