Saroga forest nature walk at Thanedhar

On most days, Thakur Saheb, the amiable host of Banjara’s Orchard Retreat (Thanedar), takes his guests on a nature walk through the Saroga Forest.


On the way to Saroga Forest
Background: Vaibhav, Mahima, and Thakur Saheb

This walk is highly recommended since he helps you identify the local flora and when things get too “botany”, Thakur Saheb keeps the cheer up with anecdotes from his hospitality career.

apple tree at thanedhar kotgarh

Apple Tree

Bordeaux mixture (blue in color) is a mix of copper sulphate and hydrated lime used as a fungicide in vineyards and apple orchards. It is used to control fungi infestations.

apple orchard thanedhar kotgarh bordeux mixture

Retro Apple Tree :) – Tree wounds are covered with the Bordeaux Mix

Pollinating varieties in Apples are sour in taste and as a result not popular in India (We like it sweet!). Hence to reduce the need for pollinating varieties, local farmers hang bottles of pollinating variety twigs immersed in water amongst the sweet (non-pollinating) varieties.

pollination at apple orchard thanedhar kotgarh

Himachali Jugad to reduce the number of pollinating varieties on the farm

wild roses at thanedhar kotgarh

Wild roses

sheep grazing at thanedhar kotgarh

Free range sheep grazing away in the morning sun

ireland national fower

Ireland’s National Flower

cherries at thanedhar kotgarh


During hail storms, apple trees are covered with nets to prevent excessive damage to the fruits.

view from harmony hall at thanedhar kotgarh

View of Harmony Hall with the apple orchards covered with nets

Spruce Trees are large trees, distinguished by their whorled branches and conical forms.

spruce trees at thanedhar kotgarh

Pines are coniferous trees. Regular Pines have needles (leaves) in bundles of three. Blue Pines have theirs in bundles of five.

pine trees at thanedhar kotgarh

satluj view at thanedhar kotgarh

View of the Sutlej River

strawberries at thanedhar kotgarh


raspberriesat thanedhar kotgarh


Holly leaves are used for making Xmas wreaths. The berries are highly toxic and a dose of 20 could be fatal.

holly plant at thanedhar kotgarh

Holly Plant

texas himalayas at thanedhar kotgarh

Texas Himalaya – apparently these can cure certain forms of cancer.

horse chestnut at thanedhar kotgarh

Horse Chestnut

forest fire at thanedhar kotgarh

After effects of last year’s fire

apricot tree at thanedhar kotgarh

Apricot Tree

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  2. Thanks Save and madhu. I belong to Saroga and love it but you have shown me the same place in new light.

    Parveen Roach

    Parveen Roach January 10, 2011 at 2:25 pm Reply

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