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But when should you be hitting these milestones? A new YouGov survey asked more than 1, Americans about the ideal timeline for taking those important steps, as well as asking those who are coupled how long it took for them to get there.


And while some couples are more upfront about getting engaged, others are a bit more old-fashioned and try to keep it under wraps until the question is popped. Then he is likely thinking about a wedding of his own, with you, in the near future. This is a great that he is going to propose. So if you notice him acting nervous, go extra easy on him and cut him some slack.

After all, he wants to spend the rest of his life with you. Sure, this could be malicious, but hopefully, you both trust each other enough to not worry about things like that. And yes, this may include making the bed or helping with laundry.

Here's how long you should date before getting engaged

If you two have a special date including your anniversary or another celebration, he may want to celebrate that with a proposal. A romantic weekend on the Sonoma Coast? A reservation at an exclusive restaurant in Wine Country? A surprise rendezvous to a special place that holds meaning to both of you? Your boyfriend is looking at you in a new way.

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He sees the love that is already there and he is filled with gratitude for all of the little things about you. You are his best friend, confidante, partner, lover — so much more than an idea or infatuation to him now. This might be a dead giveaway, especially if his suitcase is tucked out of sight from you!

Does it matter how long you've been together before getting engaged?

For Christmas or your birthday, he gives you something meaningful to both of you: matching rings or other jewelrysome kind of special anniversary gift like an engraved watch together. Whenever he has an idea, he asks if you have any opinions on how best to do it which shows that this relationship is important enough for him that he wants your input into decisions — even small ones!

He is constantly reminding you of how much he loves you. He lets you know that it is not just a feeling for him — but one that is deep and lasting, as well as true. He is really acting like he is in a committed relationship. A lot of the time, people will start to behave differently if they are feeling serious about someone — and this could be as simple as picking up your clothes when you drop them on the floor or doing more household chores together rather than it just being one person always contributing.

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He is always telling you how much he loves and adores you. He is constantly showering you with words of love, care, kindness, and affection in both verbal and nonverbal ways. He tells you more than once or twice per week that he loves spending time with you; it might seem small but if he wants to share this with you, he definitely wants to share his future with you. If you have been together for a while and not just started dating, he is willing to spend his time or money on your hobbies.

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If you are into cooking, he might take the day off from work so you guys can go grocery shopping together; if art is something that is important to both of you then maybe he will offer up some paintings or sculptures as gifts. He does thoughtful things every week: leaves love notes in random places around the house maybe even when one of you is outsurprises you with small gifts when you least expect it — like flowers delivered at your job unexpectedly.

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These gestures show how much thought and effort he wants to put into your relationship. Some of these things may not be a that he is planning to propose, but they are definite s that he is into you and wants the relationship to work. And if his intentions turn out to be different than what is expected, then at least there is some happiness in knowing it was a fulfilling experience for both parties. If these gestures come more often or become more elaborate, then this could al an engagement ring coming soon!

The first and foremost of importance is where you want to host your wedding. How do you know he is going to propose?

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Find out here! How do you know when your boyfriend is going to propose? He starts asking you more about your future together. If your ificant other SO is asking you: Where do you see yourself in years? Am I in the picture?

“i moved in after our first date”: 15 women on getting married — fast

What do you think about children? Or making statements like: I want to spend the rest of my life with you. If he asks you questions like: What did you think about the venue? What did you think about their food choices? Did you like their wedding theme? He starts putting the toilet seat down. He starts spending more time with you. You find him snooping around your jewelry box. He plans a surprise romantic outing. Here are few more s that he is going to pop the question Your boyfriend is looking at you in a new way. He tells you he loves spending time with you. You enjoy hobbies together. If you are into cooking, he might take the day off from work so you guys can go grocery shopping together; if art is something that is important to both of you then maybe he will offer up some paintings or sculptures as gifts He shows you his love through gifts or sweet sentiments.

Wondering if it could be a ? How long before a man knows he wants to marry you?

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Jess says the more important factor is not the length of time a couple has been together, but instead, their motivations for wanting to get married and the quality of their relationship.


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To answer the most important questions, we put together 12 facts about proposing and getting engaged.