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toy train kalka shimla

Kalka to Shimla toy train journey is the one of the most sought after journey in the country. This track is now on the UNESCO’s world heritage rail site. This is one of the oldest hill railway track built by the British in India.

While traveling from Delhi, one has to change train at Kalka which is the last broad gauge station leading to Shimla. First train to leave from Delhi is the Himalayan Queen (Train no. 14095) at 5.40 am from Sarai Rohala station. Next is the Shatabadi Express (Train no. 12011) at 7.40 am from New Delhi station.

The Himalayan Queen reaches Kalka at 11.10 am and the Shatabadi Express at 11.45 am. Both these trains connects to the Kalka- Shimla; Himalayan Queen toy train departing at 12.10 pm. Do not get confused with the Himalayan Queen name. There is one train by the same name arriving from Delhi and then a toy train leaving Kalka is also named Himalayan Queen.

The Howarh – Kalka Mail (Train no. 12311) departs at 21.40 hours from Delhi station (known as Old Delhi) and reaches Kalka the next morning at 04.40 hours. It connects to two morning toy trains and a Rail Car from Kalka at convenient intervals. Starting point of the trains to Shimla is the same where trains from Delhi arrive at Kalka.

You can watch a video of the Rail Car journey from Kalka to Shimla.

Trains on the Kalka – Shimla route runs slower since it is a hilly track. This is an idyllic journey to be enjoyed and not recommended if one is rushing into the hills. By road one can reach faster to Shimla. Cabs are available at the Kalka railway station and charge Rs. 1400 – 2200 for a drop to Shimla.

Train reservations for this route can be made at any railway booking counter or on the internet on the IRCTC website. Shimla is listed as SIMLA on the IRCTC site. A query for Shimla will lead no result.

There are no AC coaches on the toy trains. Following is a chart of trains on Kalka – Shimla route. FC, CC, 2S means First Class, Chair Car and Second class.

Trains between Kalka to Shimla:

72451 RAIL MOTOR FC 05.10 AM 09.50 AM 305/-
52457 KLK SML PASSENGER FC 04.00 AM 09.20 AM 240/-
52451 SHIWALIK EXP CC 05.30 AM 10.15 AM 375/-
52453 KLK SML EXP FC 06.00 AM 11.10 AM 280/-
52453 KLK SML EXP 2S 06.00 AM 11.00 AM  60/-
52455 HIMALAYAN QUEEN CC 12.10 AM 05.20 PM 245/-

Trains between Shimla to Kalka:
52456 HIMALAYAN QUEEN CC 10.30 AM 04.10 PM 245/-
52458 SML KLK PASSENGER FC 02.25 PM 08.10 PM 240/-
72452 RAIL MOTOR FC 04.25 PM 09.35 PM 305/-
52452 SHIWALIK DLX CC 05.40 PM 10.25 PM 465/-
52454 SML KLK EXP FC 06.15 PM 11.20 PM 280/-
52454 SML KLK EXP 2S 06.15 PM 11.20 PM  60/-

Trains between New Delhi to Kalka:
14095 HIMALAYAN QUEEN CC/2S 05.40 AM 10.25 AM
12011 SHATABDI EXP 1A/CC 07.40 AM 11.45 AM
12925 PASCHIM EXP 3A/SL 11.15 AM 4.40 PM
12005 SHATABDI EXP 1A/CC 5.15 PM 09.20 PM
09.40 PM 04.40 AM
If you are coming to Shimla Kullu Manali and wish to hire a taxi in Shimla please contact Himachal Taxi Service for safe and reliable taxi service.


Note: This information was accurate when it was published, but can change without notice. Please be sure to confirm all charges and timings directly with the railways before planning your trip. Updated on April 23, 2015
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  1. radha says:

    please tell me the fare of delhi to shimla……..and i want one room for staying please do something 4 better option n get back to me soon before thursday please

    1. Ambika says:

      Hi Radha
      Thanks for your comments. Train fare from Delhi – Kalka in Shatabdi Express is Rs. 465/ in Chair Car and Kalka – Shimla in the connecting Himalayan Queen will be 167/ for single person. You can book these tickets online too on Indian railways website. http://www.irctc.co.in

      Regarding hotels, do let me know your budget and I can suggest a few hotels.

