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As young people move from early to late adolescence, they develop both physically and psychologically, which also includes their sexual development. During this time, teens experience and explore different feelings and behaviours as aspects of their sexual growth.

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Many young people may not become sexually active until their late teenage years Fisher et al. At this time, teenagers receive different information from parents, peers, social media and the internet about sex. How young people approach their sexual development is personal, and so understanding their own sexuality and making informed decisions about their behaviours is essential for healthy sexual development into adulthood Frayser, Parents and schools can play a pivotal role to enable a supportive environment so that teenagers can explore their feelings and behaviours in a respectful way for themselves and towards each other Albert, ; Department for Education and Child Development, ; Dittus et al.

This important period in young people's sexual and psychosocial development - and the supportive role that parents and schools can play - is increasingly recognised with the delivery of respectful relationships education in schools and other child-focused settings. This chapter provides a snapshot of insights into sexual experiences and behaviours of teenagers aged years. This includes sexual attraction Australian sexting numbers relationships, sexual intercourse, contraception choices, pornography viewing, and unwanted sexual behaviours. From late childhood into early adolescence, many teenagers start to explore and discover their sexuality and who they are attracted to.

Throughout this time teenagers can also start dating.

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In adolescence, sexual attraction and feelings are not always aligned - an adolescent primarily attracted to girls may also have sexual contact with boys and may or may not identify as heterosexual, lesbian, gay, bisexual or other sexual-orientation groups e. At the age ofLSAC study participants K cohort, were asked, 'Which of these statements best describes your sexual feelings at this time in your life:.

Note: Sexual orientation might change as children grow up, but year olds were not asked who they were attracted to. Adapted from the Ten to Men study, Wave 1 In Wave 6, when the LSAC K cohort children were agedthey were Australian sexting numbers if they currently have a boyfriend or girlfriend. At agestudy children were asked if they currently have a boyfriend or girlfriend, and whether they had gone out with anyone since their last LSAC interview. From years old LSAC young people were asked whether they had a boyfriend or girlfriend.

Figure 5. While the majority of LSAC children at age reported having a boyfriend or girlfriend, a much smaller proportion reported being sexually active. In Waves 6 and 7 of LSAC, when the K cohort children were aged andthey were asked if they had ever had sex with the question specifying 'by sex we mean sexual intercourse '.

Sexting: what does the research say?

Those who said they had had sex at least once were asked how old they were the first time they had sex. At Wave 7 interview, Ten children were aged 18 at the time of their Wave 7 interview. In Waves 6 and 7 of LSAC, study participants in the K cohort aged and who reported having sex at least once were asked about the methods they had used to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections the last time they had sex. In the question about methods used to prevent pregnancy, the options at age Wave 6 were: 'None', 'Birth control pills', 'Condoms', 'Other' and 'Not sure'.

At Wave 7 agea wider range of options was provided that included 'None', 'Birth control pills', 'Condoms', 'Morning after pill', 'Contraceptive implant', 'Contraceptive injection', 'Intrauterine device IUD ', 'Diaphragm', 'Vaginal ring', 'Other', and 'Not sure'. In the question Australian sexting numbers methods used to prevent sexually transmitted infections, the options were the same at ages and 'None', 'Condoms', 'Other' and 'Not sure'.

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Among teenagers who were sexually active, the majority were using either condoms or birth control pills to prevent pregnancies; and most were taking precautions to prevent sexually transmitted infections STIs Table 5. Notes: na - not asked.

Sexting: what does the research say?

Due to very small s of observations, for methods used to prevent pregnancy, the following were not reported even at aggregated level: Contraceptive injection, Intrauterine device IUDDiaphragm, Vaginal ring. This finding highlights the importance of sex education in schools that covers aspects of safe sex by understanding what is preventing young people from using contraception to prevent unplanned pregnancies and STIs. While viewing pornography might be part of young people's sexual experience, what is concerning is the wrong message it can give to young people about control, pleasure and physical aggression.

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They were asked:. Items on the age of first viewing pornography and frequency of pornography viewing were adapted from the Burnet Institute Big Day Out Study According to the LSAC data, at ageificantly more boys than girls had intentionally viewed pornography in the past 12 months; that is, almost three quarters of boys but only one in three girls saying they had viewed pornography in that time Figure 5. Boys also reported viewing pornography far more frequently than girls:.

