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The Internet provides many opportunities for creating new relationships through social networking and online dating. However, some websites may be just as effective at destroying relationships. Below are the top 10 websites that can contribute to relationship problems, distress, and sometimes relationship crisis. For some couples, Internet use is a symptom but not a root cause of relationship problems. However, for other couples, compulsive Internet use itself may result in one partner feeling abandoned or ignored. The list below reveals our picks for the top 10 websites that harm relationships, in descending order:.


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Book A Coaching :. There are some reasons that will seem very obvious to you, but after all these years of coaching men and women in these types of situations, I can tell you that there are some other reasons that might catch you off guard.

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Together we will dive into the psychology behind cheating so that you can gain insight on why it might have happened in your relationship, and what you can do to prevent it from happening in the future. I can tell you right now that more often than not, a person will cheat on the one they say they love because they are insecure. As I write this, a very specific example springs to mind. They live in Germany but her husband would need to be in Sweden pretty regularly for work, and he was seeing another woman while he was there.

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It all came to light when Alicia asked him why he had gone off the radar one weekend in fall. His response? She was shellshocked by the news, but also by his matter-of-factness.


He was in his mid 50s, he had lost his high power job, their daughters had gone off to college, and the new job he was supposed to get in Paris fell through. After doing some digging, we were seeing the classic s of a midlife crisis in him.

His ego had taken a blow, he had lost confidence in what he brought to the table, he was not earning money, and quite frankly, he decided to look outside of the relationship with his wife to find a reason to feel desired and excited.

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Unfortunately, the consequences of his actions were severe. The fact that he had been unfaithful was one thing, but the fact that he seemingly had no remorse was another.

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Alicia and I are now working on what she needs in order to feel happy and fulfilled in her own life, so that she can set herself up for a future full of happiness. There are two types of people. One will cheat because of something going on in the relationship, and the other will cheat for reasons that are completely unrelated to the relationship. You can try anything to fix the problem, but they will still cheat.

To help you get a clear picture, let me go over some of the different aspects of cheating behavior. For some people, they will feel the need to look outside of a relationship in order to find something that is missing from their relationship. I often see this happen when two people have been together for a while and the spark between them has started to dwindle. Things start to become routine, monotonous and predictable, and they start to crave the excitement that used to exist in the beginning of the relationship.

Cheating is often a symptom of a problem, but not the problem itself, and relationships are a two way road. Another common reason behind cheating in relationships is when the person who cheats actually feels like their relationship is not solid.

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I often see this type of thing happening when someone has been cheated on in the past. I also worked with someone recently who was cheating on her boyfriend because she was actually suspicious that he was cheating on her! So interestingly enough, sometimes people cheat on the person they love as a defense mechanism against getting hurt. Rebuilding trust in a relationship after it has been broken: Everything you need to know! This point goes hand in hand with what I was saying above about what happens when there is a lack of something in the relationship.

It comes as no surprise that if a relationship becomes basically abstinent and a person still has a sexual appetite, that they might start to think about other people in a sexual way, or that they would perhaps even begin to cheat.

You have to be very clear about your definitions because for some people, flirtation with a member of the opposite sex could count as cheating whereas for others, only sex counts as cheating. Studies are starting to show that there are other, biologic reasons behind infidelity in relationships. Why do some women exhibit repetitive unfaithfulness? Interestingly enough, research has shown that women can exhibit can experience a biological compulsion to stray from their ificant other as well! While most often the reason is rooted in insecurity or feeling like the relationship is lacking in some way, some research is suggesting that in some individuals, cheating is actually linked to surplus or deficits of certain chemicals called oxytocin and vasopressin.

Zietsch, a psychologist College springs IA cheating wives the University of Queensland, Australia, has tried to determine whether some people are just more inclined toward infidelity. In a study of nearly 7, Finnish twins and their siblings who had all been in a relationship for at least one year, Dr. Zietsch looked at the link between promiscuity and specific variants of vasopressin and oxytocin receptor genes. Vasopressin is a hormone that has powerful effects on social behaviors like trust, empathy and sexual bonding in humans and other animals.

So it makes sense that mutations in the vasopressin receptor gene — which can alter its function — could affect human sexual behavior […] His study, published [in ] in Evolution and Human Behavior, found a ificant association between five different variants of the vasopressin gene and infidelity in women only and no relationship between the oxytocin genes and sexual behavior for either sex.

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That was impressive: Forty percent of the variation in promiscuous behavior in women could be attributed to genes. Another thing that this fascinating article highlighted was the fact that cheating is also something that releases dopamine, so someone who begins to cheat can experience a rush that becomes addictive.

Why do people cheat in relationships: exploring the other reasons

There is the sensation of novelty, of excitement, of something being of a forbidden nature, and it can actually give them a high that they begin to crave. Pretty interesting stuff huh? Now, all of this does not give a person with a mutation of the vasopressin gene or the D4 receptor a free pass because we are all still able to make choices.

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At the end of the day, the best way to guard against cheating in your relationship is by learning how to communicate honestly and openly with each other about what you need in order to feel fulfilled in this relationship. Discuss your pasts and any wounds that might be lurking beneath the surface.

Talk about how you can come up with ways to keep your relationship exciting still. Think about how you can build each other up and make each other feel loved and desired. Cheating usually comes from insecurity, neglect, routine broken trust, or the need for a defense mechanism.

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In some cases, it might come from a deeper rooted, biological place. The important thing is to make sure that you can have open, honest conversations with each other and work as a team. If cheating has already occurred in your relationship and you want to know how to heal your bond, you can reach out to me or a member of my team by clicking here!

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How do you know when a relationship is right: The real answer. An affair, or even a single stupid. Have you ever caught yourself waiting for your husband to fall asleep before getting in bed? Or telling white lies to avoid sex? It may. But why happens when trust is broken? What happens when. If you are currently in a situation where you have a boyfriend or a husband, but you have fallen in love with someone else, I. Why do people cheat on the person they love?

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Share on linkedin LinkedIn. Feeling broken after infidelity? Take this quick quiz to see if you can save your relationship, or more importantly, if you should. Get The Latest Updates. Subscribe To Our Weekly Newsletter. No spam, notifications only about news, events and updates. Address. Exact matches only. Search in title. Search in content. Search in excerpt. Related Posts. Take this quick quiz to find out where you stand Prev How to keep a relationship interesting and make it withstand the test of time! Next Emotional cheating: What it is and how you can protect yourself from it!

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Following their discovery, rather than succumbing to their sadness the three young women said they dumped him, saved up money, purchased a school bus and spent over two months renovating it.


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While the Olympics have numerous traditions, perhaps one of its most enduring is cheating.