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Have you ever considered how your masturbation sessions fit into your wider self-love routine? After all, our sexual wellbeing is just as important as our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, least because it can positively contribute to all three. Go to Checkout. Solo Sex Make love to yourself. Our tips and insights for some sensual self-care.


Women like to masturbate. Burn us at the stake. And you know what, some of us even watch porn. Audible gasp. Female sexual wellbeing and gratification is a big beautiful deal and there is zero shame in wanting to experience that American Pie moment for yourself. Flicking your bean, Jilling off, downstairs DJ-ing — whatever masturbation moniker you like to use is absolutely none of our business. As long as it gets you the euphoric orgasm you deserve once in a while!

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Because no one else can do you like you do you. Get out of your head and into your body. Why does tumbleweed tumble? In those moments, breathe through it, close your eyes and try to reconnect with your body. Put your phone on silent to eliminate any distractions. Take a bath to unwind, pick somewhere comfortable and zero in on the sensations.

Step 1: find the right time

Mindfulness is your bezzie pal. Just enjoy the ride! Contrary to what most tv shows will have you believe, a very small minority of women actually climax from foreplay-less, P in the V sex — that is penetrative sex. Bish, bash, bosh, cue the mutual orgasm. Nearly all our nerve endings are in the clitoris, suffice to say, that little hood is worthy of your full attention if you want to make it to that grand finale.

Nipple stimulation and light strokes across your inner thighs, the nape of your neck or your belly can be just as arousing. Find out what makes you tick and do more of that. Knowledge is your superpower.

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Put as much care and thought into it as if you were getting ready for a date. Put on the slow jams, light the candles, pour yourself a glass of wine, moisturise your body, buy the silky overpriced pants. Some people work out in the morning, some people eat porridge and some people touch themselves mmmk. Nothing sets you up for the day like an A. Introducing a few Female masturbation blog into the mix is a great way to shake up your masturbating technique. Personal massagers aka sex toysporn, certain positions, pillow humping, getting friendly with the showerhead — get to know the root to your orgasm like the back of your hand.

The more familiar you get with the inner workings of your body, the better sex you will have. But hey, if a danger wank works for you, carry on. You do you! I think this is a great topic to talk about. This should be talked about way more.

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People, younger girls, in particular, need be made more away from how normal female pleasures are! Get rid of the playground gossip nonsense that goes on and get more posts out like this. I absolutely love this article. Love how real it is. Thank you for broaching this subject.

Remember when Jocelyn Elders got forced out for talking about masturbation? Thank you this is so helpful and makes me feel so much better being a bit younger than most it is good to know that this is normal for girls it is so helpful. Honestly, thank you for talking about this! I get anxious about this kind of stuff, being a teen girl and all.

Do it face down

I always feel that there is a certain way to do stuff and that I will do it wrong, so seeing things like this make it less anxiety-inducing for me and relieves stress in the pleasure part of my life! And this topic should definitely be talked about more! There is no reason not to normalize this and let women be more comfortable talking about these types of topics. These topics should get spoken about so much more!

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I dunno about now but when I was at school my sex Ed classes talked about male masturbation but never female. Well done for doing this post! We need to normalise these topics. We all feel insecure and afraid to talk about the reality all because of society.

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We are still humans with feelings as well as men and deserve the same voice. I am all for sexual health and sex education! I love this topic! I love that someone is writing about this hardly anyone mentions female mastrubation. I recommend a podcast called How Cum.

Thank you for starting a conversation around this topic. It is completely normal, healthy and good for women to masturbate, yet it gets treated as a total taboo.

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I think it needs more people like you, Zoe, and your team, that are courageous enough to use their very public platforms to talk about such things. So, again — thank you! Wow Zoe!! And i love it…. A lot of times if we talk about this stuff at all especially in the mediawe cloak it in metaphors and talk around it while not saying much at all. You all rock! Oldest Newest Most Voted. Inline Feedbacks. Vote Up 67 Vote Down Reply.

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Having an orgasm releases endorphins, dopamine and oxytocin.


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Real talk: just about everyone masturbates , but very few people talk about it.


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