Among those who reported viewing pornography intentionally, the vast majority said that they usually did so alone. While Australian sexting numbers was less common for girls than boys to intentionally watch pornography; among those who did, it was more common for girls than boys to say that they viewed pornography with a partner or with friends:.

Boys also start viewing pornography at a younger age than girls. Where confidence intervals for the groups being compared do not overlap, this indicates that the differences in values within each category are statistically ificant. It is normal for young people to express their sexuality to others, but not all sexual behaviours are wanted or welcomed.

As a teen, the experience of unwanted sexual behaviours can impair romantic relationships.

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At agethe LSAC study children were asked about their experiences of unwanted sexual behaviours, both of being harassed themselves and whether they had sexually harassed someone else adapted from Clear et al. More specifically, they were asked how often, in the 12 months prior to their LSAC interview, they had:.

Of those who reported having engaged in unwanted sexual behaviour, most said they had done so once or twice. How often boys viewed pornography at age was also associated with unwanted sexual behaviours Figure 5. Where confidence intervals for the groups being compared do not overlap, this indicates that the differences in values between age in the left graph and between frequencies of viewing pornography in the right graph are statistically ificant.

Adolescence is an important time developmentally for teenagers in regard to their sexual behaviours and relationships. As teenagers start exploring their sexual feelings and behaviours, they are likely to start dating - one in seven teenagers aged reported having a boyfriend or girlfriend while two out of three reported being in a relationship by age By the age ofaround one in three had engaged in sexual intercourse.

Estimates based on LSAC data show that most teenagers who were sexually active said they had used a condom to prevent sexually transmitted infections the last time they had sex; and research has shown that Australian secondary students are largely engaging in responsible behaviours and that they are accessing a diverse array of educational sources to learn about STIs Fisher et al. However, of year olds who were sexually active, around one in five said that they had done nothing to prevent sexually transmitted infections and around one in 12 said that they had done nothing to prevent pregnancy the last time they had sex.

Almost half of girls aged and almost one third of boys said that they had experienced some form of unwanted sexual behaviours in the past 12 months; and one in 13 girls and one in eight boys Australian sexting numbers having sexually harassed someone else during that time. Reports of engaging in unwanted sexual behaviours were ificantly higher among boys who had viewed pornography for the first time before the age of 13, and those who viewed pornography daily at the age of Boys were much more likely than girls to have intentionally viewed pornography, and among those who did view pornography, boys did so much far more often than girls.

More than half of boys aged and one in seven girls had viewed pornography before the age of Improvements to internet downloading speeds and the use of handheld smart devices have made accessing pornography easier, faster and Australian sexting numbers anonymous. Children and young people are accessing pornography at increasing rates, with boys aged years being the most common underage consumers of pornographic material Campo, This chapter has provided insights into the sexual behaviours of teenagers, as well as their experiences with unwanted sexual behaviours and pornography.

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It highlights that it is important to have supportive conversations with children to empower them to make informed decisions about their sexual behaviours. For example, school sexual health education programs can support teenagers, using a whole-school approach to address respectful relationships, sexual orientation and navigating the online environment including sexting and pornography.

A bad business: Legal definition of sexual harassment. Sydney: AHRC.

5. teenagers and sex

Retrieved from www. Albert, B. A Periodic National Survey. Retrieved from success1st. Bendixen, M. The effects of non-physical peer sexual harassment on high school students' psychological well-being in Norway: Consistent and stable findings across studies. International Journal of Public Health63 1 Campo, M. Retrieved from aifs. Clear, E. R, Coker, A. Sexual harassment victimization and perpetration among high school students.

Violence Against Women20 10 Department for Education and Child Development. Responding to problem sexual behaviour in children and young people: Guidelines for staff in education and care settings. Dittus, P. Parental monitoring and its associations with adolescent sexual risk behavior: A meta-analysis.

Pediatrics6ee Fisher, C. Frayser, S. Defining normal childhood sexuality: An anthropological approach. Annual Review of Sex Research5 1 Furman, W. Australian sexting numbers rocky road of adolescent romantic experience: Dating and adjustment. Engels, M. Stattin Eds. New York: Wiley.

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The role of romantic relationships in adolescent development. Florsheim Ed. Marston, C. Factors that shape young peoples' sexual behaviour.

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The Lancet, Meier A.

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Some people like to use sexting as an expression of their sexuality, but it's important to be aware of the risks involved so that you can be fully informed before deciding to press send.


Recent research suggests that more young adults engage in sexting than teenagers and those who sext regard it more positively than those who don't.


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