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It is very common to have faint lines on drug tests. Most at home drug tests explicitly state that a faint line is a negative result, but customers still assume that it means there is some level of the drug present. Faint lines are always negative.


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You wait 10 minutes and you interpret the test. When you view theyou have a faint line adjacent to the Test T region of the strip.

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What does this mean? First off, a faint line is a negative result. It typically means there is some drug present in your system, but not enough to trigger a positive result.

Drug testing faq

The best thing to do is not to over-worry about a faint line. It could be a urine sample that has a wrong pH level, too much protein, high levels of sediment, a low specific gravity because of over-hydration, or odd color due to medication.

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In addition, all urine home drug tests have a shelf life. If your test is expired, it could cause a faint line. I used a detox desperate times and then followed up with this test a few hours later.

Reading a drug test

I got the test Saturday around 7pm and took it at 10pm. I ed them that same night and got a reply within minutes. Highly recommend trying this one to figure out where you are. The first time the lines were a little faint, so I tried again.

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They have been around for 26 years. I also received s on the correct way to perform the test.

Faint lines on drug tests are negative

This test is highly sensitive and measures down low to 15ng. Accurate and beneficial to have, always have a couple on hand to test yourself before anything. It was a 50ng that produced a very faint line. So I ordered this test and it was here on Saturday. I took it the next day and it was easy to read and gave me a clear negative, all the way across. Trusted it and passed my lab test the next day.

How to read urine drug test

They also gave me tips around what to do to get the best baseline of where you stand. I am below the 20ng on day It took a long time because I am overweight, old, smoked concentrated oils, and have been on bed rest the past 11 months due to bad injuries. And two surgeries. Thank you for [the] fast delivery and great product. Sensitivity is very good, making it lower than a normal urinalysis test is very beneficial and lets you feel confident about the either way. It really gives you the reassurance you need to know you will pass a lab test.

I passed this and a few days later passed my pre employment LabCorp test.

What drugs are screened for on the new uk drug driving test?

Passed with flying colors at home and passed my UA for a new job. I had about 2 weeks clean. Extremely quickless than a minute. Please follow the directions. If you were a heavy smoker like I was it took me over four months to rid the THC out of my body been smoking over 15 years, the first time clean.

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I also like that you can send a picture of your to the company and they will read them for you if you're not sure of your ! Still have more questions?

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The most commonly used among various methods of drug testing is the urine drug test since it is quick, cost efficient and accurate.


Answers to Common Questions.


We hope you find these frequently asked questions and answers regarding drug and alcohol testing helpful.


The detection level listed in the instructions tells you how much of the drug being tested is required to trigger a positive test result.