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Add to Flipboard Magazine. By: Thorsten Overgaard. November 5, Latest edited October 5, My Leica M9 had shot more than 4, frames the first week. The Leica M9 changed the way I work after a few months. It changed the way I work, from a trolley of 48 pounds of gear to a 4 pounds camera over the shoulder.

Instagram: thorstenovergaard. By the time I upgraded to the next Leica M model, the Leica M in Marchmy main Leica M9 had shot more thanframes or an average of photos a day. This article series stands un-edited as it was written, for you to follow if you just found a Leica M9 second-hand.

I believe in preserving things. I also took my Leica M9 back in action for almost two months inbecause I missed it, and that is the 19 of this article series which also contains a video review I did the same year. Enjoy this series of articles on the Leica M digital rangefinders.

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Maybe we'll meet one day in one of my workshops. If you think this is yet another digital camera, think again! It's the Leica Reloaded in the sense that Leica was the grandfather of 35mm cameras with their invention of the first Leica camera back in If you look around in history books and photographic museums, you'll notice that the 35mm format has been - and is - the most successful format ever. There's been APS-cameras, Polaroid, photo discs and many other formats invented for the sake of usability and compactness, but they're all dead or abondoned some both.

You can about the historic part of this on my Leica History but the fact remains that Leica invented the 35mm format to test film stock and movie primes for filmmaking and found that they had at the same time developed an extremely compact still camera that was portable, silent and invisible.

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It's been a jump in technology at that time as from the suitcase-like Motorola mobile phones of ies to the iPhones. Because all other cameras at that time were big boxes that required film plates one at a timetripods and tender care.

The Leica camera just opened up a different league where you could shoot rolls of film with a pocket camera, why Leica really deserved all the success they had till the camera producers in Japan made inexpensive, automatic 35mm SLR-cameras that took over the market in a matter of few years in the ies.

Having fun with the Leica M9 and my daughter. It's undisputed that Leica continued to make the best photographic instruments and lenses. It's just that they didn't fit the market and Leica Camera in Germany just didn't wanted to realize it. They was so soaked in their success and superiority that they just continued making the same great camera again and again : M6, M6 TTL, M7 and MP.

It was like they were daft and blind to a market that seemed to want SLR and automatic focus, automatic metering, automatic rewinding In a way, Thank god!

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Because if Leica hadn't made the same camera again and again under different model s with slightly incorporated improvements, they might have been dead or might have looked like Microsoft Vista or something worse if such a thing exists. Instead their stubbornness resulted in the "Leica Reloaded", the return to the beginning years ago, but in a digital version.

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And with all the virtues of the original idea intact: The Leica M9. It has the feel of a full-metal, logic and simple Leica M4 as of ies. Yet it is digital!

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From a photo shoot during the first week. Lit by a w blonde light from outside behind the people and two 12x12" Rosco daylight LiteP behind the camera. Let's start with the conclusion: It's simply the right feeling and the right camera. And for me that is all that counts.

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All the technical stuff will get aligned as you go if you feel it's the right camera. We've seen that with the Leica Digilux 2 as well. It's not the perfect camera the Digilux 2 but it has some technical qualities that make the picture files sing - but mainly it has that "love factor" which has made it a true Leica classic and make you want to use it. My very first shots that made it into the wire service. These are from September 15 for Getty Images. The general agreement seemed to be that M8 was safe up to ISO. The Leica M9 has improved 1.

Here is some examples of ISO performance.

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What is ISO? It came from when we used film and the light sensitivity was a matter of chemicals a film is a piece of plastic with light-sensitive chemicals; in the early beginning a glass plate with light-sensitive chemicals. ISO goes in steps of doubling or halving the light sensitivity. And so it goes.

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Another Leica M9 evening shot through a shop window. A view into a restaurant. A final one with skin tones, but in a very mixed light yellow street light from above, halogen light from a store window behind the photographertube street lamps to both sides. What I've learned so far is that underlit DNG-files present more noise when adjusted up in light, whereas DNG-files adjusted down in exposure in Lightroom tend to become less noisy than the original. The shop window is an example of noise becoming nicer and less present If we can talk about a noise pattern, look at those two for a guideline.

It's common knowledge I think that if there is no light, no film or sensor can see. But somehow we've grown accustomed to thinking that digital cameras can "see in the dark. Canon has a base ISO at and Nikon at So there is no magic sensors that can see in the dark, it's all a matter of long enough exposure and lightstrong lenses.

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The rest is manipulation and only a matter of how well the computer algorithms does it; and that is a field being developed - just as the film chemicals was being developed from the first color films till today's which, by the way, is still being developed further by Fuji and a few others to present more accurate colors and with smaller grains. In any case, my take on low light photography is faster lenses.

Get Leica Summilux lenses or Leica Noctilux if you want to take pictures in the dark. In well lit places where you just want to add shutter speed to freeze the action you can very well use ISO because the sensor "can see" in well-lit places and thus add more light with greater color accuracy and less noise than in really dark places where only a great lens will help it see. You have a great sensitivity that I feel connected with, and I enjoyed every word. Exactly what I crave.

In this easy to read and apply eBook, Thorsten Overgaard takes you on a journey to see, understand and simply use light. Order now - Instant delivery. Note: If you bought the first edition of this book, this new edition is free.

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Simply send an e-mail for your free update. The problem could be slightly different than the one in the M8. Till foxed by Leica Camera AG with a firmware update, the handling is simply taking out the battery and insert it again. Picutres that might have been in the buffer will sometimes but not always be lost. Sean used firmware 1.

Another freese can happen when the camera is set in "sensor cleaning mode. Take the battery out and insert it again. Some users have had experiences that if you keep using well-loaded batteries, the problem will not arise that often or not at all fully loaded battery is by the way mandatory to enter sensor-cleaning mode per the Leica M9 user manual. They have recommended changing battery when it is down to bars, as well as maintaining "battery memory" by draining batteries every six months done by inserting into the camera and set the camera to no autosave.

Leica M9 users who use Capture One get cleaner Capture One was out with a M9 profile in their software even before the M9 was releasedwheras users of Lightroom have to wait and see what and when Lightroom comes up with. Though a third part profile exists see under downlo which will correct the colors generally into matching a MacBeth color chart. One can also create one's own look with a profile in Lightroom. If Leica will address the colors in future firmware updates is not known. My take on it so far is in general to adjust red, yellow and mostly orange Hot Overgaard m a girls down, increasing contrast and sometimes black and lighten the picture some times decreasing exposure and increase contrast.

To avoid the picture to "close" I often add fill light actually use fill light first and then add contrast and blacks to get contrast back - but the DNG files need more contrast than they come out with default. It should be noted that doing Manual White Balancing using a grey card as WhiBal will give rather natural skin tones see examples later. I have a suspicion that the preset white balances in the Leica M9 needs adjustment.

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Leica Camera AG actually test and adjust White Balance on the factory using a black box with a white and slightly yellow surface inside. Now, my guess is they should change that setup - either the light inside the box, the paper or the screen they adjust by. One reason for color casts can happen because of the non-supported lenses. Not all Leica lenses are supported by the Leica M9 and the 6-bit code system; though all can be mounted on the camera.

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So odd colors in that and other lenses - well, love it or leave it. It's not an error.

The leica l mount system features a leica l bayonet with contact strip for communication between lens. sex chat in overgaard

Some users and even some non-users! I took note that Steve Huff in his review said that his sample Leica M9 arrived with dust on the sensor and he is quite credible. He's no drama queen either, so he just cleaned it and went out shooting.

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