      1. ameya says:

        i am travelling from kalka to shimla, but i havent booked my railway tickets..what are the chances of getting the toy train tickets on the spot..? if not toy train what is the other option..
        please help!

        1. Anu says:

          In the summer rush getting tickets on thespot will be very tough. Otherwise you can travel by road to Shimla. Taxis are available from Kalka railway station and a drop to Shimla can cost 1200-1400/ depending on the car. Also the Kalka – Shimla taxi union service offers shared taxis to shimla and charge on per seat basis.

  2. ajay says:

    nice blog….. and nice work of wordpress (great)

  3. Anu says:

    Himachal Tourism has started a new VOLVO bus service from Chandigarh and Kalka railway stations to Shimla which connects the morning Himalayan Queen and Shatabdi Express from New Delhi.

    Similarly from Shimla, this VOLVO connects the Mumbai bound Paschim Express from Kalka railway station.

    More details are available here http://www.himachallive.com/hptdc-launches-volvo-

  4. Amit says:

    i m planning to go from delhi by Kalka Shatabdi, in march.

    You have written that ” the Shatabadi Express at 11.45 am. Both these trains connects to the Kalka Shimla, Himalayan Queen narrow gauge ”

    So if the Kalka Shatabdi is late do the Himalayan Queen waits for its passengers beyond its scheduled time of 12:10


    1. Anu says:

      Normally the Shatabdi is on time. Delay happens at times only in winters because of fog. Chances of fog are rare in March. Normally the Himalayan Queen is delayed till 12.30 in case the Shatabdi is running late. You can plan your journey without any worries!

  5. Vijay says:

    I am planning to visit simla in May 2011. I am not able to do on line advance reservation for train no.52453. I am getting message "Date given outside ARP". From when we can do advance reservation for this train.

    1. Anu says:

      Hi Vijay

      All trains on this track except the Shiwalik Express can only be booked one month in advance. If your date of travel is 30 days from today only then you will be able to book online.

      Shiwalik Express train can be booked 60 days in advance from today


  6. Mayank says:

    Hi Anu,

    We are visiting India in April 2011. We are having trouble as the only website we can book trains on with an international card is cleartrip. However we cannot book the train from Kalka to Shimla (we get the message Could not get current availability. Please try again).

    Do you have any ideas why ?


    1. Anu says:

      Hi Mayank

      Indian trains can be booked 60 days in advance from today. But on Kalka Shimla route except for Shiwalik Express (Train no. 52451) all trains are booked 30 days in advance. You need to wait as bookings for May will start in April.

      Hope this helps!

  7. Priyesh says:

    Hi Anu,

    Please tell me some good hotels in Simala and Manali. Cost around 1200-1600 per day.

  8. charles luke says:

    i have booked tickets for the kalka simla tr no 52453 which startsin the morning at
    but i do not have any confirmation of the same and am on waiting list

    if i dont get confirmation – is there a general compartment in which i can board or then again as my train from delhi reaches early in the morning at 4.40 – can i then board the other 2 trains -which start from kalka to simla – on the same ticket

    1. Anu says:

      Hi Charles

      This train has a general compartment and you will have to get your ticket okeyed by the TT to sit in the general compartment. It is the peak tourist time here and getting a seat in the unreserved compartment can be a problem.

      You cannot travel on other two trains with the ticket of train no 52453.

  9. Muneer Khaja says:


    I am planning to have a tour package of Shimla, Manali and Rohtang pass by road in second week of July. Is it risky to visit these places from Delhi by road in the month of July, because of rains and landslides? Please let me know.

    I don't know much about Himachal pradesh weather conditions in July. I surfed and found some information about landslides in Shmila and Manali.


    Muneer Khaja

    1. Anu says:

      Hi Muneer

      July is definitely a rainy season in Himachal. Shimla and Manali are major tourist destinations and there is not much of a landslide problem on highways. It is only when you move above Manali towards Rohtang that landslides happen frequently. More than the landslides, I guess it will be the rains which will be a major factor in your travels. It rains heavily in July here.

