Non Himachal vehicles banned to Rohtang Pass


Non Himachal registered cars have been banned to travel to Rohtang Pass. Reacting to massive traffic jams and numerous accidents on the Manali – Rohtang Pass route, the district administration of Kullu banned movement of all private and tourist vehicles registered outside of Himachal Pradesh on this route.

All such vehicles have been banned to ply beyond Kothi which is at a distance of 15 km from Manali.

Deputy Commissioner Kullu BM Nanta said the decision has been taken after looking at the increased number of accidents in the hilly region, as drivers are not well trained.

He further said the decision that all the vehicles registered other than Himachal Pradesh will not be allowed to go beyond Kothi village and we are trying that those tourists are ferried through the vehicles registered in Himachal Pradesh because the drivers who come from other states are not much trained to drive in hilly region, which leads to accidents.

Now tourists coming through private and tourist vehicles registered outside Himachal Pradesh  will have to hire Himachal registered taxis to go till Rohtang Pass as Himachal drivers are considered more proficient in hill driving than those from the plains.

The new regulation means that vehicles traveling to Leh and Kaza will now have to apply for a permit at the SDM office in Manali failing which a penalty will be imposed.

Movement of trucks have been banned on Rohtang Pass between 6 am to 6 pm.

As earlier, entire traffic to Rohtang Pass will remain closed on every Tuesday. All vehicles including Himachal vehicles are not allowed to go to Rohtang Pass on Tuesdays.

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4 Responses to Non Himachal vehicles banned to Rohtang Pass

  1. As far as i know himachal pradesh, 60% driver’s in himachal pradesh drive after consuming multiple drugs. I mean they take afeem & then whisky & then gaanja. After having all these they drive. If himachal govt. conduct a test then i m 100% sure that 60% drivers will be disqualified. Also when himachali drivers either private or taxi when they see the number plate bearing other states number they show themselves that thay are the best & start misbehaving. They never give paas to vehicles bearing other states number. This is my experience as for the past 14 years i have been visiting himachal frequently. My in-laws house is in nankheri-rampur- district shimla. I did’nt mean to hurt anybody sentiments.

    Shobhhitmisshra May 17, 2012 at 5:20 pm Reply
  2. I think Himachali drivers are not good drivers in the plains of Chandigarh, Punjab, Harayana, Delhi or rest of the India. I am sure that most of them will fail in the driving test conducted by the Chandigarh Traffic Police. They do not have lanes in Himachal so not expert in lane driving, which can lead to accidents.

    All the drivers whose vehicle is register in Himachal Pradesh or own a Himachal state driving license should be banned in the rest of the India, in the circumstance, as decided by the Himachal Pradesh Government.

    This is discrimination. I don’t think that it is legal according to the constitution of India.

    Amandeep Singh April 19, 2012 at 1:27 pm Reply
  3. Good step from Himachal Pradesh tourism department to rescue people from certain incidents that happen usually due to traffic jams and untrained drivers.

    Mellisa February 27, 2012 at 10:29 am Reply
    • Absolutely right Mellisa, You have a point. They cannot generalise that all the drivers from the plains are ineffcient to drive in hills. This is pethetic and illogical.

      But this is also true that most of the roudy people are from Punjab, Haryana and Delhi (or a few more states which i am missing) and these people are a curse to the roads. I have seen people driving in Delhi and you feel like spitting on their faces because of their wrong, lathargic ,rough, rash and illtrained driving also leads to massive traffic jams specially at bottlenecks and accidents.
      Driving in Delhi is like u ill feel guilty of taking out ur car even if u have an unavoidable work to do.Many people in Delhi specailly are just into showoff and driving when they have no other work to do. There is so much missmanagement in Delhi and the one who is the most patient driver in the hills where even roads are not good will be abusing on Delhi roads. Basically it a fucking CHOOTIYA capital of India with a ditch of problems.

      So, even if Himachal Government has stopped these shits from Delhi and other regions to visit a place which is very critical in terms of traffic and envirnment.


      Arjun Malhotra May 4, 2016 at 9:45 am Reply

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