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Twenty-five years ago this month, Batman Forever was playing in multiplexes and it was hard to leave your house without being reminded of that fact roughly every 90 seconds. Then there was the soundtrack. Tim Burton brought in Prince to create music for Batman in with tremendous success, and Siouxsie and the Banshees to create music for Batman Returns in with much less success. It topped singles charts all over the globe, but stalled at 16 on the Hot in America.


Kiss from a rose

It was a fairly big hit at the time, and in '90s soundtrack tradition, doesn't have much to do with the movie -- it was originally written for the "Zooropa" album. The video directed by Kevin Godley and Maurice Linnanethough, had a lot to do with Batman, featuring not only clips from the film but also animated versions of Bono's puzzling mid-'90s alter egos, "The Fly" and "Mr. MacPhisto," cavorting in Gotham City.

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The song is pretty good and it's hard to imagine any combination of notes sounding more authentically " Things change course pretty sharply with the second track of the album. Starkly minimalist compared to the bombast of the opening"One Time Too Many" wouldn't feel out of place in the indie scene of today, even if it's harder-edged than what you'd expect from a movie with a character named "Gossip Gerty.

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Brandy's pre-"Moesha" teen pop career was in full bloom in the summer ofjust a few months after tunes like "I Wanna Be Down" made it big. This is the big one right here.

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Not only does "Kiss From a Rose" stand as Seal's biggest hit, it has transcended from a song on a soundtrack to a Batman movie to one of the greatest ball of the 20th Century, despite somewhat ambiguous lyrics. And the fact that the video is filled with "Batman Forever" imagery that doesn't really match the content of the song in any way makes the whole experience that much richer.

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As the wonderful and unfortunately dormant website X-Entertainment put it: "Poor Seal. He stood there trying his damnedest to turn the song into our generation's hallmark ballad, and just when he gets the right mix of despair and lovesickness on his face This song rules.

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Well, it's about love and stuff and Bruce Wayne had a love interest, Nicole Kidman's character "Chase Meridian," a character created specifically for the movie. So there you go.

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A Smokey Robinson cover by the preeminent trip hop group of the era and one-half of Everything but the Girl. This soundtrack is nuts. Not every song on this soundtrack has obvious ties to the content of "Batman Forever," but Method Man's contribution -- bringing some welcomed hip-hop to the affair -- stands apart from the pack.

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Not only does the title make the inspiration clear, the lyrics reference the Dark Knight, Gotham and the Batmobile. Sunny Day Real Estate was one of the pioneering bands of the emo genre, and the producers of the "Batman Forever" soundtrack were apparently all over that blossoming scene.

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The band only released two albums before their initial breakup, and this song hit right in the middle. Who better to end things on an appropriately weird note than The Flaming Lips?

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Two years after mainstream breakthrough "She Don't Use Jelly," "Bad Day" closes the soundtrack with a four-and-a-half minute romp involving daydreaming about murdering your boss. He's written about comic books professionally for more than a decade, and has been a dedicated fan of the medium since learning to read via his older siblings' Archie digests left lying around the house. Follow him on Twitter at albertxii and feel free to reach out for any press inquiries or comments on the site though polite ones are always preferredor to simply tell him you agree that Spider-Man 3 was tragically misunderstood.

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Only five of the songs are actually featured in the movie.


Cast your mind back to , and the release of the hit movie, Batman Forever.