  10. […] have written in detail about the Kalka – Shimla trains on my other blog which has the train timings and fare […]

  11. Anu says:

    Please check my another post on reaching Manali and distances http://www.himachaltaxi.com/reach-manali-by-train

  12. Travel Views! | says:

    […] Shimla to Manali distance & how to reach Manali | Himachal Taxi on Kalka Shimla Toy Train […]

  13. raj says:

    hi everybody on the blog! I have a waiting list ticket for all my family members i.e. 04 for train no. 52453, kalka to shimla i.e. kalka-shimla exp. and i do not expect the same to be confirmed by the date of journey i.e. 15-06-2011. I just wanted to know that whether i can travel the same train on a waiting list ticket in the general compartment, or i should get it cancelled( if the same is not confirmed) to get back the refund, and what are the rules of the refund of the same. Can I get it done after I come back to Delhi, or should I do the same in Shimla. itself, also please mention the time duration within which I have to get the same cancelled. Also I want to know that if there is any pantry car in the said train. Also please mention that if there is pantry car maintained in other trains such as shivalik exp., himalayan queen exp., or the rail motor car, on the same route. Thanks, if somebody can give the same enquiry. Thanks a lot.

    1. Anu says:

      Trains on these tracks do not have pantry cars and all food is sourced at Barog Railway station. Regarding refund rules, they remain the same as for other Indian Railway trains which can be accessed here on the Indian Railways site.

  14. […] is a link to trains between Kalka to Shimla from my other blog where train timings and fares have been discussed in […]

  15. simon says:

    please give me an idea about the weather conditions in july and will we enjoy the beauty in this season

    1. Anu says:


      Thanks for your comment here. July is monsoon season in Himachal. If you enjoy traveling in the rains, you are welcome :)

  16. […] have written in detail about the Kalka – Shimla trains on my other blog which has the train timings and fare […]

  17. jayanta says:

    i want to visit simla in Octobor, can you tell me the whether condition in octobor? also want to know the simla to manali transportation.

    1. Anu says:

      Weather will be pleasant in October in Shimla as monsoon is over by then. It will be a little crowdy if you are traveling during the Puja holidays.

      From Shimla to Manali you can take HRTC or HPTDC buses. HPTDC runs a daily deluxe bus from Shimla which leaves at 8.30 am to Manali and can be booked online on HPTDC website. HRTC (state transport) also runs daily service to Manali and you can check the time table online.

      In case you wish to hire a cab, get in touch with Himachal Taxi with your requirement. They can offer cabs for Manali drop or for your entire trip.

  18. Dev says:

    I am planning to go shimla on september. I will go by Howrah kalka mail upto kalka. After that which troy trains are available that time?

  19. abhik mandal says:

    we have a waiting list on 3rd oct 2011 in shivalik express.we have total 17 people in the group.
    what should we do???/

    1. Anu says:

      October 1st week is on to be hectic as Pooja holiday makers will be traveling.. Chances of getting confirmed tickets will be remote

  20. shoaib says:

    hi anu.
    i have got a waitlist ticket for my entire family of 11…on october 30th on HIMALAYAN QUEEN 52455…and that i am on the top of the wait list from wl 5 to wl 15…can you please tell me if there is any chance of getting it confirmed by the time of travel
    and i am reaching kalka by the HIMALAYAN QUEEN 14095 which arrives at 11:10 am..if by chance in any case if that train gets late ,what is the maximum time i can get on the train from kalka to shimla which leaves on 12:10 pm

    1. Anu says:

      Hi Shoaib

      If you have booked the First class, keep your fingers crossed as this being season time there could be some surprises. Normally. the wait list should get cleared.

      The Shimla bound Himalayan Queen only leaves when trains from Delhi arrive. This train connects 2 trains from Delhi, the 14095 Himalayan Queen and the Shatabdi Express which arrives at 11.45 am. This being a tourist ‘toy’ train, local do not travel on the train as it takes longer time to reach Shimla than by road.

  21. Shiv says:

    Can anybody tell about the 2S seating arrangement in KLK-SML xpress toy train which departs at 5:30 am. Is it too much chaotic and journey is not comfortable in 2S class??

    1. Anu says:

      The 2S class has wooden benches. Off course the journey is a little bumpy when compared to the first class.

