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Do you like getting jackhammered till your hole is raw? We heard you loud and clear: Our community survey got hot and heavy last month with a variety of responses to our questions about pain and anal sex.


Many women and men sometimes have pain during anal sex. The partner who is being penetrated is most likely to experience some pain. So only do it if you're feeling relaxed. And stop if it hurts. With anal sex, it's important to relax your anal sphincter. When you're relaxed, a finger, penis or dildo can go in. The size of it in particular plays a role. The thicker the penis or dildo, the more difficult it is to have pain-free anal sex.

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Always use a lubricant. Do you suffer from pain, irritation or itching in your anus? Or have you noticed bright red blood on the toilet paper?

How does it work?

Maybe you have an STI or haemorrhoids piles. Talk to your doctor about this. Don't have anal sex if it hurts or if you bleed.

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Home Sex Sexual problems Painful anal sex. Sexual problems. Painful anal sex. What causes the pain? How does it work?

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This is how to avoid pain during anal sex. Bleeding and pain in the anus. Your anal sphincter is not relaxed. You are being penetrated too deeply. Take your time until both of you are aroused. A few deep breaths can help. Start by fingering or licking the anus.

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Press gently on the anal sphincter; this relaxes the internal sphincter. That makes it easier to have anal sex. Use sufficient water-based or silicon-based lubricant. Build up the pace gradually. Ask your sex partner if it feels good. Try out different positions. Having anal sex is easier when your hips are tilted. Lie on your side with bended knees, or go on your hands and knees. In men, deep penetration stimulates the prostate and the muscles surrounding the rectum. If this feels uncomfortable, don't let your partner penetrate you so deeply. Want to know more? All about anal sex. Are you a man who has sex with men?

Read all about anal sex on mantotman. Also look at Not in the mood for sex. Always in the mood for sex. Not lubricated. No erection. Trouble reaching orgasm. Coming too soon. Pain during sex — women. Pain during sex — men.

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Not in the mood for sex. Are you not always in the mood for sex, and is that a problem? Don't worry, it happens to many women and men. Find out what to do about it here.

What causes the pain?

. Are you worried you may be obsessed with sex? Do you think you have a sex addiction? Find out here if that's really true and what to do about it.

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Sometimes your vagina is too dry for sex. So something going into your vagina isn't pleasant. Read here why this happens and what you can do about it. It's annoying when you can't get or keep an erection. What causes that?

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And what can you do to make sure you have an erection? Read all about it here! Sometimes women, or even men, find it difficult to reach orgasm. It takes too long or doesn't happen at all. Why is this and what can you do about it? Veel jongens komen sneller klaar dan ze willen.

Hoe komt dat? Wat is eigenlijk te vroeg? En hoe kan je het klaarkomen uitstellen? Lees het hier op Sense.

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A lot of women sometimes experience pain during sex. Stop if it hurts!

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Sex shouldn't be painful. What is causing the pain and what can you do about it? Sometimes men experience pain during sexual intercourse. Don't suffer in silence. What causes pain when you have sex? Looking for help?

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If you're curious about anal sex, you're far from alone.


As more couples explore this type of sex, understanding the risks, rewards, and proper strategy is important.


A little prep work and some patience could mean the difference between pleasure and pain when it comes to backdoor fun.


Anal sex can be very pleasurable for people of all sexes and genders, but for many, it is uncomfortable.