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A of studies in the s fleshed out the concept of emotional contagion. The idea is that humans synchronise with the emotions of those around them, either unconsciously or consciously. At its most basic level, if someone is happy and smiles at you, the act of smiling back improves your mood.


Try out PMC Labs and tell us what you think. Learn More. Research suggests that humans can communicate emotional states e.

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However, thus far little is known about whether sexual arousal can also be conveyed through chemoals and how these als might influence the receiver. In three experiments, and a subsequent mini meta-analysis, support was found for the hypothesis that men can process the scent of sexually aroused women and that exposure to these sexual chemoals affect the subsequent perceptions and sexual motivation of men.

Specifically, Experiment 1 revealed that men evaluate the axillary sweat of sexually aroused women as more attractive, compared to the scent of the same women when not sexually aroused.

Sexual chemoals: evidence that men process olfactory als of women’s sexual arousal

Experiment 3 found support for the thesis that exposure to sexual chemoals would increase sexual motivation. As predicted, men devoted greater attention to and showed greater interest in mating with women who displayed sexual cues e.

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It is discussed how sexual chemoals may function as an additional channel in the communication of sexual interest and how contextual factors can influence the dynamics of human sexual communication. An accumulating body of research suggests that humans, like other animals, can communicate information by means of olfactory als. The release of chemoals during emotional experiences can function as an additional channel of communication along with other modalities e.

For example, fearful or anxious experiences cause people to release body sweat that activates threat management responses in others e. In this paper, the possibility is explored that female sexual arousal le to the release of an axillary chemoal that can be detected by men, leading to increased sexual interest and sexual arousal. However, thus far there is only limited evidence that sexual arousal produces chemoals that can be detected by the opposite sex.

The showed that sweat released while the men were sexually aroused activated neural substrates involved in the processing of sexual stimuli the hypothalamus and socio-emotional ificance the fusiform area and orbitofrontal cortex in the female recipients Brunetti et al.

Zhou and Chen concluded that the experience of sexual arousal caused males to release sweat that contained a unique, emotion-laden chemoal related to sexual aling. The present studies sought to test whether men could likewise be influenced by the Emotional contagion seduction of sexually aroused women and whether these sexual chemoals would affect the subsequent perceptions and sexual motivation of men.

As a result, men are afforded fewer mating opportunities and therefore bear a greater cost when these opportunities are missed. Specifically, Gelstein et al.

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Another line or research suggests that men can distinguish between the scent samples of women who are high vs. Specifically, the scent of ovulating vs. Thus, it is unlikely that elevated fertility likelihood and sexual arousal produce a common Emotional contagion seduction output. In three experiments, axillary perspiration samples were collected from female donors while they were sexually aroused and at a different time while they were non-sexually aroused; then, male recipients were exposed to each of these scent samples.

Experiment 1 tested the hypothesis that males would evaluate the scent samples of sexually aroused females as more attractive than the non-sexual scents. Specifically, in Experiment 3 it was examined whether exposure to sexual arousal scents would lead males to spend more time viewing photographs of scantily dressed women in seductive poses and report a greater motivation to pursue these women.

Similar to research e. After arriving at the laboratory and receiving a brief introduction to the study, participants were asked by a female experimenter to clean their underarms using fragrance-free wipes e. Large cotton p were then affixed to their underarms using surgical tape, and they were given a new white T-shirt to wear for the experiment. Participants then completed one of the two conditions watching either the sexual or neutral video and returned 7 days later to serve in the other condition. The order of the conditions was randomized. This procedure was used because general physical arousal can produce similar endocrinological reactions as sexual arousal e.

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After the women cycled for 3 min, they were seated in front of a inch computer screen and watched a video for 20 min. In the neutral video condition, participants watched a clip from a documentary about bridge building. In the sexual arousal condition, participants watched a clip of the erotic cult film 9 Songs that portrayed a series of explicit sex scenes between a man and a woman. Finally, participants filled out a demographic questionnaire. At the conclusion of the second of the two sessions, everyone was fully debriefed and paid for their participation.

The five: emotional contagion

The female sweat samples were kept frozen until the next stage of the experiment approximately 1 week after all the female sweat samples were collected, at which point the cotton p were defrosted and presented to males in small opaque airtight glass containers. Male recipients were informed that they would smell and evaluate samples that contained female body scents one quarter of a pad per container; each quarter of a pad was discarded after each laboratory day. After rating all the samples, males completed a demographic questionnaire.

Participants were then fully debriefed and paid for their participation. A one-way repeated-measures ANOVA was used to compare the average intensity ratings of the sexually arousal and neutral sweat samples. The main hypothesis was that males would evaluate the sweat of sexually aroused females as more attractive than their non-sexual sweat. Encouraged by these initial findings, Experiment 2 was deed with two goals in mind: to replicate the of Experiment 1 and to explore the possibility that exposure to the female sexual scent samples would influence the subsequent sexual arousal of the male Emotional contagion seduction.

One consistent theme of the findings on emotion chemoals e.

Contagion effects can serve to tune recipients to emotionally relevant cues e. Thus, it was expected that when exposed to olfactory als of female sexual arousal, males would respond with increased sexual arousal themselves. The procedures and scent evaluation questions for the males in Experiment 2 were slightly different from those in Experiment 1.