  22. Aniravindran says:

    We have booked  out tickets to Shimla from Kalka during last week of Dec 11. The train is the 4am train. How are the 1st class in the said Train which is a Shimla Mail. How are the seats in the train. From the hotel to the railway station can we get some auto at 4 am. Lastly what will be the climate there. Can we see the scenery since 4am will be dark. Any chance of getting Motor Rail tickets from conter since only 8 tickets were made available online

    1. Anu says:

      First class is in a form of chair car. I have not traveled myself on this particular train but on Shiwalik Express and Himalayan Queen. All these trains have chair cars as first class.

      You can always ask the hotel to arrange an auto/taxi for you to leave for station in the evening itself. Else Kalka sleeps at 4 in the morning. This train reaches Shimla by 09.20 am. So you can see plenty of scenery as you approach Shimla.

      Getting motor car tickets will be a problem as it has only 15 seats. All reservation is done online and there is no extra quota.

      Happy journey..!!

    2. Nitin says:

      Aniravindran … early morning 4am. It is kalka shimla passenger train it is very 3rd class train. I will advise you either to book go 4 Rail motor or Shiwalik Exp. Otherwise go by bus in morning rather than going midnight through that train. 

  23. Kingslydurai says:

    Hi… Am planning for a trip with my family to Shimla in February…. I ve two questions.
    1) Whether to take Kalka mail from Delhi and go for a 6 o clock train from Kalka to Shimla?
    2) Whether to take Himalayan Queen from Delhi and take 12.10 train to Shimla?

    Kalka Mail is not running on time most of the days. And 6 o clock Kalka Shimla Exp leaves before Kalka Mail reaching Kalka….. is Kalka mail reliable?

    Also, which train would be better??? (For Scenic views)
    1) Early morning KALKA SIMLA EXP or
    2) Noon 12 o clock Himalayan Queen??? 

    Please give me your suggestions

    1. Anu says:

      Due to fog, Kalka mail is getting delayed. I guess Himalayan Queen will be a good option as the connecting toy train from Kalka reaches Shimla at 5.20 pm. You have entire day to see the hills all along. However the best train on the track is the Shiwalik Express which leaves at 530 am from Kalka. 

      First class in Himalayan Queen is good. You can go for this train

  24. Kingslydurai says:

    Hi…. Needed one more suggestion… I want to book tickets in Kalka-Shimla train which gives the best view…. An open window train…. I dont want to sit inside a closed AC chair car…. Which train and which class tickets should i book?

    1. Anu says:

      You dont get open car on this track. You will be traveling in winters and you may freeze with cold if you were to travel in open car :)

      The cabins have big windows and they are not tinted so you get good view. Just google for toy train pics and you will have an idea of the interiors of the toy train.

  25. hillstationaddict says:

    hi anu ……we r planning 2 go to shimla in june…..which train is better shiwalik exp. or himalyan queen …..please rply….!!

    1. Anu says:

      Both are good.. See which timings suit you better. If traveling by Himalayan Queen then travel by chair car only. Else Shiwalik Express too is good and they serve breakfast midway, charges to which are included in the fare

  26. Kuldeep525 says:

    Please tell me timings of toy train from kalka to shimla

    1. Anu says:

      All timings are mentioned in the article :)

  27. farhanakhtar says:

    is there train after 5 pm from kalka to shimla  n what time does it takes to reach shimla n can i book the tickets from mumbai 

    1. Anu says:

      No, There is no train at 5 pm.

  28. Binu says:

      i would like to have a trip to shimla and manali by jan 2013, could u please tell me the best way to return from Manali to Delhi

    1. Abc says:

      You will get the DX or VOLVO buses from Manali (Mall Road) To Delhi. This will take 11 hrs to reach Delhi from Manali.

