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We created an LGBTQIA safer sex guide that understands the true complexity and diversity across gender identities, sexual orientation, attractions…. What does having a vagina mean? Would you ever ask a straight stranger about…. Here's what you should know about what pronouns to use and when.


The University of Rhode Island. eCampus Sakai RhodyNet. Gender and Sexuality Center. URI Home.

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Agender: Not identifying with any gender; the feeling of having no gender. This is a gender identity term Bigender: A self-imposed gender identity term which reflects feeling like both a man and a woman. This can be interchangeable and fluid for many. These markers including internal and external reproductive organs, chromosomes, hormones, and body shape.

Infants are usually ased to a sex category usually male or female at birth on the basis of such characteristics primarily the appearance of the external genitals Bornstein, We therefore use ased sex to refer to the sex deation that appears on birth certificates and other legal documents.

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See also intersex. Cissexism: The assumption of legitimacy and preference for people whose gender identity and biological sex align along the binary. In other words, cissexism assumes that all people identify their gender identity and expression with the sex that they were ased at birth. See heterosexism.

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Demigirl: A gender identity term for someone who was ased female at birth but does not fully identify with being a woman, socially or mentally. Demiguy: Someone who was ased male at birth but does not fully identify with being a man, socially or mentally.

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Epicene: This is a historically-bound term, which indicates a lack of distinction with regard to gender expression. Androgyny is a synonym.

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Often, it has been used to refer to males with feminine qualities. Genderfuck: This can be both a gender identity and gender expression term.

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Moreover, ased sex is determined to be inextricably linked to gender. This serves as the basis to exclude all who do not fit into this spectrum. Harry Benjamin Standards of Care: InHarry Benjamin created the Standards of Care as ethical guidelines for the care and treatment of transsexuals.

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Although many therapists and medical providers still rely on the Standards of Care, the guidelines are often adhered to less rigidly than in the past. People rely on cultural constructions of these to indicate their membership in their sex or gender category.

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Gender Fluid: A gender identity which describes a person who feels as though their gender is changing and dependent upon many factors and circumstances. This is Can man do different identity concept than genderqueer or gender variant. Gender Variant: Someone whose combination of legal sex, birth sex, gender identity, gender expression and perceived gender do not line up according to societal expectations.

This is a gender identity term. Girlfag: A self-identified woman who is attracted to bisexual or gay men. Guydyke: A self-identified man who is attracted to bisexual or lesbian women. Hijra: Culturally connected to South Asia and India in particular, Hijras are biological males who have woman-identified gender identity and expression.

Historically, for more than 4, years, Hijras have lives in well-structured communities together and been led by a guru. Hormone Replacement Therapy HRT : The process of taking hormones to achieve the secondary sex characteristics of a particular sex.

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For example, taking testosterone in order to achieve more male-identified features is a type of HRT. People of Transgender Experience: Used in some parts of the country for people who have transitioned and now identify as man or woman rather than transgender. Sex: It is the deation of the biological differences between females and males.

This is the scientific term for what makes males and females different; remember, though, that not everyone fits into the two of male and female.

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There are a of other different factors that determine sex, not just chromosomes. Transgender was a term that many believe is related to the history of the word transgenderist. Transfag: A transman who is attracted to other self-identified men.

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Transfeminine: A self-identification term for gender identity or gender expression in which a person who is born male does not feel connected to a sense of being a man. Trangenderist: A person who lives full time in the gender of his or her choice different from the body type without desiring gender reasment surgery. Transgenderists may or may not choose to take hormones to permanently alter their appearance. Transition: The process of moving from one gender to another.

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Trans Man: Female-to-male. Trans man refers to an individual who identifies as male. Often the media, police, or scientific community may incorrectly use this language. They will base the individuals identity based on their sex ased at birth and the gender associated with it.

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Transmasculine: A self-identification term for gender identity or gender expression in which a person who is born female does not feel connected to a sense of being a woman. Trans Woman: Male-to-Female. Trans woman refers to an individual who identifies as female. As with trans man, this term is often misused due to ignorance. Trigender: This is a gender identity term that most often means one of two things.

First, a trigender person may feel as though they are not man or woman, but are also not in between those two labels. Second, trigender can also mean a person who feels that they are a blending of three gender identities.

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Tryke: A transwoman who is attracted to other self-identified women. Two- Spirit : A term some Native American cultures use for people whose gender identification includes both male and female.

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Traditionally, two-spirited individuals are respected and celebrated.

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Yet, in Brazil scores of girls are married by 15 and gender-based violence is all too common.


A person who was born male and is living as a man cannot get pregnant.