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According to a clinical reviewbreast cancer is now the most common type of cancer for women younger than However, the disease is often diagnosed in its later stages, when it tends to be more aggressive. This means the survival rate is lower and the recurrence rate is higher.


They crossed continents on horseback, mapped mountains, and broke records for deep-sea diving. Chapelle took the advice and sneaked ashore with a Marine unit during the Battle of Okinawa inflouting a ban on female journalists in combat zones. She temporarily lost her military press accreditation but went on to earn a reputation as a fearless war correspondent. They mapped the ocean floor, conquered the highest peaks, unearthed ancient civilizations, set deep-sea diving records, and flew around the world.

Yet in the magazine women were often a side note, overshadowed by famous husbands. Others were ignored by contemporaries. Even world-renowned women of their time, such as 19th-century astronomer Maria Mitchell, struggled to get fair pay.

But even inmany of them are a rarity in their chosen profession. We salute some of our past and present explorers here. First American recognized for discovering a comet by telescope; first woman to work as a professional astronomer in the U.

In the s, residents of Nantucket, Massachusetts, famously kept their Early 20 female trained on the sea, awaiting the return of local whaling and fishing boats. Maria Mitchell turned hers to the stars. Mitchell grew up helping her fatheran amateur astronomer, make complex al calculations for whaling captains, determine eclipse times, and record movements of astral features. At p. Sixteen years earlier, King Frederick VI of Denmark had offered a gold medal to the first person to discover a comet by telescope.

Mitchell claimed the prize. Her discovery and ensuing career made her the first professional female astronomer in the U. Within the year, she was elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences—the first woman invited to. She visited observatories around the world and became an outspoken advocate for women in science, as well as an abolitionist and a suffragist. Mitchell taught astronomy at the newly opened Vassar College, where she studied planets, stars, comets, and eclipses—and fought to be paid the same as her male colleagues.

Maria Mitchell. Ina year before Mitchell died, her brother, Early 20 female Henry Mitchell, helped found the National Geographic Society. This planet, which would be cool enough to have liquid water, is theoretical, but Alam, a graduate student at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, pores over telescopic data in hopes of finding it.

Now the atmospheres of exoplanets are the subject of her academic fascination. When she was 24, Chalmers married Franklin Pierce Adams, and they set off for Latin America, where they covered 40, miles by horse, canoe, foot, and train. When they returned nearly three years later, she gave a lecture at National Geographic and launched a year career as a contributor.

Adams made it her mission to visit every country that was or had been a Spanish colonyand retraced the trail of Christopher Columbus from Europe to the Americas.

How flappers of the roaring twenties redefined womanhood

During World War I, she was the first female journalist allowed to photograph the French trencheswhere she stayed for months. Adams had no professional training as a geographer and Early 20 female never been to college, but her color photo slides and adventurous travel style garnered her invitations to speak around the world, often from organizations that had never invited a woman in before. However, the New York-based Explorers Club gave her and other prominent female adventurers the cold shoulder. Several female explorers decided to form their own club.

In the Society of Woman Geographers launched with Adams as president. She served until moving to France inwhere she died four years later at One roll of film in a high school class hooked Evgenia Arbugaeva, now an acclaimed documentarian of the Russian Arctic. To fully understand her isolated subjects, Arbugaeva spends months or years absorbed in life on the tundra. Her projects include a look at her Arctic hometown.

The team left Panama in a Jeep and a Land Rover and ended up in Colombia four months later, having completed the first motorized crossing from North to South America.

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Her influence on Panama is deeply ingrained. She founded the archaeological research center at the University of Panama, set up scholarships to encourage students to embark on field research, and created departments for Panamanian prehistory, ethnography, and cultural anthropology. After serving as the director of the National Museum of Panama, she helped open six museums and an archaeology park. She successfully pushed for a law that halted the flow of such artifacts abroad.

She was cooking sperm whale harpooned by our year-old son, Arthur. This moment, included in a draft of a story Irving and Electa, or Exy, Johnson co-authored for National Geographic inwas just an average day on the water for the seafaring family. By the time they furled their sails permanently, the couple had made seven circums of the world in two ships named Yankee. They even participated in the search for missing aviator Amelia Earhart in the South Pacific. The couple wrote nine stories and numerous books together, and made three films for National Geographic during more than 40 years at sea.