      1. Robin says:

        Will I get Volvo buses from ISBT Chandigarh Sector 43 to Shimla; I’ll be travelling to Shimla Manali in Jan 2013

        1. NITYIN says:

          State transport VOLVO from Delhi to Shimla comes via Chandigarh. You can get these buses from Chandigarh bus station. Since these buses come full from Delhi getting a seat can be a problem. You can take an AC bus from Chandigarh to Shimla which leaves at 9 am from Chandigarh and book it online. State transport time table is available here http://bit.ly/PLefEz

  29. Ksksh100 says:

    hi anu,
            i just want to know whether this Himalyan queen toy train’s CC class (AC chair car) windows are fix or they are openable

  30. Dkumarfsi says:

    I am planning to visit Amritsar from Shimla, how I can go from Shimla

  31. Manishmehta says:

    hello friends…….i will go to shimla tour from 14.5.2012, plz send give me details of good hotels,restourants name which i like to stay and enjoy the trip…….thanks

  32. Tushar says:

    thank you.. the article was very useful

  33. hiren says:

    Hello sir in himalyen qween their is no FC ?
    CC is good in Himalyan qween ?
    in CC did they provide Lunch or sanax ?

  34. Teenasharma2007 says:

    which train is the best train if one want to enjoy journey between kalka ndshimla

  35. Rolisinghchauhan says:

    i want to go from shimla to kalka this is going to b my first trip to the place i think Himalayan queen suits my requirement as i have kids along r the chairs comfortable and secondly do they have a pantry is it AC compartment.what will b the taxi rates from kalka to shimla railway station

    1. Anu says:

      There is no pantry car in the train nor are these AC compartments. Train stops at Barog station for refreshments. Kalka to Shimla by taxi will be around 1600 in Indica and 2500 in Innova.

  36. John at one-visa.com says:

    I like this train journey so much this is my favorite way to
    travel and the toy train is a great way for my travel. I like Himachal Pradesh
    so much and this is a great travel destiny and most of the tourists like this
    places so much.

  37. Jatin says:

    hi anu . i am planning for shimla frm kalka on 16th june and i want first class ac.. tickets. so can u please suggest which one  is a best train option .. 

    1. NITYIN says:

      A little late in my reply but there are no AC coaches on this route. All First class and Chair Car coaches in all trains are non AC coaches

  38. Jami says:


    i booked 2 e-ticket from Kalka to shimla for 2nd July, 2012 (Rail Motor) . One of them is confirmed and another is WL/1. Do u think it will be Confirmed or not. We can board in the train or not.  

  39. Sadiquegee says:

    Hi,  I have 7 hours of time which I will spend in Kalka only…..can someone tell me about few good spots in Kalka where I can utilize these 7 hours. I am planning my trip to Shimla on 29th…I got a late connection between Kalka mail reaches Kalka  at  4:30AM, however Kalka to Shimla Himalayan Queen will be departing 12:30PM….this happened due to non availability seats…

  40. Cadheeraj says:

    I just come to know that Himalaya queen 52456 has a 2 general compartment which tickets are Rs. 15/37 only and available at Shimla Station/ Kalaka Station before one hour when train departs.

    Is it true how one can get the tickets of this.
    How many person can travel in general compartment.

  41. NITYIN says:

    Yes they sell tickets for general compartment before the train leaves but it is next to impossible to get these in season. Better to pre-book in advance.

  42. NITYIN says:

    Kalka is a crowded border town of Himachal and Haryana. Around 6 km from the station towards Chandigarh you can visit the Pinjore Gardens at Pinjore. A small cab should not charge more than 200-300 for a drop till the Garden. Leave around 8 in the morning as it will be closed early in the morning.

  43. NITYIN says:

    With a waitlist ticket you will not be able to enter the reserved coach but keep your hopes high for a  WL-1 ticket

  44. Sucheta says:

    hello Anu,
    i m planning to leave for shimla and chail next week..Do you think it is a bad time to go as i fear landslides..do toy trains get cancelled on account of heavy rains? are buses a safe option nw? cud you also suggest me some decent hotels in the range of 1000-1200 INR?
    Please reply fast..thanks:)

    1. Anu says:

      This year the monsoon rains have been quite less. Trains getting cancelled is very rare in peak monsoon season too. You can travel by train without any problem. If traveling to Chail, get down at Kandaghat station and from there take a taxi to Chail.

      Checkout the HPTDC Hotel Palace in Chail or Hotel Oakwood. In Shimla Hotel White or Hotel Blue Diamond should fit in your budget.

  45. Shirley says:


    I would like to know how to book for the toy train fare from kalka to shimla on 15th sep 2012 through online.. Could you please help me out??


