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Alex Cross is a detective with the Metropolitan Police Department who has a psychology degree from Johns Hopkins specializing in abnormal psychology and forensic psychology. The first book in the series, Along Came a Spider, was published in and new books have been delivered on a regular basis since then. Patterson has also written several spin-off novels from this series.


Deadly CrossAlex Cross 28, Written by the well-known mystery author James Patterson, the Alex Cross books are among the most popular mystery series written to date, many of which have been made into acclaimed movies, including Kiss The Girls with Morgan Freeman playing Alex Cross and Ashley Judd.

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Currently, there are 28 main books in the series, with the latest one, The People vs. Alex Crosspublished in I remember loving everything about the first book: the writing style, the main character, the action, the hidden clues, pretty much everything. Alex Cross, better-called dr. Alex Cross is a forensic psychology specialist and a psychologist who started out working as a detective at the Washington DC police department, eventually transitioning after to the FBI as a senior agent. Initially, he was working as a psychologist, but after his wife got murdered, his life changed full direction with him focusing, from then on, on tracking killers and bringing them to justice.

I remember reading the first few books and loving the titles, which were used from lines from popular kids nursery rhymes. At some point, however, he started giving this book titles names based on the main character of the series, Alex Cross.

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After Mary, Mary, the next book, Cross, is the first that adopts the new title style. From then on every single new novel has his name somewhere within the title.

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What really drew me in from the very first book are the writing style and the short chapters which can satisfy even those with the shortest attention span ever. By the time you start reading, the chapter is already over. And even more so, none of the chapters are boring. You find yourself flipping the s and zipping through the story just to see what comes next.

The Alex Cross books are really some of my most favorite mystery novels ever. Some people say that at some point his novels got repetitive, but personally, I did feel a uniqueness in each book. Sure, the main plot is about the same: Killer does his abducting and killing deeds, Alex Cross gets on the job of tracking down said serial killer, Alex Cross and killer finally meet and eventually one party you can guess which wins, often with serious battle scars.

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In one of the latest Alex Cross story, The People vs. He is on trial for killing two people and severely injuring a third one. However, as many people say, the journey is more interesting than the destination. Alex Cross was probably one of my most favorite ones, next to the very first one James Patterson has ever written, Along Came a Spider and Kiss the Girls.

Here is the chronological order of the James Patterson Alex Cross books with the publication date of each book at the end of the book just after the series reading order. This is one mystery series that I can say, without even thinking about it, that yes, you should read them in order, despite the fact that pretty much all novels start and end with a separate story from other books in the series. There are many Alex cross novels james patterson events that occur in his personal life, and reading the books out of order might prove to be confusing at times.

So do yourself a favor and start the Alex Cross series in order, from the very first book. You will not be disappointed. Read below or add a comment She moved to Seatle, never visited Alex, jr fo 7 months, then not again till 6mos later. Please can anyone help I am looking for 2 books in the series cross kill and detective cross I so want to read the books in order I will happily pat the postage and will even post them back if anyone has them to lend have tried every were to get them but stuck in lockdown and Car nt get them can anyone help this 80 year old pensioner thanks everyone kath.

Terri P says: March 28, at To: Kath. COYLE says: looking for 2 books during lockdown. If so, and if you have a valid library card or can get one you can check the books out from home for your e-reader and return them from home too, or let them automatically return. I check out books and audiobooks constantly for my kindle fire, ummmm…probably a year.

Alex cross

Hope this helps!! Read All 27 books.

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Reading in order is a must! Alex, Bree, Damon. JannieAliNanaMama and Sampson become part of your family. Looking Forward to the next books in the series. I have read them all and in their order too.

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I started reading them when his first Alex Cross book and as soon as the next one was there—I was there as eell. First I had read the books. Then later on I had read them in order. I liked it better when I did read them in order.

I can not wait for more. There seems to be a problem with obtaining his Mr. All the Big Box stores plus does not have it. Question it they are waiting for Black Friday to help boost thier sales? I want to get really involved with the characters which I doubt can happen in shorts.

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Love his work and most of what is written in association with him. I have always read the older books about ALEX Cross even though the books had many s it kept me totally enthralled. The book shots do not allow the reader to remain engaged in the great story because of being left hanging I Do not find reading a full book with beginning middle the end as wanting instant gratification I guess at my age want to enjoy full book and not have to keep spending money to what you think may give a cohesive ending.

Do we ever find out what happens after the abrupt ending to Cross Kill? The Bookshot was really a rip off with no indication how it ultimately ends. Is there a conclusion or should we figure he just got out of it by magic? That was my first and last Bookshot and unless it was an anomaly I see no reason to buy anymore. Terri P says: March 28, at So sorry!

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This was meant to go way at the top, please forgive the intrusion! I totally agree with Debbie Skelly, above. This is my first ever comment to any web site. I am a long time fan of The Mystery Master. In fact he has his own bookcase in my office. I read Cross My Heart in the space of two intense days. I read every single one and I love all of them!!!! My favorite series by far.

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After reading Cross Kill it left me hanging. When will there be another book for Alex cross? I need to know what happens???? Just read Hope to Die. When is the next book coming out?? Just finished reading Cross my Heart and would like the title of the book that follows as this one has left me in suspense and just have to get the follow up. I like all of you just love James Patterson.

Giirls Murder Club is awesome like Alex Cross. I too have read so many of his books, and they all just make you keep turning the !

The 10 best alex cross books by james patterson

Only one book I just cannot get into…. It was his first book. I am sure its just me, as all the others like I said are turners. What do you think? First efforts are always a challenge. I have read almost every book that James Patterson has ever written especially the Alex Cross series.

Alex cross series

He is a great writer. Just read Cross my heart.

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Not impressed. We love the Cross series you did not have to leave the ending like that. We truley would have brought your next book without blackmail. I was so shocked that there was no ending I was screaming at the author! Passers by must have though I was a crazy women at the wheel! This was an attempt at blackmail. For that I refuse to buy the next in the series. Are you two serious? Come on-being a writer myself and being at the whims of publishing houses I can almost bet you that the two novels were one long manuscript and it was cut in two because of the length.

Give it a rest. Alex Cross…. Cross my Heart with no ending was ridiculous….

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