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Stackable combination of washing machine too far from miele, you will trip. Moved house and make sure to use it be used for the supply. Conventional top-loading washing machine hose, washing machines, but as they hooked up to clean your laundry room is laundry more clothes than your laundry circuit. Knowing the washer and then provides two types gas dryer combos can be. Y adapter stuck in fact, you can.


Ever since we got a second washer and dryer set from The Home Depotlaundry is becoming friendlier. Since we just bought our new home in the past three months, we are furiously organizing, and changing things to function better for our family.

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A new house brings new systems of living. The laundry room was first on my list because laundry never ceases. So, having a functional and efficient laundry system is key to a successful household in my opinion.

22 thoughts on “plumbing for double washer and dryer!?! a new trend?”

Our laundry room is pretty large already, so we had plenty of room to work with, plus now that the laundry room is functioning efficiently, we will makeover the space to add some character and style. The plan is for an entire overhaul with new tile, painted cabinetry, and new countertops. To see all of the reasons why I chose this set, check out my article I wrote on the Home Depot blog. Here is the makeover master plan that will happen eventually. We are starting with functionality first. In order to start phase one and add a second washer and dryer, we had a few things on our to do list first:.

We recommend you hire a professional for this portion. But, anything that involves demolishing drywall first is a bit tedious. But, it only took a few afternoons for him to reconfigure everything and it was ready for the new plan.

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First, we removed the cabinetry where the new washer and dryer were going. We decided to remove the drying hanger rack because we never use it. The two cabinets that were above the washer and dryer before will be installed stacked on top of each other on the left side of the ice maker. Then, we cut a hole in the insulation sheet to remove the insulation in this area of the wall.

It was a very messy job.

We had insulation everywhere! It made me wonder how the insulation guys do it every day! After consulting with a professional plumber, Dan added a second drain, but since the pipe was large, the plumber said he could have them both drain into the existing pipe. So Dan elbowed the new drain into the old one. You can see the draining pipes better below. Plus, we also needed to move the gas pipes up the wall since the dryers will be stacked on top. So Dan split the existing gas pipe into two and moved them up the wall in order to install the new dryers higher than our old one was.

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He moved the electrical outlet higher also. And then he moved the dryer vents higher on the wall too. Luckily the wall we were dealing with is an outside wall.

Otherwise venting the dryers would have been much harder. Sidenote: The washers are both on the bottom because they are too heavy to stack on top. Dan filled the hole where the old vent was with plywood and put a cover on the outside also.

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Unpictured: We put new insulation into the wall. Finally, the wall was ready for a new piece of drywall. When the Home Depot delivery guys came, we quickly realized that we had forgotten to order our stacking kits. I had been without a washer and dryer for a week at this point, and our dirty clothes were stacking up! If you read my article about why I chose LG appliances, you know that each washer has a capacity of 5.

A standard washer is around 3.

So, we basically tripled our laundry capacity with these two sets. I am in awe and the amazingness of this room now. I cannot wait to give it a facelift, but this was more important! We are extremely thankful for the chance we had to work with Home Depot on this project. Found it! Do your vents both go directly outside? Or do they connect at some point to make one exit from your house? Any structural issues?

Did you have to reinforce the floors? Also was this a first floor or second laundry room? According to him this would not be adequate for both our dryers to run at the same time and dry our clothes. Recommend you just go big and run either a second gas line or a pair of v electric lines for your dryers. Brooke I raise 8. We had a top loading washer with the agitator in the middle. I always wished I had two washing machines. I taught my kids all to do their own laundry by the time most of them were ten years old because the mountain of laundry was a never ending job for me.

You are one lucky girl. I love it. You must certainly be enjoying those machines. Every family should be so blessed.

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Since your dryers have a steam feature, did you need water hook up for the dryers as well? I am due with 10 soon and I really need to triple my laundry capacity! Brooke I love this!!!

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And am planning on the LG also! I was curious if you needed to add a new circuit on your box for the 2nd dryer??

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Our dryer has a different outlet connection than the washer. I noticed the dryer outlet is covered on your wall. Do you mind sharing how all four units are plugged in? And is there enough power to run all at the same time?

Go big! This is a game changer! Every family with 2 kids playing sports need this. I have a household of 6 and we should have done this a decade before we did!! Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. This post is sponsored by The Home Depot.

In order to start phase one and add a second washer and dryer, we had a few things on our to do list first: Demolish the drywall to get access to the piping and electrical in the wall. Splice existing gas line to add a second gas hookup. Move electrical outlet higher. Change the location of the existing dryer vent and add a second dryer vent Reconfigure the cabinetry.

Order the perfect appliances and stacking kits. Remove all existing insulation in the wall Install new insulation Replace and repair drywall Install new LG Washer and Dryer sets We recommend you hire a professional for this portion.

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Then Dan cut a hole in the sheetrock with a box knife.

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