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I'm a player that has dedicated a lot of time and effort to Dota as seen on my dotabuff and considered it to be a very big and positive part of my life for years.


Dota 2 ranked matchmaking has been accused of being toxic for a long time now. The game is slowly losing its audience because of the bad behaviors of the in-game players. The community also talks about how normal matches are pretty easy to play. However, players perform aggressively during the ranked matches. Valve itself has taken action against the toxicity in the ranked gaming. Despite this, the community remains toxic and a lot of old players just leave Dota. Regardless of the MMR bracket you are playing a ranked match in, you might always face toxicity in your game. According to the community of the game, the highest rate of toxicity in the game is around 2K to 4K bracket.

However, as you pass this MMR bracket, you start getting better players in your matchmaking who are less toxic. If you are a Dota fan, you have already faced toxicity in your ranked match for sure.

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We can never eliminate that toxicity from the game. However, we can train ourselves to deal with toxicity in the ranked matches. In the following article, we will look at some of the possible ways to deal with toxicity in your ranked Dota 2 matches.

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To be effective in Dota 2, you need to have a different mentality for each different role in the game and in this episode Handsken talks about the correct position 4 mentality. In this episode Nikobaby talks about the mindset that is required to climb as a carry player. No matter how bad the game looks there is always something to do in Dota 2 and if you keep doing the right things, your time will come. If you are playing carry heroes like Dark seer, Doom or Bat rider, team fights look very different so you need to understand how to get the most of out the game.

Teamfighting as a position 4 player comes in many different forms. There are a lot of Dota 2 team matchmaking leaving things you need to be aware of when doing so. Depending on your hero, team composition, and role, you will have to either initiate, counter initiate, or provide value in team fights. In this episode, Cr1t- breaks down the team fighting aspect of position 4. Whenever you queue a ranked match, there are high chances that you might find a player who will be toxic later in the game. However, as you sense toxicity in the game, mute it. Now in this case, there are multiple possibilities.

One of them can be that you are actually having a bad day and your game is not going your way, your teammates start flaming you for feeding. Writing them back or screaming in the mic would never help you get your game back. However, if you just mute the chat and voice as soon as you start hearing the flame, you might get the chance to focus back on your game and play better. Similarly, there can be a possibility that your teammate is not playing good and starts blaming you for his failure.

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In these cases, you might lose your patience and turn your rage mode on. However, muting them and focusing on your own game is the only thing that would help you. Therefore, when you see toxicity is entering the game, the first thing you need to do is, mute it. A game basically becomes toxic when players start blaming each other for losing. If you have already played ranked matches in Dota, you might know that the moment your team loses the momentum, your teammates will start blaming each other. There can be many chances that your team will roast you in it as well. However, in order to stay focused in the game, you have to stop yourself for feeding the trollers.

For sometime, as they stop getting replies from you, they will stop for sure. However, if you get into the fight and become a keyboard warrior, there would be no better for the game. That is why, whenever you feel like your team is trolling you for no good reason, you need to mute them and not give them any answers. Being lighthearted can really help you remove toxicity in your ranked matches.

Although it is a big ask to ignore all the noob stuff going on, you still need to act with patience. Whenever you play a ranked match, just think of your teammates as your friends. This might enrage them and they start feeding intentionally. If you try to become understanding, players might listen to you and keep a soft corner for you as well, later in the game. Therefore, be lighthearted while you are in a ranked match of Dota 2.

Ignore little errors and be understanding with your teammates. Every journey starts somewhere. This is a very strange technique that actually works very well in ranked matches. When you are in the first minute of the game, try using your microphone and talk to your teammates.

As you get responses from your team, discuss the main strategy of the game and they will know that you Dota 2 team matchmaking leaving the knowledge of the match. Later on, even if you make a mistake, they would know that you had another plan for the game.


As you move on in the mid-game, keep in-touch with your teammates as you might need to change strategies multiple times. Even when you try and fail, discuss the failure with your team as well. Your team will surely back you with your plan and will pass some feedback on your mistake. This will definitely reduce the amount of toxicity in the game as all of you players are now talking and playing together. If you are dealing with a lot of toxicity in the game, try playing more with your own friends.

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We know that a party game would not give you the same MMR as a solo game. However, a party game would not surround you with toxicity, and you will actually enjoy your match. Playing ranked matches with friends is highly recommendable as you can always blame your friend for a bad play without making the atmosphere toxic.

By playing ranked matches with your friends would actually give you the feel of the game. You would not feel disgusted after the game and of course, you will enjoy it a lot more.

The long-standing "abandon bug" in dota 2 that valve never fixes

A lot of Dota 2 veterans have left the game due to its toxic ranked match environment. Players have been asking Valve to eliminate the toxicity from the game. Valve has also done a lot of things to remove the toxic players from the game. Players usually face toxicity in ranked matches more. However, ignoring all the bad things going on in your game and focusing on your own game is the best solution.

You can always mute the toxicity coming towards yourself and that is how you deal with it in the best way. One of the biggest challenges that new and low-to-mid rank Dota players face is understanding what to do in the mid-game.

How to deal with toxicity in ranked matches

Steps you need to take in the early game are pretty straightforward, and there are plenty of guides out there that teach you tha. There are 18 teams vying for the Aegis of Champions trophy at The International LGD China's p. When should you attempt to pull as a hard support?

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That is one of the most frequently asked questions amongst new DOTA players - and so today we're going to answer that question. To understand when to pull, we need to break down the safe lane in. After an extended wait that lasted over two years, the 10th iteration of The International is finally upon us. Dota 2's premier championship, where the best teams around the world compete for the biggest prize pool in esports history, begins this wee.

How to get out of low priority in dota 2

As a carry player, your goal in the early game is to farm faster than the enemy carry so you can get online earlier. While the general advice is to 'hit more creeps', farming efficiently is actually not as simple. There are several steps that you.

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Since Dota patch 7. This makes it very easy to send items from the fountain while not worrying about other players on their team.

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However, most people don't utilize their courier to its maximum potential. Just like Aghanim's Shard upgrades, Aghanim's Scepter upgrades have become better and better over the years. This is especially true for core heroes as they can afford them a lot easier than support heroes.

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Like many competitive multiplayer games , Dota 2 penalizes players for prematurely quitting the game.