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As many international destinations are facing the fourth wave of COVID or are still keeping their borders closed, many people are wondering if Puerto Rico is safe for travel right now. I hope it helps you to comfortably explore all the many beautiful places to visit in Puerto Rico.


Added: Tysen Archie - Date: Try out PMC Labs and tell us what you think. Learn More. Rodriguez-Trias, a nationally known advocate for underserved communities, was awarded the Presidential Citizens Medal by President Clinton in January for her work on behalf of children, women, people with AIDS, and the poor. This article is based on a dialogue with Rodriguez-Trias that began in September and ended December 12, As a pediatrician, she strove to meet the health needs of the poorest children, from San Juan to the South Bronx.

Rodriguez-Trias may be best known, however, for her pivotal role in the women's health movement. Rodriguez-Trias's strong grounding in her Puerto Rican nationality shaped all her work. She was born in New York City in When she was still an infant, her family returned to Puerto Rico, where she spent her first 10 years.

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Inwhen she was 10 years old, her family moved back to New York City. There wasn't the kind of separatist racism like in the US. I wasn't used to this. One day I was called upon to recite a poem, and I knew the poem by heart. It wasn't the grades. I might have just as well gone down the tubes academically if that teacher hadn't moved me out of that class. This is an example of how pivotal teachers are. So many children are misplaced, tracked, or put in environments that don't foster learning.

In the US, this was almost an impossible dream. We were really struggling. My mother was not able to get a teacher's in New York, as bilingualism was considered a handicap. She took in boarders to pay the rent.

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She decided that I should go to Puerto Rico to study because there was a very good scholarship system there. Nationalist leader Don Pedro Albizu Campos, who had Any honest women in the San Juan area been released after serving 10 years in a US jail, was invited to speak by the student council.

Any honest women in the san juan area

But the university president would not allow it. There were about students on campus, and we all went on strike. The president closed the university for 2 months. Then my brother, who was helping me with college expenses, said if I were in a political movement he would no longer help me. So I left school and went back to New York.

I got married and had 3 children in quick succession. It was 7 years before I went back to Puerto Rico and returned to school. She graduated from medical school in at the age of 31, completed her residency at University Hospital in San Juan, and then returned to New York City.

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Rodriguez-Trias became the director of pediatrics at Lincoln Hospital ina time of social upheaval in the largely Puerto Rican community served by the hospital. At the same time, the Pediatrics Department contained young doctors who, while innovative and progressive, were not all equally sensitive to Puerto Rican culture. Rodriguez-Trias was able to bridge the gap. She backed the community's call for social change while attempting to sensitize her staff.

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There's no discourse. It would be written up as an appendectomy. Women from the US used to go to Havana to get abortions.

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There were large abortion clinics there that were doing very well. While doing her internship, Rodriguez-Trias saw a mother of 5 children die from a botched abortion. These inequities, and the way gynecologists and obstetricians treated all women, bothered her a great deal. I became part of the women's movement in October at an international meeting on abortion rights attended by several thousand women and held at Barnard College in New York City. What was the women's health movement? Begun 30 years ago, this movement changed the way many women and practitioners think about women's health and medical care.

The very early drafts of Our Bodies, Ourselvesby the Boston Women's Health Collective, which was seminal in all this, said we need to know our bodies, we need to know what makes us healthy and what threatens our health, and we need to negotiate or confront the health care system to get the best possible health from it.

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This was one reason why cesarean section rates were going up. This didn't necessarily respect women's wishes regarding childbearing or other issues. The only way to effect change was for more women to go into the professions and instill a different perspective—a more human touch and a more respectful relationship with patients.

I saw this happen in many many forums. The women of color would state their positions, and it would become another meeting.

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You really had to deal with the inequities. In the United States, African American, Puerto Rican, Chicano, indigenous, and poor women have been more likely to be sterilized than White women from the same or higher socioeconomic classes. Byin a year period, a third of the women of childbearing age had been sterilized in Puerto Rico. Rodriguez-Trias helped create both the Committee to End Sterilization Abuse and the Committee for Abortion Rights and Against Sterilization Abuse, which were among the groups instrumental in bringing about federal sterilization guidelines in Their struggle was opposed even within the women's movement.

She described what happened when this issue came up at a Boston conference inattended by thousands of women.

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We brought up the Relf suit, brought on behalf of 2 Black, allegedly retarded Any honest women in the San Juan area, Minnie Lee Relf, age 12, and Mary Alice Relf, age 14, who had been sterilized without their knowledge or consent in a federally funded program in Montgomery, Alabama.

She ed the consent form with an X because she couldn't read and write. The case went to federal court, which said there was incontrovertible evidence that sterilization abuse was taking place, that some sterilization abuse was being subsidized by the government, and ened HEW [US Department of Health, Education, and Welfare] to come up with guidelines to prevent sterilization abuse. Rodriguez-Trias was among those who brought this and other cases before a panel at the Boston meeting.

They therefore opposed a waiting period or any other regulation that they interpreted as limiting access. The women's movement has been successful only to the extent that it shares experience, finds common ground, and fights for the same thing. We had to listen to each other; we had to find out each other's reality. For example, I had a professional salary. I didn't know what it's like to live on welfare. Her work on sterilization abuse led Rodriguez-Trias to public health. We sat on the floor, mostly strangers to each other.

A few were in the uniform of officers of the Public Health Service, mostly nurses, some physicians. Some wore the bright, eclectic fashions of the counterculture. Maybe one tenth were Black and Latino women, more than I was used to seeing in feminist gatherings.

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We voiced a determination to organize and contribute to the changes we all felt were needed. I ed because I felt it was the leading public health organization. I became a member in and have been active ever since. APHA has always provided a home for people in public health with a broad view of what public health is. Public health is really about people's life conditions and how these conditions do or do not promote health.

APHA is committed to equity and ending all barriers, and has always been committed to civil, human and health rights.

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It's a wonderful place for women to be. Rodriguez-Trias focused her work on health policy, access to care, and integration of all aspects of reproductive health in programs serving women. She was also a consultant in health programming for agencies and foundations addressing the needs of such populations as HIV-infected individuals, women, children, and adolescents.

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Much has been done in the area of women's health. There are now more women practitioners and researchers than ever before, yet the health of women and children is not ificantly improving. Take welfare reform and the pressure not to have additional children. That is a not-so-subtle coercion. Lack of access to abortion services may also push women to get sterilization. We stopped funding abortion services for low-income women recipients of Medicaid. Sterilization is a more contextual and complex phenomenon as it now applies to lower-income women and women of color.

In puerto rico, justice sonia sotomayor encourages women, students

The latest census tells us that there are over 44 million Americans without health insurance. That is inexcusable. We cannot achieve a healthier us without achieving a healthier, more equitable health care system, and ultimately, a more equitable society.

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Her perspectives and politics help us shape and sharpen our women's health analysis. She is a national treasure.

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Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor addressed a standing room only audience of students and women entrepreneurs on Friday, encouraging them to own their mistakes, be unafraid to ask for help and be fearless in the pursuit of their dreams.


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