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By dsasDecember 3, in Thai Language. Hello all. Does anyone on this board read and write Thai? If so, can you tell me if this is a good translation or not? We did this record a book for our adopted daughter and I wanted to translate it into Thai, but if it is not a good translation I'll leave it off.


"i miss you so much." in german

These 15 commonly used phrases will come in handy for chatting someone up and complimenting a partner. Once you have read through the phrases below, you can move along to the video at the bottom of the. Pay attention to the Thai words that have been translated into English, as these will help you learn the word faster. The Thai language has 5 tones, but for those who can't read the Thai alphabet, I have provided some instructions as to when to go up and down in tone for certain words.

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Also note that the transliterations the Thai words converted to English alphabet may differ from other text you have read. This is common and you will see different versions from time to time. I use spellings which I think make the most sense to an English-speaking reader. If you want to learn more Thai to further impress your girlfriend or potential dates, I highly recommend registering a free with ThaiPod I've been using this online learning platform for many years and it has helped me a great deal in learning Thai.

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By thaiis , March 16, in Thai Language.


Now when you would like to form complex sentence that consists of two clauses in Thai like Do you know something?


These sentences come from external sources and may not be accurate.