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Overindulged in some edibles? Smoked a strain that was way more potent than you expected? Find a quiet place to sit or lie back and try to relax. Breathing exercises or listening to music can help you chill. If you do decide to go for some music, consider something you know all the words to, and sing along.


The duration of a weed high can vary depending on the person, how they consume the weed, and the type of weed itself. Weed is the general term for products that come from the cannabis sativa plant. The use of these cannabis products can be medicinal or recreational.

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Weed contains different compounds, known as cannabinoids, while the amount that each plant has depends on the strain of cannabis. The type of high a person experiences depends on the composition of these compounds in the product. THC is the main psychoactive compound that causes the high and more mind-altering effects.

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Keep reading to learn more about how long a weed high lasts and what factors may affect its duration. Weed is stronger in the forms of sinsemilla and hashish than in other strains, as they contain high THC levels.

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Because of this, they are likely to create longer highs. Cannabis growers have been increasing the THC content in their plants over recent years, causing the leaves to trigger a more potent high. Learn more about types of weed and their effects here. The most common methods people use to get high on weed are:.

Once THC reaches the bloodstream, the body absorbs the compound quicklytriggering mind-altering effects. People often smoke weed alongside tobacco in cannabis cigarettes. The effects of smoking in this way depend on the amounts of cannabis and tobacco within the cigarette. When smoking cannabis, THC reaches the blood quickly, creating a high that lasts 1—4 hours. The vapor contains cannabis resin, which forms when cannabis products are heated. Different products can produce this vapor, including vape pens, water pipes, or bongs, while the effects vary according to their size and cannabis content.

Food products that contain cannabis, such as brownies or cookies, are called edibles.

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The effects of consuming edibles differ from inhaling the substance: they begin 30—60 minutes after consumption, while THC levels in the blood do not peak until 3 hours later. The high from them can last more than 6 hours. The body of a person with a high metabolic rate will process cannabis more quickly.

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Because of this, THC can reach their bloodstream faster, but the duration of the effects will probably not last as long. Some foods contain chemicals that can strengthen and extend a high.

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For example, anecdotal reports suggest mangoes can have this effect. In contrast, other food items may reduce the effect of weed, such as those rich in fat. Cannabis and alcohol use often go hand in hand.

This extends the duration of the high.

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Learn more about the risks of mixing cannabis and alcohol here. Those who ingest weed more frequently will likely have a greater tolerance to the substance than those who do not. A person with a higher tolerance for cannabis may find its effects are weaker and do not last as long. The same factors that affect how long a weed high lasts also determine how long it takes to kick in. How a person uses cannabis is the main influence on when THC levels in the blood reach their peak.

Weed can trigger paranoia and anxiety, alongside other uncomfortable effects. Evidence suggests that foods containing terpenoid compounds, such as lemon, pine nuts, and black pepper, can serve as an antidote to a weed high.

What is the duration of a 'weed-high'?

As well as the terpenoid content, the sourness of lemons can reduce a high by shocking a person into becoming more alert. Learn more about how to reduce the THC buzz here. The method that a person uses to get high influences how long the effects last. Consuming edibles does not trigger the effects as quickly, but it does prolong the high. The more cannabis a person consumes, the longer the body takes to metabolize the THC, and the longer the high lasts. Recreational cannabis use is a controversial subject and illegal in many states. A person should ensure cannabis is purchased legally.

Weed comes with short- and long-term risk factors, so people should consume cannabis products with care. Short-term risks include :. If a person is pregnant, using cannabis can cause complications with fetal development. A person should see a doctor if they become dependent on cannabis, or they experience concerning side effects, such as insomnia or memory loss. A weed high generally lasts between 1—6 hours. The time varies depending on how a person ingests the product, alongside other factors. Vapor generally creates the fastest but strongest high, while edibles are slower to kick in but cause longer-lasting effects.

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Many people use marijuana, either for medical purposes or recreationally. However, can this lead to a 'weed hangover? People often use alcohol and weed together.

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Combining them may intensify the adverse effects and increase the risk of long-term health issues. Smoking or vaping weed and eating cannabis edibles can cause a high, but what about eating raw weed? Learn more about eating raw weed here. Whether marijuana kills brain cells remains unknown, and current research studies have yielded conflicting.

Read to learn more. Most medical experts agree there is very little risk of death from using marijuana alone.

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Read this article to learn more about the potential health…. What is the duration of a 'weed-high'? Medically reviewed by Debra Rose Wilson, Ph. What affects duration? How long it takes to kick in Becoming 'unhigh' Extending the high Precautions Seeing a doctor Summary The duration of a weed high can vary depending on the person, how they consume the weed, and the type of weed itself. What affects how long the high lasts? How long it takes to kick in.

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What could extend the high? When to see a doctor. Depression rates in the US more than tripled during the pandemic.

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Let go of outdated mental health perceptions and invest in workplace well-being. Related Coverage. Can you get a weed 'hangover? What happens when you mix weed and alcohol? Medically reviewed by Alan Carter, PharmD. Eating raw weed: Can it get you high? Does cannabis kill brain cells? Weed: Can it kill you? Medically reviewed by Lindsay Slowiczek, PharmD.

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Soft black resin, furry green leaves and hard brown lumps, cannabis can look very different depending on its type — but it all comes from cannabis plants.


A cannabis high can last anywhere from 2 to 10 hours, depending on a range of factors.


If you are at all involved in the world of marijuana, then you have definitely heard some stories of people getting high… way too high.


The highs that people experience after smoking marijuana vary.