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Some of the tips below require a bit of work before they can be fully mastered, while others can be put into practice much more easily. Guys who lack self-confidence, on the other hand, usually come off as much less cool. Try to remember the last time you came across a cool guy who was terribly lacking in self-confidence.


Being cool isn't rocket science Get that knowledge with these tips and own any room you walk into. Except that Escape the Room-room.

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That puzzle is hard! Need proof? A study showed that waiters who included candy or mints with the check got more tips. Remember important names at the big networking event Addressing someone by their name makes a positive and lasting impression on a person, especially during an initial meeting at say, an important networking event.

How to be cool: advice from a cool guy

MoneyBags, right? Giving a big presentation?

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Project by taking a deep breath and using more air to carry the sound. Take time to fill your lungs instead of using shallow breaths. It's a seemingly innocent move that even Olympians are phased by: ask about your opponent's technique, or even compliment a move. Acting cool in the face of competition can psyche your opponent out and make it easier to win.

This even works on teammates in a more friendly way.

What is “cool”?

Hence the nickname "Joe Cool. When going in for the handshake, make direct eye contact; focusing on their eye-color will give you a few more seconds to establish the connection. Power pose. Studies show that taking up more space affects testosterone and cortisol levels in the brain, and helps you actually feel confident.

They'll know you're no pushover and respect your commanding presence. Like Oprah. Be more Oprahatic. Use silence as an effective conversational tool A moment of well-timed silence can steer a conversation in the direction you want it to go.

20 ways to be a cool guy (and 17 ways not to!)

Chatting someone up? Make yourself seem more valuable to pique their interest. It's called the scarcity principle and lots of pick up artist nerds love to use it as a cornerstone of their creepy ethos. That said, there's some truth to it -- just don't be a top-hatted jerk about it.

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Trying to get in with a group at the bar? Identify the head honcho. Identify the person everyone looks at when something funny happens, seeking reaction-based confirmation that yes, that '90s Will Ferrell reference was funny. That person is your target.

How to be a cool guy

Start a conversation, and if that person likes you, you're in the group. Want to talk to someone at the club? Avoid a potentially embarrassing situation by being vigilant of the simple truth a pair of feet can reveal. Save yourself the trouble and know when to walk away.

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Get everyone to come to your party -- just convince them everyone else is going "Who else is going? We're not saying lie It's the concept of "social proof", in which people follow the crowd because they assume everyone else is making a good choice. Need a hand?

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A simple impersonal touch will increase the chances of your roommate doing you a favor. According to an article originally published in The Journal of Nonverbal Behavior, the use of impersonal touch was found to be one of the most important factors in not only seeking compliance from someone of the same gender as you, but in getting help to complete a particularly difficult task. Win over your neighbors by asking them to do you a small favor Yes, even if they hate you.

Especially if they hate you.

How to be the coolest guy in the room

They became bros after that. Asking to borrow a power tool from your curmudgeon of a neighbor might in the future allow you to get away with the big stuff -- like throwing an all night rager and not having Mr. Next Door call the cops to break it up. At the bar Chatting someone up?

At home Get everyone to come to your party -- just convince them everyone else is going "Who else is going? Make Fun. Thrillist Serves. Social Media Links.

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The first one on the list above is the ability to naturally attract women with your personality and confidence.


Welcome to Summer Cooldown , our weeklong tribute to all things cool in pop culture.