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Contents [ Hide ]. In this brave new world of readily available cannabis products many questions are sure to arise and unfortunately due to the stigma and scandal cannabis use has been subject to for so many decades there is still a lot of misinformation floating around out there. Now that both recreational and medical cannabis are not only legalized but gaining acceptance with the wider public a lot of common questions are being asked and it can be difficult to cut through the noise to find the real answers. This has led many people who are seeking traditional medical treatment for other health concerns in their lives to wonder if there might not be any risk of harmful interaction between the cannabis products they are using and the medications they have been prescribed. One frequently prescribed medication many people wonder about often is smoking weed on antibiotics. Does marijuana affect antibiotics in a negative way?


Unsurprisingly, this is an increasingly common Google search as more and more people turn to cannabis for their daily form of therapy. Unfortunately, little reliable information is available on the topic. In this article, we discuss everything you need to know about using marijuana while on antibiotics.

Can you smoke weed while on antibiotics?

None of the information herein should be taken as medical advice. An antibiotic is a vague term describing anything that can either kill or stop the growth of microorganisms. Usually, doctors prescribe antibiotics to fight off bacterial infections. Antibiotics come in a variety of forms. Some target very specific types of bacteria, whereas others tackle multiple bacterial strains. This is actually why people can sometimes have problems with antibiotics.

Possible adverse reactions when mixing weed and antibiotics

Some strains of bacteria are good for the body, but some antibiotics can kill off everything in their path. Antibiotic prescriptions are very common in modern medicine. Ever heard of Penicillin? However, frequent use of antibiotics can present problems. Antibiotic-resistant bacteria is an ongoing issue for doctors and researchers. Regardless, antibiotics are still some of the most common prescription drugs in the United States. And the truth is, they help millions of people every year defeat illnesses that would have proved deadly a century ago.

Of course, marijuana use is also very common here in the U. For many people, cannabis is a crutch that supports health, happiness, and general quality of life. But what happens when cannabis users have to take an antibiotic?

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Is it safe to take both at the same time? By and large, cannabis has a reputation as a safe drug — at least in terms of things like toxicity and overdose potential.

Will cannabis reduce the effectiveness of my antibiotics?

In other words, anything you put in your body will invoke some sort of biological response. However, we are somewhat aware of the effects cannabis has on the human body in general. We know, for example, that smoking cannabis can associate with symptoms of bronchitis. We also know that there is a contraindication between cannabis use and acute psychosis.

That said, Dr. Perry Solomon of HelloMD claims that there are no reports to his knowledge of interactions between cannabis and antibiotic medications. There have been no reports that I know of [regarding] interactions between antibiotics and cannabis. So is it safe to use marijuana with antibiotics?

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When in doubt, speak with your physician. That said and as supplemented by Dr. Of course, this is an ongoing concern for medical cannabis use in general; we are still suffering from a shocking lack of research.

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That said, it is possible that the physical act of smoking cannabis may irritate parts of the respiratory system that are prone to bacterial infection. In a situation such as this, it would hypothetically be possible for cannabis use to affect the activity of antibiotic medications. Unnatural, harmful chemicals put into your food by some big company. On the contrary, edibles are typically safe to consume — you can even make them in your own kitchen.

Does marijuana affect antibiotics?

In fact, a good cannabutter or infused cannabis olive oil can be used to cook virtually anything. People are increasingly using CBD oil and other forms of cannabis oil as a natural form of pain relief. Oils are also known to work well for things like anxiety, inflammation, sleep issues, and day-to-day stress. CBD oil encourages your body to produce its own endocannabinoids, which may play a role in the functioning of a healthy immune system.

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In other words, there is the possibility that CBD oil and other cannabis oils might work to improve immune health, thereby reducing the need for antibiotic medications. Of course, there is no research to currently back this idea up. Cannabis use does not appear to have adverse effects when consumed along with antibiotics.

Can you smoke weed while on antibiotics?

Of course, be sure to speak with a doctor before continuing normal marijuana use along with a round of antibiotic drugs. Doctors are generally there to look out for your best interest, so be open about your cannabis use.

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Laslty, it never hurts to do your own research and consider all the facts. We reiterate the fact that the information in this article is purely informative, and should not be taken as medical advice.

Using marijuana while on antibiotics… is it safe?

Whenever one consumes more than one drug at a time, drug-drug interactions are always a possibility. A given drug can interfere with both the absorption and metabolism of another drug. While there are not many reports of such interactions between CBD and various antibiotics, one should be aware that the possibility does exist. A system of enzymes in the body known as the P system is responsible for metabolizing CBD.

Drugs that cause P drug interactions are known as either inhibitors or inducers of these enzymes.

Is it safe to consume cannabis while taking antibiotics?

When one consumes an inducing agent with another medication, the dosage of the other medicines may need to change since the rate of metabolism is increasing, and the effect of the medication is reducing. This can lead to a therapeutic failure of the medicine. Conversely, if a medication is taken with an agent that inhibits its metabolism, then the drug level can rise and possibly result in a harmful or adverse effect.

It is also accessible through the U. Understanding which antibiotics are inducers and which are inhibitors is the job of your physician, so it is always important to consult a physician if you are using CBD and plan on taking an antibiotic or an antifungal medication. A list of drugs that are categorized as inducers or inhibitors is provided here. WayofLeaf use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.

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Medically reviewed by Dr. Daniel J Isaacman. Written by Sam Eskenazi, B. Not exactly. Table of Contents.

Can you smoke cannabis while taking antibiotics?

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For instance, overuse can lead to the development of stronger, more resistant bacteria.