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Sober October is a Crash Diet. Giving something up abruptly makes it More Tempting. Learn more. This person, who we usually feel an instant connection with, may compliment us, challenge us, and awaken us to our higher purpose here on Earth. The Buddha famously bucked conventional Indian wisdom when he proclaimed that the atmansoul, did not actually exist.


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First time posting to reddit. It seems to not be discussed often. Also how would they tie to the concepts of non attachment to self? It's pretty difficult to have a soul mate if there is no soul. Nevertheless the Jatakas contain hundreds of stories in which the Buddha and Ananda as well as others were companions of sorts in lives not limited to human births.

In the Samajivina Sutta a couple tells the Buddha that not only do they want to be together in this life but in the life to come. Rather than deny the possibility the Buddha instructs them in what they must do to make that happen. You can read it for yourself here.

What the buddha said about soulmate relationships

There is a text in the Pali Canon or somewhere that says if you live virtuously with someone you love you can meet them again in the next life. This one - Samajivina Sutta: Living in Tune. Then they will see one another not only in the present life but also in the life to come. Well, we don't believe in the soul, so from a literal perspective, we don't believe in the soul mate either. We don't believe in the metaphorical interpretation either.

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It's false and unrealistic to expect one other person to be 'perfect' for you. No real human can live up to the perfect ideal in your head. People are complex and flawed, and if you want a real, healthy relationship, you can't expect perfection. Romantic relationships can easily cause attachment. For this reason, monks and nuns are don't have sex and don't otherwise form intimate relationships.

There is a story about a couple that had been together in many past lives and were the parents of many of the Buddha's past lives as well. When they meet, the couple says to the Buddha "will you not say hi to your parents? So the Buddha explains to them what I said at the beginning. Can't remember which sutta it belongs to though. Asked by his monks for an explanation of this somewhat bizarre Buddhism and soulmates, the Buddha recalls that the couple had actually been his parents in five hundred of his births.

The story is cited not just to make a point about the close relationship of Father and Mother Nakula to the Blessed One, but about their intimate fidelity to each other that kept them together through so many lifetimes.

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Indeed it is this relationship that the Buddha underscores in declaring them to be the foremost of his disciples in faithfulness. The power of these bonds is illustrated in another story, which is interesting as another example of lay values: towards the end of Buddhism and soulmates life, Father Nakula becomes deathly ill, and is worried about the fate of his wife should he pass away before her.

How will she cope when he is gone? So powerful are these assurances that they act as a tonic for her husband who, rather than pass away, revives to live on with his wise and loyal spouse. But there is something else that holds them together: their common faith. This, in fact, is what is said to cement their bond, and the Buddha predicts that their mutual faith, virtuous behavior, generosity, and wisdom will keep them together not only in the present but in future lives to come as well.

The 10 elements of a soulmate

John S. It seems like a lot of attachment to one particular person. If it was true that you were meant to do great things together then you will, and if it wasn't meant to be then it wont happen.

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In the mean time don't try to predict the future of your relationship with someone. Just exist in the moment with them and let whatever comes come.

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Don't worry about defining the relationship so much and holding your relationship to the standard of "soulmates" can add a lot of pressure to make sure everything always works out but it might not and thats okay too! Some fluxes vibe in resonance with one another thereby resurfacing in harmony.

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This is not a random phenomenon, it can be conditioned. AN Found the internet!

Was the buddha wrong about soul mates?

Buddhist beliefs on soulmates? Posted by 3 years ago. Sort by: best. Are you saying this from experience?

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Continue this thread. If possible check my recent post on the concept of rebirth. More posts from the Buddhism community. A reddit for all kinds of Buddhist teachings. Created Mar 25, Top posts april 23rd Top posts of april, Top posts Back to Top.

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The Buddha himself said very little about soulmate relationships or marriage because due to his culture he focused on monasticism.


When we feel safe enough to open the locks, our truest selves step out and we can be completely and honestly who we are.


A reader passed this quote on to me this morning:.