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Melissa is an entrepreneur and independent journalist. She writes about communication, entrepreneurship and success on Lifehack. Read full profile. Although you know a little about what you enjoy and want from life and what you want to achieve in future, you are still feeling empty and find yourself tortured by episodes of loneliness. Inner emptiness is caused by a lack of love, according to psychology expert Dr. Margaret Paul.


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Thank you so much for supporting Inspiring Positively! How does it feel to have a void? Well, the emotions associated vary for everyone.

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For some, it may leave them feeling lost, hopeless or as if something is missing. For others, they may feel a lack of interest in life, numb, or alone.

Many reasons can cause us to feel this way. Some of us may be feeling empty because we have never received love and support growing up while for others, it may be from a lack of meaning in life. It may also be from a fresh wound such as a break-up or the loss of a loved one.

T his may leave some of us to engage in unhealthy ways to fill a void.

How to fill a void – free yourself from emptiness

Most of us at one point in life have experienced or are currently going through this feeling. Often people fill their void by distracting themselves through shopping therapy or substance use. Many people also try to fill their void by jumping into a relationship to fill their feelings of emptiness.

However, a void should be filled through internal factorsfrom withinand not relying on others to fill that void.

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For the longest time, I felt lost and empty in life definitely not the greatest feeling. However, by working towards healing, giving my life meaning, practicing self-awareness and self-love, it led me to live a meaningful life rather than be trapped in darkness.

4 ways to fill the emptiness in your life

A void can be caused by suppressed issues coming out and not dealing with emotional baggage and trauma. First of all, to even understand this emptiness feeling, you have to work towards pinpointing the source. Dig deep and pinpoint exactly what it is causing you to feel this way. Is it because of the loss of a loved one?

A heartbreak? Childhood trauma?

Why you’re feeling empty and how to fill the void

Tip: Spend some time connecting with your inner self emotions and thoughts. Try integrating meditation into your daily routine a few minutes a day as a way to observe your thoughts.

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Think about what exactly it is that is bothering you. Name and write down the reasons that are causing you to feel the void. Acknowledge that you are feeling a void. To free yourself, you have to name all the painful emotions and face the pain instead of running away from it. Pushing it aside will only make you feel emptier and as time progresses, it will manifest in harmful ways. It can be extremely tough but as you keep acknowledging your feeling s and letting yourself feel themit eventually becomes easier for you to cope with them. Tip : [I once watched a great clip that stated to write your emotions on a piece of paper then burn it up or scrunch it up.

The man in the video said how energy cannot be destroyed but can be transferred. Writing your emotions down is a good way to transfer any negative energy outside of you and release the emotion you are feeling]. Take the time you need to heal from the pain by feeling it and not judging yourself for it. Fill the void with compassion, support, and love for yourself and others. Some of us tend to feel a void because we feel as if our life lacks meaning.

5 ways to fill the void in your life after divorce

We may ponder on questions such as: What do I want to make out of this life? What legacy do I want to leave? How can I make my life more meaningful? ALL of us come into this world for a reason and we are here to serve a purpose. If you are having trouble discovering your purposefinding your passion and turning it into your purpose can be a wonderful way to start!

Giving back and providing service to others can also add more value and meaning to your life.

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It provides you with a sense of purpose and belonging since you are making a positive difference and contributing to society. Tip: Try to volunteer somewhere at least once a week and help others in any way you can — this can also help you build rich and meaningful connections with others. By increasing self-awareness, it increases your understanding of your feelings, desires, goals, and so on.

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Having a strong understanding of yourself can develop your emotional intelligence, which allows you to take better control of your emotions. As a result, you can have more power to confront and cope with your pain, which can release you from feeling empty. By discovering your deeper and true identity not your ego or how others see youit can also make it easier to discover your soul purpose.

Filling the void in your heart and home after divorce

You may be feeling a void because growing up you did not receive the love you deserve, causing you to search for it from others. When you lack self-love, it causes you to feel empty and disconnected from your soul.

Fill the void by working towards loving yourself unconditionally and not relying on others to fill that void. When you begin with finding it in yourself, you no longer depend on else someone to.

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By practicing self-love it fills your soul with an abundance of joy and purpose. To free yourself from feeling empty, you need to begin exploring what is making you feel that way and take the time to feel those feelings.

How to know if you are looking for love to fill the void inside you

From there, you can begin to heal from it. Healing starts with you.

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Although healing may feel like forever, it will get better in time! It takes time to unpack our emotional baggage and heal from our past wounds, so be patient and hang in there! Be hopeful and positive!

Embrace the void and live a life of passion, joy and fulfillment

Although it may be difficult trying to cope with painful emotions, once you do it will free you from feeling empty and set you up for much greater and meaningful things you can experience out there. No matter how hard we try, we may still have these lingering feelings. If you feel this way and find it too difficult to overcome on your own, I recommend getting further support from a professional. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post!

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These five suggestions will give you something to hold on to through the dark nights.


Almost everyone feels empty at some point in their lives, but not many can pinpoint exactly why they feel this way.


Not you.


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