    1. NITYIN says:

      You will have to register on http://www.irctc.co.in which is Indian Railways booking site. Once their just follow the instructions and book the train yiou wish to travel.

      Please note the Rail Motor Car has been discontinued presently for want of repairs and is not running.

      Please note you have to provide an Indian phone number while booking. Just mention the number of the hotel you have booked in Delhi or Shimla.

      Hope this helps.

  46. Kins says:

    Hello MOD
    We Are Going To Shimla In Next Month (September).
    My Problem Is That We Reachd To Kalka By PASCHIM EXPRESS TRAIN At Abt 04.45 P.M.
    So Plz Tel Me How Can I Go To Shimla After Reaching Kalka.

    1. NITYIN says:

      There is no toy train connecting to Paschim Express in the evening. Either you can travel by road by hiring a taxi from Kalka station or stay at Kalka for the night and take the morning toy trains to Shimla.

      By road it will be a 3 hours drive from Kalka to Shimla.

      1. Kins says:

        Then What You Suggest MOD?
        Wat To Do?
        Which Is Better Option To Stay At Kalka Or Hire Taxi?
        Is There Any Good Places To Spend Our Time At Kalka?
        Actually We Are bachelors Group Of Five Persons And We Have 10 Days To Spend And Its Our Bachelors Trip We Dont Plan Any Thing So Plz Guide Me.

        1. Anu says:

          If you plan to travel by the toy train, you can stay at Kalka for the night. There are many hotels there. Check this link for hotels in Kalka http://bit.ly/O2bagz You can also stay at HPTDC hotel in Parwanoo which is approx 1.5 km from the railway station. Around Kalka you can visit the Pinjore Gardens in the evening.

          Kalka is a dusty town, not much to do there in the evening.

      2. Kins says:

        Tel Me May I Get Taxi Frm Kalka At 5P.M?
        And Wat Is Its Coast?
        And Suggets Me Any Good Hotel For Stay Wid Good Views Frm Thr…

        1. Anu says:

          There is a taxi stand at Kalka station and you will get a cab from there. Shimla drop costs Rs. 1400 to 2500 depending on the vehicle you take.

          Where would you like the hotel to book? Not clear in your message

          1. Kins says:

            We Actually want To Stay And Roam In Shimla Only So Suggest Me Some Good In Budget Hotel And Suggest Me Places Must Watch In Shimla Bcz Its Our First Time Visit To Shimla.

            1. Anu says:

              You will not be happy with touristy places in Shimla. Avoid Kufri at any cost. Instead nearby Chail could be a good diversion. Shimla city has lots of walks.. Vehicles are not allowed in downtown Shimla. Walk upto the Viceregal Lodge from the Mall road. The Mall is an open air Mall, a shopping arcade, you can spend some time here, visit the Ridge and if you really want to test your walking skills, an uphill walk to Jakhu temple from the Christ Church is highly recommended.

              Budget hotels, try the YMCA near the Ridge or Hotel White in Lakkar Bazaar. Another good decent hotel can be Hotel Kapil, near Radisson Shimla.

      3. Kins says:

        We Actually want To Stay And Roam In Shimla Only So Suggest Me Some Good
        In Budget Hotel And Suggest Me Places Must Watch In Shimla Bcz Its Our
        First Time Visit To Shimla

  47. ashish says:

    hello frnds i m also going to kufri so tell me. is any train go to kalka from new delhi and will i have to change the train for shimla from same station…. so u have any idea tht what is the charges of room in kufri.

  48. Honey says:

    Hi Anu,
    That’s a useful article. I am going to Shimla next weekend, is it possible i take the toy train to kalka just for the experience and catch the train back so i can reach back Shimla on the same day ?

    1. Anu says:

      Hello.. Thanks for the comment. You will not find a connecting train from Kalka to Shimla in the afternoon / evening to come back. In case you wish to take a longer ride, buy a ticket till Barog station from Shimla. While coming back you can come back by road to Shimla. Barog to Shimla by road will be around 90 minutes drive. It will take more time to reach Barog by train from Shimla though..

  49. pradeep kumar says:

    can we travel in 52453 with waiting ticket. how many chances to get seat in train. traveling date is 5 oct.

    1. Anu says:

      No, you cannot travel on a waiting ticket in reserved coaches in any train in India.


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