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Try these: time management relationship advice healthy lifestyle money wealth success leadership psychology. Home » Relationship Guide » How to stop being jealous in a relationship. When your relationship is based on trust, it serves as a lifeboat, anchor and sail that keeps you afloat, secure and filled with purpose. When jealousy corrodes the trust and respect in your partnership, the relationship becomes a weight that hinders personal progress. Understanding how to stop being jealous in a relationship is a prerequisite for a healthy union. No matter what baggage the other person brings to the table, you can work on yourself to tame jealousy and create a meaningful partnership.


And jealousy is a natural reaction, though it can get out of hand. You just want what belongs to you. Left unchecked, your green-eyed monster will devour the very thing you love the most.

Overcoming jealousy in relationships

Healthy relationships are grounded in trust. Trust is foundational to every aspect of intimacy and commitment. It is essential for creating and feeling emotional safety.

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It is the underlying assumption that makes vulnerability possible. Jealousy undermines the foundation of trust in a relationship. And sooner or later a relationship riddled by unchecked jealousy will disintegrate. One reason that overcoming jealousy in your relationship is so difficult is that it stems from your own insecurities as a jealous person.

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Granted, you may be aware of circumstances that warrant concern for the stability of your relationship. But in those cases, the healthy choice is to confront the situation, not side-step it with jealousy.

7 strategies on dealing with jealousy in intimate relationships

You are set up to fail before you even try to succeed. You may find yourself defending and justifying yourself when no defense or justification is warranted. And you most likely find yourself reeling in your vulnerability and willingness to take risks in the relationship. A vivid imagination is a powerful tool.

How to overcome jealousy in a relationship

It can also be a dangerous tool if you start writing Fatal Attraction thrillers in your head. Allowing your mind to plot faithless schemes on the part of your partner will send you quickly spiraling.

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Before you know it, you and your partner will be wondering what is truth and what is fiction. When you find yourself ruminating and obsessing over scenarios that have no proof, stop yourself.

Psychologists explain how to be less jealous in your relationship

Overcoming jealousy in your relationship is really about coming face-to-face with your own underlying insecurities. That he will leave me? That she will make more money than I do? You may have fears of being abandoned or not being good enough.

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But when and where did those fears originate? Are your jealousy-wielding insecurities rooted in unhealed childhood wounds?

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Did someone important to you leave your life at some point? This is a good time to seek out the help of a therapist who can guide you safely into those questions that might be painful to confront. One of the reasons an imagination can go wild is that there is nothing to keep it in check.

5 simple steps to overcoming jealousy in your relationship

No fact-finding. No second opinion.

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No back-and-forth discussion to keep emotions and concerns balanced. Be honest, vulnerable, and self-able. And tell your partner what you want most out of your relationship.

12 ways to let go of jealousy

You might be surprised by the compassion and understanding you receive in return. In this way, jealousy can actually be an opportunity for open communication and a deepening of emotional intimacy. Overcoming jealousy in your relationship is all but impossible if you are always obsessing about negative behaviors and possibilities. Simply shifting your focus to what is good and right in your relationship can stop the flow of negative scripting in your mind.

And, most importantly, it will condition you to think and speak from a place of appreciation, not doubt and distrust.

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Jealousy may be rooted in only one partner in your relationship, but it affects both of you and your relationship. It puts conditions on your love and blocks the gifts that can be given only within the safety of trust.

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It also sets you both up to respond to fiction and not truth. But, like everything else in a relationship, overcoming jealousy is the responsibility of both partners.

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It relies on healthy communication, and that is always a two-way street. This article originally appeared on YourTango. You'll also be the first to hear about new ways to connect with us like our upcoming free monthly calls! Don't miss a thing. up now.

Overcoming jealousy: the 10 dos and don’ts

There are always new ways to nurture and improve your relationship. up below.

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Close this module. Your Name Your Name. Your Your. Thanks anyway, I'll just muddle along.

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Sylvia is a big believer in living consciously and encourages couples to adopt its principles in their relationships.


Jealousy, affectionately known as the green-eyed monster, gets a bad rap when it comes to emotions because it can be disregarded as a "superficial emotion.


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No one enjoys feeling jealous.