Irving passed away inand when Exy died in at age 95, she had sailed the distance between the Earth and the moon and back. Their legacy continues in Los Angeles, where kids learn about teamwork and problem-solving aboard two brigantines: the Irving Johnson and the Exy Johnson. Above the water, a group of female scientists ensured that this bold new contraption—called the bathysphere—operated without a hitch.

It was the first serious foray into crewed deep-sea exploration, Early 20 female soon it would be international news. From the boat deck, laboratory assistant Jocelyn Crane Griffin helped identify the marine life.

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At the phone was Gloria Hollister Anable, the chief technical associate for the Department of Tropical Research at what is now the Wildlife Conservation Society, which supported the mission. They bantered throughout. She and Griffin took turns in Early 20 female bathysphere as well. Descending 1, feet on one of those dives, Anable set a Early 20 female for the greatest depth reached by a woman. Her drawings of fantastical marine life—fish with giant fangs, psychedelic crustaceans, a never-before-seen black-skinned fish—made the expedition come alive in National Geographic.

Beebe was mocked for hiring women, but he stuck by his team. After the mission ended, Bostelmann continued to illustrate for National Geographic, and Anable led a scientific expedition to what is now Guyana. In an interview inunderwater explorer Sylvia Earle was asked what inspired her to get into oceanography. In the Cook Islands, where she lives, Jess Cramp is often the only woman aboard when she does research from commercial fishing boats.

As a marine biologist focused on sharks, earning the respect of the crew is crucial to her scientific success. Long before Cramp made it onto a boat, she struggled to find female mentors in the competitive field. The position he recommended—as a secretary for Bradford Washburn, the director of the New England Museum of Natural History—did not appeal to her.

She had married that mountain climber. One year after that, the couple, along with their team, became the first to successfully summit 13,foot Mount Hayes. Bradford was a trained cartographer, and the pair took on ambitious mapping projects. Starting inthey used aerial photography, laser measurement tools, and a wheel-mounted odometer to fully map the Grand Canyon for National Geographic.

The project took seven years and nearly helicopter trips. Into their later years, the Washburns still applied for grants from National Geographic for projects such as a snow-depth survey on Mount Everest.

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Barbara died inseven years after her husband and just two months shy of her th birthday. Male students were off fighting, and universities had desks to fill. Tharp, who already had degrees in English and music, seized the opportunity to study geology, a field that had been hostile to women.

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Together Tharp and Heezen embarked on a bold project: to map the ocean floor. Women were barred from working aboard scientific research ships then, so Heezen used sonar measurements he collected on ocean expeditions, including some funded by National Geographic. In a basement office at Columbia, Tharp transformed the data and measurements from hundreds of other expeditions into maps.

This crack in the Earth convinced the scientific community that the continents had been one landmass, later separated by tectonic movement.

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Backed by the U. Tharp opened a map-distribution business after she retired from Columbia. By then, she finally had made it aboard a research vessel.

How sex drive changes through the years

She died in One of the female scientists dubbed Trimates mentored by anthropologist Louis Leakey; has researched orangutans since the s. Believing women to possess more patience and perception than men, paleoanthropologist Louis Leakey supported three young female scientists to live among the great apes.

The three women, who became known as the Trimates, went on to complete groundbreaking research. When Galdikas first entered Tanjung Puting National Reserve inorangutans were thought to be difficult—if not impossible—to study. More solitary than other primates, they roamed over large areas of dense tree canopy. But before long, Galdikas could spot them in the wild and even get close enough to interact with them. During the first four years of research and nearly 7, hours of observation, Galdikas made major discoveries about orangutans in the wild —gathering details about their diets, travel patterns, and relationships.

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Crucially, she raised an alarm over the deforestation that was fueling the rapid loss of their habitats. Nearly 50 years later Galdikas is still in the field, making her work one of the longest continuous studies of a single species ever conducted.

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She studies human-carnivore conflict with grizzly bears in Yellowstone National Park, lions in Kenya and Tanzania, and black bears in the American Great Basin. In a photograph taken during an expedition to Panama inMarion Stirling gazes at a recently discovered necklace made of some human teeth. Her life had certainly changed sincewhen she took a job in Washington, D.

Marion and Matthew were married a few years later, and Marion began taking night classes in anthropology and geology. It was a colossal Olmec head. Matthew obtained funding from the Smithsonian Institution and National Geographic to excavate the area.

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