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Not to step on Jeff D. That Shrek scene has it all.


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Absolutely hialrious. One of my college buddies we called Gingy because he was a ginger.

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Still one of the most epic moments of my childhood. God, I really do love Shrek 2 and this was one of the most effective movies to make me really root for the hero and truly hate the villain. I think the later Shreks made people forget how good Shrek 1 and 2 were. I remember how genuinely concerned I was that Harold was wrapped up with the Fairy Godmother and that the only way out would be for Charming to end up with Fiona I could also understand why FG would be fucking pissed at Harold 'cause her son was promised the princess of the land and she shows up with Shrek.

This movie came out after I graduated high school, so wasn't quite hood movie. But even today I still remember this whole sequence as being awesomeand the best use of that song in a movie, despite Johnny 5 and Bonnie Tyler and Saints Row 3, Shrek 2 beats all out. Just great! I really like how the Fairy Godmother is depicted as the antagonist.

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Shrek does a great spin on classical Disney fairy tales and I love the ultimate aversion to the trope. You would think that this character would be nice and sweet? She loves to maintain the status quo of the fairy tales like never letting "ugly" character never have success and be the villain. She loves to make dreams comes true but at a heavy cost eg.

Want to fall in love with a certain person? Let me create a date rape drug! They did a convincing job of making what supposed to be a great and benevolent character into a manipulative bitch. Ever read the book Witches Abroad by Terry Pratchett? It has some similar ideas.

Holding out for a hero

The Fairy Godmother is the villain, the scary witches are the heroes, and the goal is to make sure the girl doesn't marry the prince. You should check out Fables. It's a graphic novel by Bill Whittingham and the basis premise is what if fairy tale characters are real and live in New York. Contains a lot of mature and adult themes. For those that don't remember: if Charming were to kiss Human Fiona, she would've fallen in love with him hard because she drank the tea containing a love potion the Fairy Godmother gave her father to give to her.

Shit's stakes are real in Shrek. Shrek 2 plot spoilers.

Shrek 2 : i need a hero

Wait, didn't the dad switch the teas before she drank it because he felt bad? And Charming did actually kiss her when Shrek arrived, but she head-butted him to shiiit whaat. I remember watching this movie and thinking he looked exactly like my dad when he became human. I hate that Shrek 3 and Shrek 4 were lumped together. If Shrek 4 was the Shrek 3 people would have been happy with how the series ended.

Everything that could be wrong with Shrek 3 was wrong with Shrek 3.

The "i need a hero" sequence from shrek 2 () is one of my favourite sequences in an animated movie. charming's attempts at kissing fiona, the beautiful animation, "not the gumdrop button" plus attractive human shrek

As someone else mentioned, Shrek movies were high stakes and Shrek 3 was definitely not. Shrek didn't want to be king.

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That was the worst case scenario. It didn't help that even the lame story wasn't executed well. Shrek 4 had some great scenes like when he goes to the alternate reality and is happy with his freedom only to realize his kids don't exist over there with him. It wasn't as good as the first couple, but people were way too hard on it.

Shrek 2 (ost) - holding out for a hero

Not a ton better, but it definitely didn't help following Shrek 3. Watching the dvd extras on Shrek 3, my jaw dropped at the amount of material on the human characters. It looked like Arthur and the others were set up to have their own spinoff. I think Shrek 3 suffered as a result. Shrek 2 is still one of my favourite animated movies. This has to be mine.

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The "I Need a Hero" sequence from Shrek 2 is one of my favourite sequences in an animated movie. Charming's attempts at kissing Fiona, the beautiful animation, "not the gumdrop button" Posted by 6 years ago. Sort by: best. Lest we forget one of the greatest Gingy lines: "it's a thong! Multiple gumdrop buttons jokes were made. Steven Spielberg Enthusiast. Continue this thread.

The "i need a hero" scene from shrek 2 is the greatest scene in cinematic history

Well said! If you played the wolf among us, it's the same series. Anything can make those 2 movies pale in comparison. There- there was a fourth one? I completely forgot there was a Shrek More posts from the movies community. Created Jan 25, Top posts march 17th Top posts of march, Top posts Back to Top.

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Thrilling and entertaining, this climax defines the entire movie.


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