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  • Years:
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  • Female
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  • Silvery
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  • Liqueur
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  • I like to listen techno
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We tend to think everyone else has a great relationship and sex life. Sometimes sex stops suddenly. And there is counting. Maybe you wish you could just understand why it happened. Hoping that will solve things. The longer you go without it, the more awkward and uncomfortable it can feel. You remember a time when you loved making love, when you felt passionate urgency between you. But that feels so far away now. We tend to have an expectation that desire is spontaneous — that it will just arise spontaneously.

What this means is that we need to cultivate the conditions in which desire can respond.

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And for women, this begins long before we enter the bedroom. We want to build the house of our desire on a strong foundation. Research shows us that there are two key things that keep passion in a relationship.

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The first is staying god friends, the other is making sex a priority. And the truth is, sex really can bring you closer because of the beautiful cocktail of hormones and endorphins that sex helps you release. One of the key hormones released during sex is oxytocin, which helps you feel bonded and connected to each other.

So decide that having a loving, fulfilling sex life is important to you and your relationship. This mindset will help you stay motivated and taking action. Sharing appreciation with our partner can help them to feel loved, appreciated and wanted. Make a point of sharing something that you appreciate about your partner with them each day to build the love, connection and closeness between you.

With so much going on in your lives, you can feel like two ships passing in the night.

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Maybe you only connect on practical issues now, not as lovers like you used to. Becoming close to your partner again requires that you spend time together. This connection can then flow into the bedroom. Small amounts of quality time together can make a world of difference to your connection. Try starting with just 10 minutes a day where you sit down uninterrupted and just talk about how your day was.

You can also find more ideas for connection in my ebook: 10 Powerful Ways to Connect with your Partner. We want to get that back. And we do it one small step at a time. Physical affection helps build oxytocin, that hormone that helps you feel bonded and connected to each other. Begin bringing non-sexual touch back into your relationship to build closeness and desire.

It may help for you to have a conversation with a partner about it. Is that okay with you?

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Try some of the following suggestions to rebuild physical connection:. Great article. I think that intimacy in relationships tends to ebb and flow, and this article would be really helpful for all couples, not just ones who have lost touch. This article assumes you are already in a relationship. That makes me feel even worse for not having any relationship in the past 9 years. And I see assholes always dating women.

Those same women have been friends of mine when they get their hearts broken, and turn to me for guidance. At this point, I say, well maybe you should stop dating assholes when I tell you who and what they are and find a nice guy to date! Are women just this retarded? Relationships and our patterns with them are complex.

I suggest exploring your challenges with a therapist. So, yes, it is for couples, to help them spark their intimacy.

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And if you did like someone, tell her. Well said Jellybean. I hope you received value from it. Warmly, Isiah. If I go after the ones I think are dumb, unethical, or just plain crummy, they seem to go for me. You and the original commenter need to re-evaluate attitudes towards women.

Work on yourselves before wanting a relationship with someone. Not to use a hot word rn but you give me mad incel vibes. She will tend to reject and find excuse to do other stuff.

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Just not as much and the priority is not on me. What should I do to improve our sex life? The first thing to do is talk to your wife and calmly tell her how you feel. This is something that you have to work through together.

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Therapy can help you work on this together. Many couples notice a big change after children, but often a slow decline prior to kids too. Take one step at a time to rekindle your connection and remember that reaching out for support can make a big difference in getting things back on track.

This happened to us.

We have a 12 year old boy who we adore but he loves being close to us. His room is within ours, his former nursey. I love him so, But when he feels frisky I often shy away feeling embarrassed. He is such an affectionate man, but doesnt push sex. We just feel we have turned into that old married couple.

Where to start when you haven’t had sex in months – or even years

He just turned 49, am So I mentioned it today. Using a smiley emoji. I feel to blame because I had issues in the past years with a declining labido. He has made subtle attemps but I have turned away. Maybe that is true in some men but I know in my heart he adores me and our vows. I just know him.

And we both have packed on weight. Neither of us feels sexy anymore. Thanks for tnis article and yhe advice. We do spend qt together and I show him love in other ways like having home colked meals ready and a clean turned back bed.

He works hard for our family. And Im guilty and ashamed. I cannot keep going on like this.

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Any suggestions? This cycle happens over and over and over.

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There are no underlying medical problems. Heather, I appreciate all the wonderful advice such as talking calmly, explaining, helping our partners understand our pain, but like you we have attended numerous therapies.

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It is however killing me slowly inside. Did anything work for you? We both work a lot and are often stressed. I can easily initiate it but I want him to initiate it to show me that he actually wants it. I have been trying to make him feel better, and then he cheats on me cheating to MEby sneaking around with an ex and deleting messages, lying to me about it for months — and the worst part is I would still be fed lies to this day had I not found the evidence myself.

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