Most of these changes were deed to test whether priming males with either the sexual or neutral female scent samples would alter their own sexual arousal. To do this, the scent evaluation task consisted of two parts, which the males completed in a randomized order.

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One part had males rate the six sexual scent samples, and the other part had them rate the six neutral scent samples. Participants were instructed to relax for 3 min between each scent block de Groot et al. The latter dimension was added to Experiment 2 to improve the construct validity of the perceived attractiveness dependent variable.

Like Experiment 1, males then filled out a short demographic questionnaire.

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After that, they were fully debriefed and paid for their participation. Finally, we examined whether the female scent condition would influence the sexual arousal among males. Experiment 2 replicated the scent rating findings from Experiment 1. Experiment 2 also found that females viewing the sexual stimuli reported greater negative affect though no difference was found in positive affect than when watching the neutral video. Experiment 3 sought to extend the main findings from Experiment 2. Greater sexual arousal also le males to overestimate sexual opportunities e.

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This possibility was tested by exposing men to photographs of women with varying degrees of sexually salient cues. The procedures for Experiment 3 scent collection were similar to the studies, except for the stimuli used while collecting the sweat samples from the women. In this experiment, several different types of stimuli were used in an attempt to strengthen the manipulation and test whether sexual arousal induction would generalize beyond the video. Rather than watching only a min video, participants were exposed to four separate stimuli Emotional contagion seduction either all sexual or all neutral content : a short video clip approximately 2 min longa short story approximately wordsan excerpt from a long video clip approximately 20 min longand 20 images.

In the neutral content condition, participants watched a short video clip that portrayed non-sexual contemporary dancing by men and women, read a story about knitting, watched the min neutral clip about bridge building, and viewed 20 images depicting tropical birds. Participants then answered a demographics questionnaire.

How seducers use emotional contagion to attract

After completing both conditions, participants were fully debriefed and paid for their contribution. The prerequisites for participation by males were the same as in Experiments 1 and 2. Experiment 3 had male recipients to complete scent ratings followed by a picture evaluation task and then do so again for the second scent condition. Similar to Experiment 2, the scent evaluation task entailed rating the scent samples in two separate blocks again, with a 3-min break between the blocks : the seven scent samples from the sexual arousal condition and the seven from the neutral condition.

The two blocks were given in randomized order, with the individual scents randomized within each block. The other half of the pictures showed women who were modestly dressed and stood or sat in neutral poses low sexual salience. Importantly, the pilot study see Footnote 4 revealed that participants evaluated the promiscuous group as dressed more revealingly and higher in their perceived receptivity to sexual offers. As a shorthand, these two groups of stimulus photographs are referred to as promiscuous and Emotional contagion seduction targets.

After male recipients completed each scent evaluation block i.

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The target photographs were displayed on a computer screen one at a time, and participants had to click to advance to the next screen when they were finished viewing the photograph. Each target photograph was displayed for a maximum of 10 s. This value was created for each participant by subtracting the amount of time in seconds they spent viewing the promiscuous targets from the time they spent viewing the modest targets, whereby higher scores indicated relatively longer viewing times of the promiscuous targets.

Thus, higher values denoted greater interest in the promiscuous targets. After rating the ten photographs, the males completed the second block of scent ratings for the Emotional contagion seduction scent conditionafter which they evaluated the remaining ten target women the remaining five promiscuous and five modest targets, ordered randomly.

Finally, participants filled out a short demographic questionnaire were fully debriefed and paid for their participation. To simplify the reporting of the manipulation checkthe ratings of the four different types of stimulus content were averaged and evaluated by each female scent donor i. For the first measure of sexual interest, the amount of time participants spent looking at each set of pictures, higher scores denoted relatively longer viewing times at pictures depicting promiscuous targets computed by subtracting the time spent viewing the modest targets.

In line with the hypotheses, the found that recipients exposed to the sexual scent samples spent relatively more time looking at the promiscuous vs. By contrast, the scent prime condition sexual vs. Desire to mate with the promiscuous targets after exposure to the scent samples from both conditions Experiment 3. Experiment 3 revealed a marginally ificant finding that men judged the sexual scents as more attractive than the neutral scents.

Meta-analysis of within-subjects scent evaluation ratings Experiments 1—3 as a function of scent condition sexual vs. The present studies provide support for the hypothesis that men are sensitive to olfactory als of sexual arousal released by women.

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Overall, Experiments 1—3 and a subsequent mini meta-analysis found that men evaluated the scent of sexually aroused women as relatively more attractive. Specifically, men spent relatively more time looking at women who displayed sexual cues, and were more motivated to mate with them. These findings are consistent with numerous studies, showing that emotional states e. The current research expands on the existing literature by showing Emotional contagion seduction olfactory messages may serve as an additional channel of communication between humans, and in relevant mating contexts, sexual chemoals may be released along with corresponding visual and auditory expressions of sexual interest to produce a stronger overall al.

Interestingly, recent research by Hoffmann also found support for the thesis that men can process the scent of sexually aroused women. Specifically, men were exposed to axillary sweat collected from women who were sexually aroused vs. However, this effect was only detected in response to female scents collected during the luteal phase of their cycle, but not their follicular phase.

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