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Eyes are the window to the soul after all.


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Guys, you need The Obsession Method. Good luck Did you know that you can make any girl feel a deep emotional connection from a single eye compliment without trying creepy pickup artist tricks? The simplest techniques always go first on DatingArmory :. Lots to unpack here and a lot more to learn in her secret obsession presentationbut what does this mean for us?

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It means that before each and every compliment, give yourself a moment to get into that power pose and feel more confident. The second way to make each and every one of your compliments more effective is to say them slower! For our discussion, this means you need to start seeing yourself successfully complimenting girls and watching their reactions. The Compliment-Appreciation Technique is where you compliment your girlfriend by appreciating her beauty instead of flooding her with a non-stop barrage of compliments. But why… I mean who cares?

Why make things more complicated than they have to be? And now for some examples:. Of course, another beautiful part of her eyes is her eyelashes and for that you can buy her false eyelashes. In case your girl likes the more natural path, I got something for you too!

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This is super flattering for any girl, but if you want to be even more seductivetry applying The Indirect-Compliment Technique this way:. You focus on one beautiful detail of your girl, i. In other words, by using this technique you are telling her that the cuteness of her eyes overflows to the rest of her body. Instead of talking about how beautiful or cute she istell her about the type of emotions her eyes exude, for example:.

Telling her that her eyes look or remind you of a celebrity is a great way to kindle her imagination and get her to fantasize about what you really feel about her. It works nearly every time, I promise! See how the conversation can get super boring and even awkward even after a great compliment like that? As a young man, you need to master 3 areas of your life: Health, Wealth and Sex.

Wealth: The Fast Tracks Webinar. I looooooove this article. So many examples of compliments that I will definitely come back to ! Great post, what do you think about using these compliments when approaching girls for the first time? Please log in again.

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The will open in a new tab. After logging in you can close it and return to this. Hey there!

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Some links on this are affiliate links which means that, if you choose to make a purchase, I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. I greatly appreciate your support! Table of Contents. Quick tip: her eye color will usually fall into one of the following:.

Step 2: Give her a compliment based on her eye color.

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For example Good question! Great question. Amy Cuddy, a professor from the Harvard Business School, suggests that our body language shapes how others see us, but also how we see ourselves.

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For example, if you are sitting with your arms and legs crossed and you have your back hunched, you are making yourself small and letting people know that you are timid. Conversely, Cuddy suggests that if you sit with your legs and arms uncrossed and you make yourself big to take up space, people will see you as having more confidence.

Make yourself big, and hold that pose for two minutes. Using this secret language will make you feel more confident and powerful, and will also make people perceive you as such. The power pose is going to come in handy throughout this book, especially when we get into the Subliminal al System-- this is what we call the language that will be your secret weapon in making a woman attracted to you.

So do it.

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Try your power pose every morning that you wake up. Wake up big! BTW, I loved that dress! The way you did your makeup this morning blew me out of the water! Thanks for wearing that sundress, you know what I like [wink] What can I say? You made my day!

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Step 2: Compliment her indirectly by saying how it makes you feel Examples:. Bottom line: The greatest compliment is the mysterious compliment. So… how? Step 2: Stop her in her tracks. You want to stop her somewhere coming from the side and a little in front of her, coming at approximately a 40 degree angle.

You want to capture her attention and make her forget about whatever she was thinking about. Step 3: Compliment her. Where did they get them from? And it also gives no undertone of an ulterior motive. As I have mentioned before in some of my YouTube videos, the best compliments are the ones that notice something that a girl has chosen, and is not focused on something that a woman is genetically predisposed to. Let me give you some examples:. Forget about pickup lines. Individual compliments are the way to go.

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I mean, come on. A freaking dog can look nice. A pizza can look nice. That says absolutely nothing. Make it personal.

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Be specific. Look at her. What do you notice about her? What do you like about her? Why do you want to see her naked? You like the way her body looks in her red dress.

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Tell her that. You love her shining blue eyes and long blonde hair. You love her feminine walk. Tell her exactly that. Tell her whatever you think when you see her. Tell her the PG and not the NC stuff. Women Want to be Approached One of the major complaints I hear from women is that they rarely get approached by men, soberly, in the daytime.

They want to be! If you can approach a woman with a genuine interest, that will get you so much farther than approaching her with a cheesy, drunk pickup line. Single women want to be approached in a genuine way and they want to meet awesome, authentic guys. Women are Not Evil Villains Women do not take pride in turning men down. Nothing about that situation makes a girl feel good.

Not all Women are Superficial Some women can be superficial, but most are not. Looks only go so far. They want to be with good men- men who they can trust, and men who trust them.

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Know That This Feeling is Temporary The discomfort of rejection can go just as quickly as it came if you do not let it control you. Get Physical One of the best ways to take your mind off of your suffering is to do something physical. Use your body in a physical way by doing any physical activity that makes you focus on the present moment.

It all depends on the environment and the girl. You may also like.

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Complimenting and flattering the girl that you want to pick up is always a good way to start your conversation.


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Paying a woman a compliment is also the best way of showing your favorite person or best friend that you appreciate them.


For the one you love with the eyes that you fell in love with, the one you can never get tired staring at, the one you wish you could wake up next to.